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Mom needs to mind her own business.
35 photos 20 minutes, 11 seconds of video
Added 11/20/2017
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Sahrye's mother in law Gigi like to come over and tell her how to live her life and especially how to treat her husband. Today she came over complaining about how well Sahrye kept her house clean. Since her husband was away, Sahrye decided it was time to teach Mom a lesson. Sahrye grabbed Gigi and started tying her up with rope. Gigi tried to resist, but Sahrye was way too strong and over powered her. It didn't take very long before Gigi found herself bound and gagged at the hands of her daughter in law. Sahrye left Gigi struggling to get loose. Sometime later, she returned to torment her. Since one of Gigi's complaints about her, was the way Sahrye dressed, she gave her a view under her skirt. Sahrye told her she dressed the way a woman should dress for her man. Finally, to humiliate Gigi, Sahrye hogtied and crotch roped her. She then left her there to struggle for the rest of the day.

Categories: girl tying girl, MILF, stockings

MILF Housewife home invaded.
33 photos 13 minutes, 24 seconds of video
Added 07/09/2016
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A man has grabbed Gigi in her home and ties her up. After gagging her, he carries her over to a sofa. But as he gets ready to tie her legs, Gigi stands up and knees him between the legs. She then makes a break for the front door. But the man recovers just as she starts to get the door open. He takes her back to the sofa and now she is going to pay. he puts her on her knees and removes the gag. After he is done with her mouth, he re-stuffs it and tapes gags her. He then ties Gigi in a very tight and strict hogtie. He also crotch ropes her. Because he wants her to feel something between her legs, so she will know what will be happening down there after the man robs the place

Categories: MILF, pantyhose

Take the gag out of my mouth so I can tell her to come back later!
26 photos 15 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 06/17/2016
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A man has invaded Gigi's home and has her tied up and gagged. All of a sudden, there is a knock at the door. It is a woman there to see Gigi and she will not leave without seeing her. So the man takes the gag out of Gigig's mouth and make her hop to the door. He opens it only enough for the woman to see Gigi's face. Gigi tells her that something unexpected has come up and they will need to reschedule their meeting. The woman leaves without knowing what is actually going on inside the house. Once she is gone, the man gags Gigi again. He also adds more rope to secure her until she is helpless. He then leaves Gigi struggling bound and gagged as he finishes looking for the things he came for.

Categories: MILF, pantyhose

MILF Flight Attendant jumped and tied up by a home invader.
28 photos 14 minutes, 25 seconds of video
Added 04/09/2016
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Gigi arrives home after a flight from the West Coast. As soon as she walks in the door, she grabbed by a man she has never seen before. After manhandling and threatening her, the man ties her up with rope. Then to shut her up, he stuffs and tapes a sock in her mouth Now bound and gagged, Gigi is left to struggle in her uniform.It will be hours until the airlines she works for will miss her. But eventually they will send someone to find her all tied up and gagged with her assailant long gone.

Categories: MILF, pantyhose

Jersey housewife get herself tied up and gagged by the plumber.
24 photos 17 minutes, 8 seconds of video
Added 02/19/2016
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He was hired to fix a plumbing problem at Gigi's home. But he didn't realize what he was getting himself into. It turned out the woman who hired him(Gigi) had just moved into the area. She expected things to be done her way and her way only. She came into the kitchen as he was working and started to complain about how long it was talking him to fix what she thought was minor problem. But the problem was major and when the man tried to explain this to her, Gigi became very irate and verbally abusive to the man. Soon the discussion turned into an argument and Gigi fired the man. But this wasn't the end of it, because Gigi continued to be mean. At one point, the man decided he had enough of her smart mouth and was going to teach her a lesson. So he went out to his car and returned with rope. He grabbed Gigi and started to tie her up. Of course, she put of a argument and tried to resist. But the next thing she knew, Gigi found herself bound and gagged on her kitchen floor and would stay this way until her husband came home to find her. The funny thing is that her husband would not be mad at all at the plumber. He wished that he had thought of doing the same thing to his wife. Especially on football Sundays which she liked to bitch and complain that he was lazy.

Categories: garters, girdle, MILF

Tied up and gagged Cougar-He knew she was fucking his son.
28 photos 17 minutes, 3 seconds of video
Added 01/09/2016
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Gigi is in to younger men. But she has an older boyfriend because, not only does he have a lot of money, he also has a hot looking younger son. Today she comes over to the boyfriends house to show how happy she is with a new ring he bought for her. She also tells him that she has to cancel her date for the evening because she needs to baby sit her sister's . But the man knows Gigi is also having an affair with his son and that they have plans for the evening. When he confronts her with this, she tries to deny it. The man decides it is time to teach his soon to be EX-Girlfriend a lesson. He grabs her and ties her up with rope. At first Gigi thinks this is some kind of kinky bondage sex game and tells him to hurry up because she has a nail appointment. But just before he stuffs and wraps a big pair of panties in her mouth to gag her, he tells her she isn't going to her appointment. He then finishes tying her up until he has her a strict and very tight ball tie. He think leave her to struggle bound and gagged while he goes off to stop the payments on her car and the condo he is renting for her. Later he will come back and take the new ring off of her finger and maybe even the skirt bought for her.

Categories: pantyhose

Tied up and gagged in my living room! You are not really from the gas company!
36 photos 12 minutes, 16 seconds of video
Added 11/14/2015
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

He is a spy who needs to shoot some photos of a missile base. But there is a house blocking the view he needs. So he goes to that house and contacts Gigi Lyn. He tells Gigi that he is from the gas company and needs access to a gas line in her house. When she lets him in, he grabs her and ties her up. Of course, Gig protests loudly and he has to shut her up by stuffing and tying a gag in her mouth. Finally after hogtying her, the man leaves Gigi to struggle bound and gagged while he goes about shooting photos of the missile base.

Categories: MILF, pantyhose

Cock teasing MILF gets herself all tied up and gagged.
34 photos 21 minutes, 24 seconds of video
Added 10/23/2015
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

When the computer repairman came to fix her computer Gigi Lyn didn't want to pay the bill. She saw he was an older man and figured she could easily manipulate him not to charge her. She comes out wearing wearing a robe and high heels with nothing on underneath except her sexy bra and panties. While the repairman was trying to fix the laptop she leaned over him and rub her breasts on him. She fanned herself saying it's getting warm in here and let her robe fall off. The repair man completes the job but he is ignoring her signals that she wanted to seduce him. She dropped her pen on the floor and grab him him between the legs on her way up. She also put her mouth in the right spot. Seeing what Gigi was up to, he offered her a really good deal to fix her computer with the belief there would be some added fun. As soon as the man left the room, Gigi got on her phone to tell a friend about this good deal and to tell her what a fool the repairman was to fall for her game. She didn't know that the man had returned and heard everything she said. The man then lost his temper and told her that he hated women like her always teasing the hell out of men only to get what they want. He comes up behind me with a handful of rope and quickly ties her up. Gigi continues to run her mouth but he is determined to render her helpless, roping up her thick legs together painfully tight. With Gigi protesting loud, he comes up behind her and puts a pair of panties over her head to humiliate her. Then he removes them and shoves them in her mouth. He then seals them in tight with clear tape. He pushes her bound body over the counter, ties her arms and pins them to her upper body. Finally after putting Gigi on the floor, he crotch ropes and hogties her. "How's that feel against your pussy?" He asks her. If she could answer, she would have told him it felt great. Because a short time later, her eyes were rolling to the back of her head as she made herself cum in her pretty panties with he help of that rope up her pussy and hitting her on the right spot.

Categories: MILF

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My Dream Girl...*S*
gg its my dream girl too she know what is real fetish!and she is nice itally woman!best poses when gg its tied up in full leather and boots !she is bound by other woman or two thats a dream!!! greetings!
lovely busty girl-great gagtalk!
Write a Comment...Gigi is an incredibly gorgeous woman, in or out of bondage. Love her in the tan pantyhose then tightly cleave gagged. Hogtied or tied on the bed are my favorite poses. :)
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