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Tied down and gagged-If you keep rubbing me there, you are going have to fuck me!
35 photos 15 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 11/21/2016
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Samantha was the hotel desk clerk. During her lunch break, she agreed to meet a man in her room for some fun. But after he got her undressed, he tied her up. Samantha thought this was weird, but if this is what he liked, she was OK with it. It was something different and that excited her. But then he gagged by stuffing and taping panties in her mouth and this panicked her. When he saw her try to pull the tape off, he tied her hands behind her back and left her to struggle. Later, he tied her on the couch with her legs apart. Then he brought out a Hitachi vibrator and starting vibing her pussy through her panties. Soon he had Samantha moaning through the gag as he worked her up to her first orgasm. But in the end, he knew what she really wanted and when he got between her legs and starting pulling her panties down, Samantha could not be happier.

Categories: garters, Likes being tied up, stockings

Don't you want to tie me up and fuck me!
37 photos 19 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 11/05/2016
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Samantha(Mizz Shutters) has invited one of the hotel workers up to her room during his break. She immediately starts to come on to him. She shows him how sexy she has dressed for him and then starts to show him what is under her clothes. She even pulls her top down momentarily so her can see her tits. Then Samantha tells him that she likes to play kinky bondage games and begs him to tie her up. So a short time later, she finds herself struggling bound and gagged on the sofa. The man watches and listens as she works herself up. When he sees that she needs a little bit of help to make herself cum in her pretty panties, he ties her hands in front and gives her a Hitachi Vibrator. Samantha turns it on and starts to rub her pussy through her panties. Soon she gets the results they are both looking for and has a bound orgasm. When she is finished, Samantha reaches up, pulls the gag out of her mouth and tells the man she wants him to fuck her. So he bends her over the sofa, gets behind her and pulls her panties down. "OH wait!" Samantha tells him "Put the gag back in my mouth so no one will hear me scream!"

Categories: ask to be tied up, Curvy, Likes being tied up

Naughty Boy! You have the baby sitter all tied up!
35 photos 14 minutes, 6 seconds of video
Added 09/10/2016
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Samantha(Mizz Shutters) is the family Nanny. But there is a college boy in the family who doesn't need baby sitting and, he and Samantha are having a fling. A fling that involves kinky bondage games. Today they are in a hotel on a family vacation. The college boy comes to Samantha's room while his parents sleep next door. "Did you bring the rope!" Samantha asks when he walks in. "Of course" he tells her and soon Samantha finds herself bound and gagged. As she struggles in the tight rope, her short skirt rises to show him her pretty lace panties under her sheer pantyhose. It is very obvious that Samantha is very turned on by being bound and gagged with the younger man looking on. But then she gets impatient and starts to work at getting herself undressed for him. She pulls down her dress top to expose her bra. Later Samantha finds herself hogtied with her tits out and now she is so turned on she can hardly control herself. When it becomes obvious she has something important to say, the college boy pulls the wad of panties stuffed in her mouth out. With the cleave gag still tied in her mouth Samantha begs "Please! Please Fuck Me!"

Categories: ask to be tied up, babysitter, Likes being tied up, MILF, pantyhose

Cheating girl friend tied up and gagged-You're not fucking anyone tonight!
34 photos 15 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added 08/27/2016
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Samantha has a big date tonight. She has rented a hotel room and expects her boyfriend to show up in just a short while. All of a sudden, her other boyfriend shows up. This boyfriend is the one who pays her bills and the one Samantha had plans to marry. But those plans may not wok out for her. Because this boyfriend is on to her cheating ways. Samantha thinks she can talk her way out of this. But the boyfriend is not going to believe her lies anymore and has special plans for Samantha tonight. He grabs her and ties her up with rope. All of a sudden there is a text message on her cell phone and the sees it is from the other boyfriend letting Samantha know he is downstairs and needs her room number. But Samantha will not be seeing him tonight night or having any guest. And, to make sure she stays nice and quiet, the boy friend stuffs and tapes a gag in her mouth. he then hogties her so she cannot squirm her way over to the door. Just in case the other boyfriend figures out her room number. He also pulls her tits out of her bra. And Finally, just because he is a nice guy and think she should have a way to entertain herself, the boyfriend tie a tight crotch rope between her legs. So it turns out that she does get to fuck something after all. A piece of cotton rope.

Categories: garters, MILF, stockings

You have bound gagged and cumming in my pantyhose! Now you better fuck me!
37 photos 15 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added 08/05/2016
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Samantha has a funny way of treating men. Especially the ones she is attracted to. The more she likes them, the bigger the "Bitch" she is. She works at a hotel as the manager and today she messed with the wrong guy. The video begins with this man taking her into his hotel room. He throws her down on the sofa and the two have a brief argument. The man refuses to let Samantha leave and then brings out rope. He quickly ties her up good and tight. Then when her protests get too loud, he stuffs and ties a gag in her mouth. At first Samantha is angry and she also starts to panic from being completely helpless. But then the man starts to man handle her and this starts to turn her on. Now she has no desire to be let loose and only hopes the man's advances will become much more bold. When he hogties and crotch ropes her, Samantha thinks things could not be happier. But then he brings out a Hitachi Vibrator and starts to use it on her as he plays with her boobs. It doesn't take very long until Samantha is moaning loud as she has her first bound orgasm. In the end, Samantha tries to apologize through the gag to the man for being such a bitch. "All I really needed is a good hard fucking!" she tries to tell him. Lucky for her, he will eventually understand her.

Categories: pantyhose

Working late tonight! The boss has me all tied up!
29 photos 13 minutes, 8 seconds of video
Added 06/03/2016
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Samantha's(Mizz Shutters) boss holds the phone for her as she calls her husband to tell him she is working late tonight. The reason the boss has to hold the phone is because, Samantha is all tied nice and tight in her full figured girdle. It turns out she asked him to do this because she loves being bound and gagged. It gets her very turned on and it is her favorite form of foreplay. After they hang up, the boss stuffs and tapes a pair of panties in her mouth to gag Samantha. He then steps back to watch as she moans and squirms on the floor and sofa bound and gagged. Later he comes back to play with her a little. He pulls her bra down so he can fondle her boobs. Then to get her warmed up, the boss ties a crotch rope tightly between her legs. This seems to work very well as soon Samantha works herself up to have her first bound orgasm of the night.

Categories: ask to be tied up, garters, girdles, MILF

Wouldn't you rather tie me up and make me cum in my pantyhose!
33 photos 14 minutes, 17 seconds of video
Added 04/29/2016
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

He was staying with a friend and was resting on the sofa. He dozed of for a bit when all of a sudden, he fund the friend's wife Samantha on top of him. She told him that she wanted to play and this play involved him tying her up while her husband was asleep. The man was hesitant, but Samantha insisted. She even lifted her slip to show him that she wasn't wearing panties under her pantyhose. This let the man know that tying her up was only the beginning of what she really wanted. At one point the man gave in and all of a sudden Samantha found her tied up with a pair of her panties taped in her mouth to gag her. Samantha was then left to struggle bound and gagged. After a while, she started to get impatient and she started to get loud. But before the man gave her what she really wanted, he decided to get her warmed up. He brought out a vibrator put it between her legs and turned it on. Soon Samantha was moaning through the gag. Then all of a sudden she completely lost control and had a very wild bound orgasm.

Categories: ask to be tied up, MILF, pantyhose

You're not reporting me to anyone! I'll make sure of it!
39 photos 14 minutes, 25 seconds of video
Added 04/15/2016
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Samantha Shutter, the hotel manager came to his room because the credit card he sue was not valid. When he was unable to come up with another one, she threatened to report him for using a card that did not belong to him. But this man was not a good guy and he decided to make sure she could not do anything. He grabbed her and held her still with his hand around her throat. This is when the man realized something. Instead of screaming for help, Samantha reacted as if she was turned on by being man handled. The rougher he treated her, the more turned on she got. The man then brought out rope and started to tie her up. Still the hotel manager made no attempt to cry out. But just in case the man brought out a ball gag and strapped it in her mouth to silence her. As Samantha was left to struggle bound and gagged, she started drooling all over the place. So some time later, the man re gagged her by stuffing her mouth and tying a rag between her teeth. He also brought out more rope and tied her a bit more secure. This had a very good effect on his captive hotel manager as she starting trying to beg him to fuck her while she was tied helpless. Eventually he would, but first he wanted to watch her work herself up a bit more. So after removing her skirt, he hogtied her. He also tied a piece of rope between her leg to crotch rope her. he tied this rope so tight, it pushed her pretty red panties deep up into her pussy and soon she was moaning with pleasure as she had her first orgasm.

Categories: crotch rope, garters

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