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Housewife jumped and tied up in her basement.
46 photos 17 minutes, 26 seconds of video
Added 06/16/2017
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Rachel is home alone when she hears a noise in the basement. When she went down there to investigate, a man came out from behind and jumped her. Soon, Rachel found herself tied up and gagged. After struggling for sometime, the man returned and pulled her boobs out of her blouse. He then lifted Rachel up and carried her away over his shoulder.

Categories: pantyhose

Babysitter tied up in the basement-Playing Cops and Robbers with a real robber.
38 photos 19 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 06/03/2017
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When he broke into the place, he didn't think anyone was home. But then he heard a noise coming from the basement. When he went to investigate, he found Rachel hogtied and gagged. Rachel was the babysitter who had been hired by Mom. She had never met dad and when she saw this guy, she figured that who was rescuing her. The man removed the gag and asked Rachel what was going on and who tied her up. "Your sons!" she angrily replied. But the man told her that he didn't live at the location. When he stuffed the panties back in her mouth and taped them in, Rachel realized that the man was a real robber. Using more rope, he tied Rachel up tighter and more secure. It would be sometime before Rachel was found and rescued. But her rescuer was in for a treat as the bad guy left her bound and gagged with her boobs out and her pants down.

Categories: babysitter

Escaping got me hogtied tighter and crotch roped! HD
49 photos 17 minutes, 26 seconds of video
Added 05/19/2017
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

A man has Rachel hogtied and gagged in a basement room. Somehow, she manages to get the rope connecting her ankles to her hands off and gets to her feet. She hops out of the room and starts to work her way up the stairs. But the man comes back and catches her. He takes her back down stairs. Then to make sure she does not try to escape again, he ties her tighter with more rope. He also gags her better by stuffing and taping a large pair of panties in her mouth. He then hogties her again. This time with her boobs out. Finally to punish Rachel for trying to escape, he ties a very tight rope between her legs. So now, when she kicks her legs, the crotch rope pushes her panties up deeper inside her.

Categories: crotch rope, garters, stockings

Trouble making step daughter kept home for the evening bound and gagged.
46 photos 18 minutes, 18 seconds of video
Added 04/22/2017
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His wife is out of town. So he is keeping an eye on her daughter Rachel for the weekend. In the past, similar situations have caused him a lot of problem. But he has come up with a new solution. He is going to keep his trouble making step daughter all tied up and gagged until her mother can come home and relieve him of those duties.

Categories: garters, stockings

The babysitter can't come to the phone! She is a little tied up!
45 photos 15 minutes, 10 seconds of video
Added 04/08/2017
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Rachel is baby sitting before she heads off to work. She tries to get these guys ready for school so she can drop them off. But they tell her that they are not going to school today. Sometime later, Rachel's cell phone rings. All of a sudden, we see Rachel. Except now there is a gag tied in her mouth and she is tied up. She see's it is their mother calling to ask why the school has called to ask why her boys are not in school today. But Being bound and gagged, Rachel cannot answer. Rachel struggles hard to get loose. But she will be spending the day bound and gagged. Hopefully mom will get suspicious of things and come home early to find out what is going on. At least, that is what Rachel is hoping for.

Categories: babysitter, pantyhose

Help! A home invader has me tied up and gagged!
44 photos 17 minutes, 2 seconds of video
Added 03/25/2017
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Rachel is about to leave for work when she gets a phone call. It is her boyfriend asking her to spend the day with him. But Rachel must go to work. She tells him that she cannot take another day off. Suddenly, there is a knock at her door. She thinks it is her ride and she hangs up. Sometime later, Rachel's cell phone is on the bottom of her stair case when it rings. No one answers. Then Rachel squirms her way out of the powder room and you can see why she cannot answer her phone. She is bound and gagged. She tries to get to her phone, but then the man who tied her up comes back. He uses more rope to tie her up better. He also hogties her and adds an extra twist when ties rope tight up between her legs. Hours later, Rachel is still hogtied and gagged when someone comes to her door. She squeals through the gag, hoping the person will hear her and help her. It takes a lot of effort, but she finally is able to get the wad of panties that were stuffed in her mouth, out. "Help! I'm in here! I am tied up! she screams.

Categories: Damsel In Distress, garters, stockings

Tied painfully tight with speaker wire. HD
47 photos 17 minutes, 23 seconds of video
Added 03/11/2017
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Rachel has a thing for her neighbor, an older man. So, she goes out of her way to get his attention. Lately she has liked getting herself in trouble with him because she likes his form of punishment. But when he found out she liked spankings, the man decided to try something new. He tied her up. This turned out to be something Rachel was not too fond of. So today when she got herself in trouble again, she made sure that there was no rope in the house. But the man found something else to tie her up with. Speaker wire from the home stereo system. Soon, Rachel found herself tied up painfully tight. Then the boss added a new twist. He stuffed her mouth with panties and wrapped tape around her face and over her mouth to gag her. Rachel struggled as the man continued to truss her up. The wire was tight and cut into her skin. About the only good thing about her situation was when the man pulled her blouse open. Rachel had gone out of her way, not to wear a bra in case of something like happening. But then the man added another new twist. He used another piece of wire to tie up between her legs. In the end, Rachel found herself hogtied and gagged with her pussy wired tight. As it started to hit her in just the right spot, Rachel thought to herself that maybe she could get used to this and she started to think of other ways to get herself in trouble with this man.

Categories: crotch rope, garters, girdles, stockings

Hiding in her closet-I watched the neighbor tie up, gag and then fuck my Step Sister!
45 photos 19 minutes, 23 seconds of video
Added 02/03/2017
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

Rachel was his older step sister and they both hated each other. She went out of her way to get him in trouble and up to now, his life was miserable. But he recently found out something. During the day, while he was at school, Rachel has been having an affair with the older man next door. Having recently learned that today, the man was coming over, he skipped school and set up a hiding place in his step sisters bedroom closet. The scene begins with him watching Rachel have a phone conversion with the neighbor. After she hangs up, Rachel gets up and makes sure she looks sexy for her upcoming visitor. With step brother watching in the closet, Rachel lifts her skirt and looks into the mirror to admire herself. "Wow" step brother cannot believe his eyes. Rachel is wearing sext red underwear under her skirt. Red sheer panties that can see that she has little or no pubic hair. Red garters to hold up her stockings. When she turns around to get a good look at her rear end, he sees that her panties are actually a thong. Suddenly, he hears the neighbor arrive and he gets his cell phone camera ready to record what is about to happen. He is sure that in just a few minutes he will watching the man fuck his step sister. But suddenly, something unusual happens. The man brings out rope and starts to Rachel up. He then uses a pair of his step mother's panties and stuffs her mouth with. He then uses tape to pack and wrap them in her mouth and soon, he has Rachel struggling bound and gagged her bed. The neighbor leaves Rachel alone for some time. So, step brother just watches as Rachel enjoys the situation. Soon her skirt rises and again, he can see her sexy red lingerie. Later the neighbor returns. He puts Rachel on the floor in front of the mirror so she can get a better look at her situation. Still she has no idea that she is being watched and doesn't hesitate at all to give her spying step brother a nice little show. But that soon changes as Rachel noticed her closet door is slightly open and she sees some movement. She sees her step brother and now she is frantic. The man returns and she tries to let him know they are being watched and for him to stop whatever he plans to do. But being gagged, the man cannot understand what she is trying to say. Having discussed this fantasy of hers with her, the man knows that she likes the idea of having naughty things done to her, against her will, he believes this is only part of the game. Step brother turns on the video camera on his cell phone and starts to record as the neighbor lifts Rachel up and bends her over the bed, face down. Rachel tries to resist as he pulls her panties down. But she knows that soon her step brother will be watching as the man next door fucks her. Something she has fantasized for a long time. Finally, she thinks to herself. Maybe she needs to form a new relationship with her step brother. A friendlier relationship.

Categories: ask to be tied up, garters, Likes being tied up, stockings

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