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Tied down and gagged-If you keep rubbing me there, you are going have to fuck me!
35 photos 15 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 11/21/2016
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Samantha was the hotel desk clerk. During her lunch break, she agreed to meet a man in her room for some fun. But after he got her undressed, he tied her up. Samantha thought this was weird, but if this is what he liked, she was OK with it. It was something different and that excited her. But then he gagged by stuffing and taping panties in her mouth and this panicked her. When he saw her try to pull the tape off, he tied her hands behind her back and left her to struggle. Later, he tied her on the couch with her legs apart. Then he brought out a Hitachi vibrator and starting vibing her pussy through her panties. Soon he had Samantha moaning through the gag as he worked her up to her first orgasm. But in the end, he knew what she really wanted and when he got between her legs and starting pulling her panties down, Samantha could not be happier.

Categories: garters, Likes being tied up, stockings

Naughty Boy! You have the baby sitter all tied up!
35 photos 14 minutes, 6 seconds of video
Added 09/10/2016
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Samantha(Mizz Shutters) is the family Nanny. But there is a college boy in the family who doesn't need baby sitting and, he and Samantha are having a fling. A fling that involves kinky bondage games. Today they are in a hotel on a family vacation. The college boy comes to Samantha's room while his parents sleep next door. "Did you bring the rope!" Samantha asks when he walks in. "Of course" he tells her and soon Samantha finds herself bound and gagged. As she struggles in the tight rope, her short skirt rises to show him her pretty lace panties under her sheer pantyhose. It is very obvious that Samantha is very turned on by being bound and gagged with the younger man looking on. But then she gets impatient and starts to work at getting herself undressed for him. She pulls down her dress top to expose her bra. Later Samantha finds herself hogtied with her tits out and now she is so turned on she can hardly control herself. When it becomes obvious she has something important to say, the college boy pulls the wad of panties stuffed in her mouth out. With the cleave gag still tied in her mouth Samantha begs "Please! Please Fuck Me!"

Categories: ask to be tied up, babysitter, Likes being tied up, MILF, pantyhose
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