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Actress gets the part and then she gets her panties pulled down.
14 photos 12 minutes, 24 seconds of video
Added 01/07/2016
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Danni has come to an audition for a part in a movie. But when she is told that the part she is going to play, is that of a bound and gagged damsel. Danni wants to prove that she can handle this part and allows the man to tie her up. But as the ropes start to get very tight, Danni starts to have second thoughts. But just before she can tell him to stop, he stuffs her mouth and wraps tape around her face to gag her. Danni is now completely speechless and helpless. The man watches as Danni struggles in the chair. He thinks that she is doing a great job of acting and is just the girl for the job. But Danni is in so much pain, and wants to tell the man that this is no act. When he lifts her, Danni thinks she is about to get untied. But instead the man pulls her blouse open. He bends Danni over the sofa and as he starts pulling her panties down, he tells her that they are going to practice the scene where the bad guy has his way with the girl she is to portray in the movie.

Categories: garters

Doctor and her receptionist taped up tight in the waiting room
26 photos 12 minutes, 16 seconds of video
Added 12/15/2015
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He came in at closing time when only Doctor Lyons (Danni) and her receptionist (JJ Plush) were the only ones left in the office. He forced them into the waiting room where he taped their hands behind their backs and their ankles. Knowing that sooner or later, one or both of them might start screaming for help, he gagged them by stuffing panties in their mouths and wrapping packing tape tightly around their faces and mouths. The girls grunted and whimpered as they tried to protest when he started wrapping more tape around their legs and upper bodies. Soon he had them both all trussed up tightly and left them to struggle as he went off to get into the Pharmacy locker. Danni and JJ rolled around on the floor trying to communicate as they also tried to find a way to get loose. But when the man returned, both girls were still tightly bound and gagged. Just before he left them, he ripped JJ's sweater open and pulled Danni's blouse apart.

Featuring: JJ Plush , Multi-Girls
Categories: garters, pantyhose, tape, tape gag

Corporate Secretary kept bound and gagged.
11 minutes, 26 seconds of video
Added 08/03/2015
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Danni looks on as a man breaks into her secured computer files. She would try to stop him, but she has a slight problem. The man has her tightly tied up with a pair of her panties stuffed and tied in her mouth to keep her quiet. As the man starts to download all the company secrets, Danni struggles with the rope hoping to find a loose knot. But all she can do is fall over on her side and grunt though the gag as she kicks her feet. After he has stolen all of the files, the man sits Danni up. He unties the gag and lets her spit the panties out so he can give her a drink of water. When Danni tries to plead with him to untie her, he re-stuffs her mouth and then wraps tape tightly around her face to re-gag her. Then just before he leaves her, the man rolls Danni on her stomach and hogties her. As Danni lays there, she can only imagine the trouble she is going to be in for losing Top Secret files. Not to mention how embarrassing it is going to be when she is found tied up and gagged with her skirt all the way up her hips so everyone can see she is not wearing any panties under her pantyhose.

Categories: pantyhose

Don't leave me like this! Hogtied so painfully tight!
8 photos 14 minutes, 3 seconds of video
Added 07/23/2015
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Danni owes a man a lot of money. So she gives him a location where she is hiding her money. The man tells Danni that he is going to get the money and just to make sure she isn't lying to him, he is going to make sure she is still here when he gets back. Danni tries to protest as the man starts tying her up with rope. But once he has her trussed up, he is is going to make sure she cannot holler for help. He stuffs her mouth full of panties and then wraps tape around her face and over her mouth very tightly to gag her. Although he has Danni tied very tight with her elbows and arms pulled and tied behind her back, he wants to make sure that Danni cannot go anywhere while he is gone. So he puts her face down on the carpet and ties her in a brutally tight hogtie..It doesn't take long for Danni's arms to go numb, but there is nothing she can do but lay there and whimper through the gag as she waits for the man to return.

Categories: hogtie, hogtied, pantyhose, tape gag

Danni wakes up to find herself tied up very tight with lots of rope.
11 minutes, 22 seconds of video
Added 02/03/2015
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Danni wakes up to find herself in lots of pain. When she tries to get up, she finds out that she cannot move at all. Slowly Danni regains her senses and looks down at her body to find out that she has been tied up with several hundred feet of rope."What is going on!" she starts to protest. Then she sees the man who brought her here and he has a pair of panties, way too big to be hers and a roll of packing tape in his hands. "NO!" Danni tries to protest as he stuffs the panties in her mouth and then wraps the tape around her face and mouth to gag her. The panties packed in her mouth prop her mouth open wide and it is impossible to make any loud sounds. Danni rolls around on the couch trying to find a way to get loose. But the more she moves, the tighter the rope seems to get. As her arms and legs go numb, she wonders what this man has planned for her. She is soon going to find out when he comes back and lifts her so he can bend her over the couch. Danni feels him get behind her and pull her panties down.

Categories: girdle
cougar man
did Danni retire? she was a cutie!
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