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Snooping MILF tied up and gagged in her pantyhose.
11 minutes, 25 seconds of video
Added 01/30/2014
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Gigi was a private detective trying to get some information about a man for one of her clients. When she was sure the man was gone for the day, she sneaked into his office so she could look for the information on his computer. All of a sudden, Gigi heard the metallic sound of a g@n being cocked. "What are you doing in my office?" She heard a man ask. It turns out the man was involved in some very suspicious activity. The next she knew, Gigi is leaning over the the desk and being tied up with rope. She tries to explain to the man that she was in his office looking for friend. But the man doesn't believe a word she is saying and once he has her tied up, he looks through her purse and finds out she is a Private Investigator. Before Gigi can say anything else, the man stuffs and ties a wad of cloth in her mouth to gag her. He then hides the detective behind his desk and leaves her to struggle. Gigi tries her best to get loose, but when the man returns, he finds her just the way he left her. Having a client in the market for a girl like his bound and gagged captive, the man gets her ready for a ride South of the border. First pulls her skirt off and then he puts her in a very strict hogtie so she cannot go anywhere while he awaits the arrival of his client.

Categories: pantyhose, MILF

After I tied up my bitch boss, I stuffed my panties in her mouth to gag her!
15 minutes, 5 seconds of video
Added 12/19/2013
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

It was the holiday season and Dixie was hoping to get some time off. But when Gigi, her boss offered to give the days she had previously promised to give Dixie off, to another secretary, Dixie wasn't very happy. When she confronted Gigi about this, Gigi told her that she was the boss and could give days off to whomever she wanted. Dixie did not think this was fair. Especially since Gigi had make it a practice to mistreat Dixie on a regular basis. So Dixie decided that she had enough. After her break, Dixie came back into the office and grabbed her boss. With Gigi trying to resist, Dixie forced her over her desk and tied her up with rope. Tired of listening to her Gigi's complaints and worried someone from another office might hear her protests, Dixie pulled off the panties she was wearing and stuffed them in Gigi's mouth. She then tied a rag between her teeth to finish gagging her. Watching her boss struggling bound and gagged was very satisfying. But Dixie wanted to really humiliate her. So after tormenting her for a little while, Dixie brought out a pair of panties and also a pair of pantyhose. She hooded Gigi's head and face with the panties and then covered the panties with the pantyhose. Finally she hogtied Gigi and left her to be found by the cleaning crew bound and gagged with her head and face encased with panties and pantyhose.

Featuring: Dixie Comet
Categories: pantyhose, MILF, panty gag

He has us tied up and gagged Mom! Tell him what he wants to know!
12 minutes, 24 seconds of video
Added 10/17/2013
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Gigi had information he wanted. But she refused to give it to him. So he grabbed her and took her to his hide out. He tied her hands behind her back and took her into a basement room. When they got there, Gigi saw he had someone else bound and gagged on the floor. She knew it was a girl, but because her head was hooded with a pillow case, she could not tell who it was. After tying Gigi's ankles, the man removed the pillowcase from the other girl's head. All of sudden, Gigi saw that it was her daughter Dixie. But when the man told told her to give up the information she had, Gigi still refused. The man then sat both girls on chairs. He stuffed and tied a gag in Gigi's mouth and then turned his attention to Dixie. When he removed her gag, Dixie begged her mother to tell the man what he wanted before he did bad things to her. When Gigi still refused, the man stuffed a pair of panties in Dixie's mouth and wrapped tape over her mouth and around her head to gag her again. He then pulled Dixie's bra down and put clothes pins on each of her nipples. Dixie squealed in pain. She tried to beg her mom through the gag to tell the man what he wanted to know. When she still refused, the man brought out a Violet Wand and turned it on. Gigi watched as the man used it on her daughter. Dixie squealed loud through the gag as the man applied the wand to her arms and legs. But when he put it between her legs and applied it through her panties, Dixie couldn't control herself as she screamed loud. When Gigi still refused to talk, the man put her on the floor at her daughter's feet and hogtied her. When he left both mom and daughter to struggle bound and gagged, Gigi decided that she would give the man the information he wanted so she would not have to watch Dixie suffer any more.

Featuring: Dixie Comet , Multi-Girls
Categories: MILF

She had the real MILF Secretary bound gagged and stashed behind her desk.
12 minutes, 27 seconds of video
Added 10/07/2013
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Gigi is waiting for an important package to arrive. All of a sudden, a lady named Vanessa walks in and grabs Gigi. It turns out, Vanessa wants the important package also. So she decides to pose as Gigi when the delivery man arrives. She quickly ties Gigi up with rope. Then to keep her quiet, she stuffs and ties a wad of cloth in her mouth to gag her. She then stashes Gigi behind her desk and waits for the deliveryman to arrive. Moments later the package is delivered. Gigi can hear the man talking to Vanessa on the other side of the desk as she signs for the package. But there is nothing Gigi can do as Vanessa has her gagged. After the man leaves, Vanessa makes off with the package. But not before making Gigi a little more comfortable by opening her blouse. Hours later, Gigi's boss will come in looking for the package only to find his MILF Secretary struggling bound and gagged behind her desk. Her skirt will be all the way up her hips with her panties showing through her pantyhose.

Categories: MILF

No one will hear your muffled screams down here!
12 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 08/01/2013
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

A man drags Gigi into a basement room. He makes her sit on the floor where he starts tying her up with rope. Once he has her hands tied behind her back, the man packs her mouth full with a very large pair of panties. He then wraps white tape very tightly around her face to make sure she stays gagged. Now sure that no one can hear her muffled cries for help, the man finishes tying Gigi up. But tying Gigi, hands, legs and arms isn't enough for the man. He wants to make sure she can't go anywhere. So using more rope, he ties her to the wood framing of the basement stairs. This includes tying rope around her neck and fastening it to one of the boards. After being left alone, Gigi finds it impossible to move. She also finds trying to scream for help, useless with her mouth stuffed with panties and tightly wrapped. Sometime later. the man returns to find his MILF captive exactly the way he left her. But for some reason, he decides he wants her hogtied. So after UN-attaching her from the stairs, he forces her to lie on the floor. With Gigi trying to resist, he ties rope around her ankles and feet and attaches it to her bound wrists to put Gigi in a very strict hogtie. Although she is longer worried about choking herself as she struggles, Gigi stills finds it impossible to move. As she rolls on her side and pulls on the rope, her legs are forced spread open, giving the man a nice view of her panties under her tight girdle.

Categories: MILF

Mom had a discipline problem too
23 photos 19 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added 07/26/2013
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

Sahrye is constantly getting in trouble at school. Today she and her mother Gigi are in for a parent teacher conference because of a dress code issue. But when the teacher sees that Sahrye's mother dresses just as slutty as she does, he figures out that mom has a parenting problem. When he tries to explain the school rules to Gigi, she starts to get mouthy with him. When Gigi has to step away for a phone call, Sahrye starts to also get mouthy and lets him know that her mother will let her get away with anything. The teacher decides that both mother and daughter need to be taught a lesson. He grabs Sahrye and ties her up with rope. He also stuffs and tapes a gag in her mouth to shut her up. When Gigi returns to find her daughter bound and gagged, she starts to make a scene. So the teacher grabs her and ties her up too. With daughter looking on, Gigi's mouth is stuffed and gagged too. Mother and daughter and then hogtied and left to struggle side by side.

Featuring: Multi-Girls , Sahrye
Categories: MILF

MILF office girls boiund and gagged in the basement.
11 minutes, 23 seconds of video
Added 07/18/2013
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

Vanessa and Gigi work in an office. A man comes in and take them down in the basement where he ties Vanessa up. he take Gigi back up into the office and makes her open a safe and then returns her to the basement where he ties her up and gags her right next to Vanessa. Later the man returns and takes Vanessa away for a little fun with Gigi left to watch and wait her turn.

Featuring: Multi-Girls , Vanessa
Categories: MILF

Getting rid of Step Mommie
20 photos 16 minutes, 10 seconds of video
Added 05/24/2013
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

Gigi is on the phone talking to someone about sending her step daughter Sahrye away to boarding school. Little does she know it, but Sahrye is standing behind and is hearing all about her step mother's plan to get rid of her. From the moment her father married Gigi, life has been horrible for Sahrye and now she comes up with a plan of her own. She waits until her step mom hangs up and then grabs her and starts tying her up. Gigi protests and tries to resist, but Sahrye is strong and over powers her. Soon Gigi finds herself all tied up nice and tight with rope. Then because she is making way too much noise, Sahrye stuffs a pair of her panties in step mommie's mouth to gag her. After cleaving gagging Gigi, Sahrye calls one of her friends so she can make arrangements to get rid of her step mother. After leaving Gigi to struggle bound and gagged for sometime, Sahrye, realizes that daddy is due home and she needs to find a way to completely quiet Gigi until her ride South of the border arrive. She finds just what she needs.

Featuring: Multi-Girls , Sahrye

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My Dream Girl...*S*
gg its my dream girl too she know what is real fetish!and she is nice itally woman!best poses when gg its tied up in full leather and boots !she is bound by other woman or two thats a dream!!! greetings!
lovely busty girl-great gagtalk!
Write a Comment...Gigi is an incredibly gorgeous woman, in or out of bondage. Love her in the tan pantyhose then tightly cleave gagged. Hogtied or tied on the bed are my favorite poses. :)
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