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Make the MILF cum gagged with her own panties!
10 minutes, 6 seconds of video
Added 07/07/2014
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Paige Richards has tied Rachel down to the bed. Rachel has no idea why she tied with her legs apart in her red bra and panties. Then Paige comes into the room holding a pair of blue panties. Rachels recognizes the panties as hers and asks Paige, why she has them. Paige tells her that she found the panties in her husband truck. Rachel tries to explain but Paige says, "I dont buy it slut!" as she stuffs the panties in Rachels mouth. Rachel tries to spit them out, but Paige tapes Rachel's mouth shut. Now that Paige has Rachel comepletely helpless and gagged, she decides to torment and humiliate her. She takes out a vibrating wand and turns it on. She starts rubbing Rachel with the wand between her legs. At first Rachel protests through the gag. But her protests soon turn to moans of pleasure. In the mean time, Paige is chastizing her for her behavior with her husband.

Categories: MILF, panty gag

Milf cocktail waitress followed home.
9 minutes, 57 seconds of video
Added 06/24/2014
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When Rachel arrived home from the club one night she noticed a suspicious man in her neighborhood. She called her husband who was still at work, but he refused come home early or to do anything about it. So Rachel decides to take care of it on her own and she goes outside to tell the guy to leave. But as you might already suspect, things dont work out that well for Rachel and she finds herself bound and gagged in her livingroom. Knowing the creep has plans for her after he takes all her expensive things, Rachel struggles to get free. But the rope is tied tight and there is no escape. She works her way onto the floor and struggles more. But struggling just makes her skirt rise and her boobs fall out of her blouse.

Categories: MILF

Busty D.A. tied up & bent over her desk.
12 minutes, 16 seconds of video
Added 03/03/2014
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Rachel works for the District Attorney's office as a prosecutor. Today she called in a man from a case she was working on. She explained to him that it would be in his best interest to come clean and admit his wrong doings. But the man refuses and when she shows him the evidence, he becomes very desperate. Knowing that Rachel is the only one left in the office since everyone else has gone home, he grabs Ms Steele and ties her up at her desk. Then just in case the cleaning crew comes in, he stuffs her mouth and ties a rag tightly between her teeth to gag Rachel. As he goes off to destroy evidence, Rachel is left to struggle bound and gagged. She tries her best to get loose, but the ropes are very secure and she knows that she isn't going anywhere. Rachel's only hope is to get to the telephone. She works her way to her feet and manages to lean over the desk where she tries to get to the phone. But the man returns and catches her. He unplugs the phone from the wall so Rachel will not get anymore ideas to try to call for help. Then just before he leaves Rachel, he decides to have some fun with her. He gets behind her and lifts her skirt. He unclips the garters of her girdle so he can pull her panties down. The video will then go on and end with Rachel hogtied on her desk. Her top is open and her bra is pulled down so her big tits can bounce around as she struggle to get loose.

Categories: MILF, girdle

MILF Doctor gets herself tied up and examined.
13 minutes, 14 seconds of video
Added 06/17/2013
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He hated going to see Rachel his family doctor. But she was the only doctor covered under his plan. It seems every time he went in to see her, she went out of her way to torture him. Today he was in to see her for a sore throat. She told him that there was nothing wrong and then she put on a latex glove. "Bend over!" she told him. When he reminded her that he was there for a sore throat, she told him that she was the doctor and would check him out anyway she wanted. Having pout up with this type of treatment for so long, the man decided to teach his doctor a lesson. The next thing she knows, Rachel is stripped down to her bra and girdle. She is tied up and when she tries to complain, her mouth is stuffed and taped to gag her. The man then puts on a latex glove and tells her that maybe she needs an examination. He reaches up under her girdle and uses his finger to check her out. When he tells her that everything seems to be fine there, he pulls her big tits out of her bra and checks them out too. After everything checks out OK, he tells her that there is only one last thing to check, her temperature. So he removes the gag and tells her to open her mouth wide and say "Ah" as he UN-zips his pants.

Categories: MILF

MILF Hostage spends the night bound gagged & bouncing her big tits.
11 minutes, 7 seconds of video
Added 05/30/2013
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After taking Rachel from the bar at closing time, he took her to her place and tied her up on the couch. Then as he was going through her purse, he found her tip money. Rachel begged him not to take it. She told him that she needed it for her rent. She told him that he could have anything else he wanted. She even offered to let him have his way with her. Which was an idea she had when she first laid eyes on him. But the man did not seem interested. He cut her off by shoving a gag in her mouth to shut her up. Rachel was frantic and struggled hard to get loose. She tried to make noise, hoping her neighbors would hear her. After struggling bound and gagged for some time, Rachel came up with a plan. It took a little more struggling, but she somehow worked her big boobs out of her tight top. Her plan worked. Because when the robber came back into the room, he saw her big tits and decided to take her up on her earlier offer. The video ends with Rachel bouncing her big tits up and down as she makes a good effort to earn her rent money back

Categories: MILF

Not on the first date.
11 minutes, 14 seconds of video
Added 03/19/2013
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Rachel came home from night out with a guy she just met. He was nice, good looking and Rachel had a great time. But she wasn't about to invite him. Not on the first date. So gave him a kiss good night and shut the door. Moments later, there was a knock at the door. "Can't this guy take No! for an answer" Rachel said as she went to the door. But when she opened it, it wasn't him. Instead it was a masked man and he makes her let him in. Rachel was still wearing her tight evening dress as the man tied her up with her own used pantyhose. He stuffed her mouth and used duct tape to seal her lips shut. Apparently this man had been stalking Rachel and knew she would be alone. After taking what he wants from her, he had plans to get her dress off and pull that tight girdle down. Rachel did everything she could to get loose, but with her body wrapped in tightly tied pantyhose, there was no hope of escape

Categories: girdle

MILF Tease tied tight for his pleasure
10 minutes, 25 seconds of video
Added 02/26/2013
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Rachel is a real big tease. She met a man in the hotel bar one night and got him to buy her drinks by leading him to believe it would get him somewhere with her. But soon enough, he realized she was just a big tease. So later, he followed her to her room and forced his way in. The video begins with Rachel tied up tight with rope on the floor. She is tied in a "Frog tie". There is a crotch-rope tied very tightly between her legs. It is so tight, that it is forcing her panties deep into her pussy. Rachel tries to complain, but all that gets her is a wad of cloth packed in her mouth to gag her. Rachel moans loudly as the man covers her packed mouth with red duct tape. As Rachel struggles bound and gagged on the floor, her huge tits bounce freely up and down as she is not wearing a a bra or anything else to restrain them. Rachel moans loudly into the gag and the man tells her to be quiet. But she refuses and the man decides to punish her. He bends her over and gives her a good hard spanking on her panty covered ass with his hand. Then later, as she still refuses to cooperate, he pulls the pantis down. First to give her another hard spank. But also because he plans to give her something else good and hard.

Categories: spanking, MILF

Nosey MILF next door bound & gagged in her full figured girdle
18 photos 13 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 11/08/2012
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Rachel is the neighborhood busybody. No one can do anything without her sticking her nose into it. She is always watching what everyone else is up to and if she thinks it is suspicious, she will not hesitate to alert the authorities. Today she is upset because her neighbors are throwing a party. So she calls 911 and starts demanding that an officer be sent right over. But even the authorities know who she is and they have become tired of her prying also. They refuse to send anyone. But as Rachel is about to hang up the phone a masked man appears in the background. He waits until she hangs up and immediately grabs her. He covers her mouth with his hand so she cannot scream. The next thing Rachel knows, the man has her all tied up with rope in her full figured girdle. Then just as she is about to start getting loud, he stuffs her mouth with a pair of panties. He then wraps white tape completely around her face to gag her. Now with Rachel all trussed up and gagged, the masked man goes off to ransack her place. Rachel struggles hard to get loose. She works her way off of her sofa and on to the floor. Although she is tightly gagged, Rachel still manages to make quite a bit of noise. But with her neighbors having a loud party and with the police refusing to come, no one will be coming to rescue her. Rachel is in for a long night. Later in the video, the man pulls down her bra so her big tits can bounce about freely. The video will end with Rachel getting to her cell phone. She manages to dial 911 and starts to squeal for "HELP!". But the emergency operator thinks it is just another prankster playing with the phone

Categories: girdle
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