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MILF Hostage bound gagged and bent over
9 minutes, 13 seconds of video
Added 01/25/2016
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Rachel's husband owes some men money because of a gambling debt. So far, he has refused to pay them and today they are taking drastic measures. They grabbed his wife (Rachel) and took her to a motel. To make sure, she stays put, they tied her ass up nice and tight. They also stuffed a gag in her mouth to make she no one could hear her cries for help. They called her husband and told him that they had Rachel. They told him that he had 3 hours to come up with the money. They commented that Rachel had a nice ass and some big juicy tits and if he didn't pay, things could happen to her. To make sure he knew they meant business, they let him speak to her, first with the gag in her mouth and then without. Later they left Rachel alone as they went to pick up the money. But when they returned, she was trying to call for help on the telephone. They took the phone away from her and told her that her husband did not pay them. One of the men pulled her boobs out of her blouse and bra. Then he lifted her and bent her over a chair. He lifted her dress and pulled down her pantyhose and panties. When he started unbuckling his pants, Rachel knew she was going to pay for her husbands troubles

Categories: MILF

MILF Secretary tied up and stashed behind her desk
12 minutes, 24 seconds of video
Added 09/24/2015
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A man comes into the office right at closing time to find Rachel, the only secretary still in the office. Rachel tells him that the office is closed and to come back tomorrow. But he insists on staying because he is here to rob the place. The next thing Rachel knows, he has her all tied up with rope and stash behind her desk. Just in case the cleaning people show up, the man needs to make sure Rachel is quiet. So he forces Rachel to open her mouth wide so he can stuff a rag in her mouth. Then he ties another rag tightly between her teeth to gag her. With the busty secretary now tied helpless and out of the way, the man goes about looking for the items he is after. Rachel tries to get loose but finds the ropes are tied very tight. Her only hope is to get to the telephone, but she is tied in a way that it is next to impossible to move. But she tries anyways. She tries using her feet to reach the receiver. She tries kicking the phone off of the desk. Then the man returns and pulls her away. He is about ready to leave, but has one last item of business to take care. First he pulls Rachel's blouse open to show she is wearing a white lace bra to hold her big tits in. Then he lifts Rachel, bends her over her desk and pulls her pantyhose and panties down.

Categories: MILF, robbery

MILF housewife left tied up and gagged with her big tits out.
11 minutes, 22 seconds of video
Added 09/15/2015
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While home alone one day, Rachel has foolishly left her door unlocked. So while she was in the laundry a masked man sneaked in. He waited until she walked out and grabbed her. He forced her to the ground and tied her hands behind her back. Since Rachel was crying out and making such a fuss, he reached into her laundry basket and grabbed a pair of her panties. He wadded them up and stuffed them in her mouth. Then he grabbed a dish rag from the basket and tied it between her teeth to finish gagging her. Now with Rachel muffled he was able to finish getting her tied without having to worry someone would hear her. He left Rachel to struggle hogtied on the floor while he robber her. Later he will come back so he can play with his captive housewife. First he will pull her top open and pull down her bra so he can play with her huge tits. The video will end with the man rolling Rachel on her stomach. Rachel grunts & sequels loud as he climbs on top of her and pulls down her panties.

Categories: burglary, MILF, robbed

MILF housewife bound, gagged and carried away.
10 minutes, 12 seconds of video
Added 07/29/2014
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Rachel Steele is in her kitchen washing dishes. She doesn't hear her rear door opening as a man sneaks in and walks up behind her. He grabs her and covers her mouth with his hand. He warns her not to scream and starts tying her up with her rubber gloves still on her hands. The man then stuffs panties in Rachel's mouth and ties a rag between her teeth to gag her. After tying Rachel's ankles the man lifts her and carries her into the front romm. There he adds more rope to insure she is totally restrained. The man leaves Rachel as he searches for what he came for. Later he comes back and unfastens the top part of her dress to make her topless. The man then lifts Rachel over his shoulder and holds her there as he makes a call with his cell phone. During his conversation with the person he has called, the man mentions that he has Rachel bound and gagged. He also tells the person that he plans to take Rachel with him. After he hangs up, the man stands up and then starts to leave. Rachels is still struggling over his shoulder. She tries to protest but the man pays no attention to her muffled cries. The tying and gagging in this video is done on camera.

Categories: girdle, MILF

Make the MILF cum gagged with her own panties!
10 minutes, 6 seconds of video
Added 07/07/2014
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Paige Richards has tied Rachel down to the bed. Rachel has no idea why she tied with her legs apart in her red bra and panties. Then Paige comes into the room holding a pair of blue panties. Rachels recognizes the panties as hers and asks Paige, why she has them. Paige tells her that she found the panties in her husband truck. Rachel tries to explain but Paige says, "I dont buy it slut!" as she stuffs the panties in Rachels mouth. Rachel tries to spit them out, but Paige tapes Rachel's mouth shut. Now that Paige has Rachel comepletely helpless and gagged, she decides to torment and humiliate her. She takes out a vibrating wand and turns it on. She starts rubbing Rachel with the wand between her legs. At first Rachel protests through the gag. But her protests soon turn to moans of pleasure. In the mean time, Paige is chastizing her for her behavior with her husband.

Categories: MILF, panty gag

Milf cocktail waitress followed home.
9 minutes, 57 seconds of video
Added 06/24/2014
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When Rachel arrived home from the club one night she noticed a suspicious man in her neighborhood. She called her husband who was still at work, but he refused come home early or to do anything about it. So Rachel decides to take care of it on her own and she goes outside to tell the guy to leave. But as you might already suspect, things dont work out that well for Rachel and she finds herself bound and gagged in her livingroom. Knowing the creep has plans for her after he takes all her expensive things, Rachel struggles to get free. But the rope is tied tight and there is no escape. She works her way onto the floor and struggles more. But struggling just makes her skirt rise and her boobs fall out of her blouse.

Categories: MILF
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