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Once he had his MILF neighbor tied helpless she begged him to pull her pantyhose down.
27 photos 17 minutes, 8 seconds of video
Added 07/07/2012
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Gigi was his new neighbor. Today she got herself all dressed up and went over to introduce herself. Once inside his house, she asked him to give her a tour of the place. But when he was hesitant to show her what he had in the basement, Gigi was curious what he had down there. When Gigi insisted, he told her that once her had her down there, he might not let her leave. This only made Gig want to go down there even more. So he opened the door and took her downstairs. Moments later, Gigi found herself tied up very tight with rope. Not only did she not resist or protest, Gigi asked him to tie her tighter and to add more and more rope. Then once he had her completely trussed up, he stuffed her mouth with a pair of panties. At first Gigi tried to protest. But after he tied a rag over her mouth to finish gagging her, Gigi really started to get turned on by the feeling of being completely helpless. . Although the rope was tied tight and it was actually very painful to move, Gigi still struggled and squirmed as she moaned through the gag. She tried to beg him to hurry up and pull her pantyhose and panties down. But with her mouth packed full of panties, he could not understand what she was trying to say. But after tying a crotch rope between her legs and listening to her moan with pleasure for a while, the man started to get an idea of what Gigi wanted. Gigi could hardly control herself when he rolled her on her stomach and started to lift her tight skirt.

Stranded Secretaries
21 photos 15 minutes, 25 seconds of video
Added 06/28/2012
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Cleo and Gigi are on their way to work when they run out of gas. When they see 2 houses in the distance, Cleo goes to one of the houses while Gigi goes to the other for help. When Gigi gets to one of the houses, a man comes up to her and offers her help. But once he gets her inside, he grabs Gigi and refuses to let her leave. He takes her into a corner of his basement and ties her up with rope. To keep her quiet, he stuffs her mouth and ties a rag between her teeth to gag her. Then to make sure she cannot move at all, he ties rope around her neck and upper body and fastens her to the wood framing of the basement stairs. Gigi struggles hard trying to get loose. She squeals loud through the gag. Sometime later, Cleo begins to wonder where Gigi has gone. She goes to the house and knocks at the door. But when the man answers, he tells Cleo that Gigi has not been to the location. Cleo does not believe him and after he closes the door, she sneaks in to look for Gigi. Sure enough, she finds her bound gagged. But just as Cleo is untying Gigi, the man comes up behind her and grabs her. A short time later, Cleo finds herself tied up right next to Gigi and getting a pair of panties stuffed in her mouth to gag her. The girls struggle in the basement trying to untie each other. But the rope is tied tight and they find it impossible to reach each others knots. Then after rolling around on the dirty floor for some time, they see the man return. Cleo watches as the man lifts Gigi off the ground and drags her to a far corner in the basement.

Featuring: Cleo Nicole

Taken to his place bound and gagged in the back of her car
8 photos 12 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added 06/19/2012
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When Gigi’s car broke down a man came out of no where to offer help. But after getting Gigi’s car running again, she found out his real intentions as the next thing she knows, the man is tying her up in the back seat of her car. Then with Gigi struggling bound and gagged, the man drives her away to his place.

No one would ever guess that I have this MILF taped up and gagged in my basement!
8 photos 12 minutes, 17 seconds of video
Added 06/15/2012
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The video begins with a door opening and a man walking into a basement room with a MILF named Gigi bound and gagged over his shoulder. The man puts Gigi down on the floor and immediately starting wrapping her up with more tape. Once he has her completely taped up nice and tight he realizes that the gag in her mouth is not going to keep her quiet enough. So after he unties it, he doesn’t give Gigi a chance to say anything as he stuffs a huge pair of white panties in her mouth. He then wraps clear tape very tightly around her face and over her panty packed mouth to gag her. “There! That will keep you quiet and out of my way!” he thinks to himself as he leaves Gigi alone in the basement. Gigi rolls around on the dirty floor as she struggles to get loose. Her very short and tight skirt slowly works its way up her hips to show she is wearing white panties under her sheer pantyhose. Although the man has Gigi taped up tight and well muffled, he doesn’t want any of his neighbors to have any kind of a clue that there is some MILF bound and gagged in his basement. So he returns and forces Gigi to sit against the wood framing of his basement steps. He then uses some straps to secure her to the framing. Finally before he leaves her, he wraps more tape around her face and attaches it to part of the wood frame. This not only muffles Gigi a bit more, it also makes it impossible for her to move her head.

Tying up and gagging her pest mother in law so she can stash her in the pantry.
8 photos 15 minutes, 26 seconds of video
Added 05/10/2012
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Its Thanksgiving and Dixie is cooking dinner for her family. Unfortunately, her Mother in Law Gigi is coming over also and she has arrived early. Gigi immediately starts to criticize the way Dixie prepares her turkey. She being an over protecting mother demands that Dixie make things perfect for her son. Gigi also starts to complain on how well Dixie keeps her house. Then finally Gigi pushes Dixie too far as she throws away her pre-made mashed potatoes. She tells Dixie that there is no way she is not feeding her son anything but homemade food. Dixie decides that she cannot take anymore and there is no way she is going to let Gigi ruin her holiday as she has every year in the past. When Gigi wasn’t looking, Dixie grabbed her from behind. Using rope she started tying her mother in law up. Then when she wouldn’t shut up, Dixie stuffed her mouth and tied a dish cloth between her teeth to gag Gigi. With Gigi’s complaints and protests now muffled, Dixie finished tying her up in a strict hogtie. Gigi squealed in protest as Dixie dragged her into the walk in pantry. She then shut the door, leaving her mother in law to struggle hogtied on the floor. Sometime later, Dixie’s mother and father arrived for dinner. When they asked if Gigi would be coming, Dixie told them that her mother in law would be able to attend because she was going to be tied up all day.

Featuring: Dixie Comet
Categories: robbery

Gigi-Photo Set 01
30 photos
Added 04/12/2012
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

This is a photo set of Gigi from a earlier video I posted here

Categories: Real Photo Sets/Not Screen Caps

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My Dream Girl...*S*
gg its my dream girl too she know what is real fetish!and she is nice itally woman!best poses when gg its tied up in full leather and boots !she is bound by other woman or two thats a dream!!! greetings!
lovely busty girl-great gagtalk!
Write a Comment...Gigi is an incredibly gorgeous woman, in or out of bondage. Love her in the tan pantyhose then tightly cleave gagged. Hogtied or tied on the bed are my favorite poses. :)
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