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Added 04/21/2012 is a new site I created that will feature various Bondage Fantasy scenarios. The first is the Older Woman. This will include Mature women, Milfs, Cougars, Moms, Aunts, Grandmas and so on. It will also feature the Older Girl. Meaning scenarios that include(but not limited to), Babysitters, Nannies, Teachers, Step-moms, Older sisters and their friends.

Although the emphasis of this site will be the Older Woman, I also plan to post material featuring the Girl Next Door. So basically, I am not setting an age limit as long as the model is an adult over 18 years of age. When I first opened this site, I stated that I would be updating the site 3 times a week. Since then, I have updated it at least once every single day and have also put up several photo sets. Now that the site has a good amount of content, I am going to be going to my regular update pattern. But instead of it being 3 times a week, I am going to update 5 times a week. Most likely on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I will also continue to post an occasional BONUS photo set. Many of you might know or remember me from my clips4sale store and former website titled, Girl Next Door Bondage.

I will be posting many of my archives from those site. So please consider anything over 5 videos per week as a Bonus. Every now and then, I take a vacation or need to travel somewhere. If I am unable to post an update, I will make up for it on the very next day I can. On February 24th, I will be leaving the country for a week and may not be able to post anything. I will post 5 video clips for that week on February 23rd.

I would love to devote some space on this site to Amateur Bondage and Bondage Art. I am trying to think of a way to acquire video, photo sets and artwork from Amateur Models and other producers. Although this is mainly a Bondage site that will include a lot of Damsel in Distress type stuff and Tie up games, I may also on occasion post something out of the ordinary. I love spanking and tickling. I also have a thing for Girdles and other types of lingerie including Pantyhose. So don’t be surprised if you find some non bondage material here. If you dont like it, just don’t look at it. It’s extra.

About my bondage: I am not a rope artist. I tie tight and my main intent is to tie my girls to restrain them for the purposes of a Fantasy Scenario. As far as gags go. To me, it isn’t bondage unless there is a gag. In almost all(99%) my gag situations, the girl’s mouth is stuffed. My gags are very tight and I am willing to say, my gags are realistic, effective and some of the best in th industry. I am also not a big fan of ball gags, leather, metal and harnesses and so. But that doesn’t mean you will not see any of that here. I own ball gags, I own leather and rubber straps and on occasion, I like to use them. The work I have done over the years is a reflection of what I like. I have found that if you are going to do something good, it should be something that you are comfortable with.

However, if you have a suggestion of something you might like to see me try, feel free to email me at .

Also if you are a woman and would like to try modellings feel free to contact me at the same address.

If you have technical questions or problems with the site, please contact support.

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