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Big Knockered Hostage
26 photos 18 minutes, 24 seconds of video
Added 11/30/2013
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A man is holding Goldie Blair hostage. He takes her up into his attic to keep her out of sight. Then so she cannot escape, he ties her up on a chair. Goldie refuses to shut up, so the man stuffs and tapes a gag in her mouth. Goldie is then left to struggle for a while. But when the man returns and finds her off of the chair, he decides it is time to hogtie her. Then as an added humiliation, the man pulls her top open and her bra down. He also un-clips the garters on her girdle. Goldie is then left to bounce her great big tits on the cold floor as she struggles bound and gagged.

Categories: girdle

Tied face down and spread eagle with her panties tied in her mouth.
26 photos 17 minutes, 16 seconds of video
Added 11/05/2013
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Goldie has dozed off in her bed. She is so tired that she does feel a man coming in and taking her panties off. When he stuffs the panties in her mouth and ties a rag between her teeth, she wakes up. But it is too late, she cannot scream for help. The man quickly ties her up and hogties her. he then leaves her struggling bound and gagged. Some time later he returns and ties her face down and spread eagle on the bed. Goldie completely exposed and vulnerable cannot do anything as she hears the man kneel between her legs and unbuckle his pants. She knows what is coming next. Sometime later, the man has made his escape. Goldie struggles hard to get loose and her efforts pay off as she get her legs free. She is now able to pull herself up to reach the gag and pull it out. Screaming for help will eventually get her husbands attention. He has been downstairs watching TV during the entire incident.

Categories: spreadeagled, panty gag

After she tied me up, the little bitch gagged me with a knotted rag!
35 photos 17 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added 10/26/2013
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Their daughter is always in trouble. At Home. At School. And, with the law. So they have hired Goldie Blair to stay with her and make sure she behaves. But today she wants to go out and play with some boys. But Goldie will not let her leave and threatens to call her parents if she tries. Something needs to be done. The video begins with Goldie tied up on the sofa. It seems the, the young lady is going to do what she wants and no one is getting in her way. "You better not go anywhere and you better UN-tie me Right NOW!" Goldie demands . But that is the last thing she says as a knotted rag is tied tightly between her teeth to gag her. Goldie grunts and squeals through the gag as the girl opens the door and walks out. Goldie struggles hard to get loose, but the rope is tied tight. All of a sudden, the front door opens and Goldie thinks someone has come to UN-tie her. In walks a man who Goldie has never seen before. It doesn't take Goldie long to figure that this man is not here to save her. In fact, things couldn't get any worse. Because the man is a burglar and is pleasantly surprised to find Goldie already bound and gagged to make his job easier. But before he can loot the place, he wants to make sure the big busted Goldie is tied a bit more secure. He uses more rope to tie her even tighter. Then not satisfied that she is quiet enough, he re gags her by stuffing her mouth and tying another rag much tighter between her teeth. Leaving Goldie to struggle, the man goes off to rob the place. Sometime later, he returns and lets Goldie know that he is ready to make his getaway. But first, he strips her down to her underwear and then puts her on the floor where he hogties and crotch ropes her. Now alone, Goldie struggles frantically to get loose. But all she manages to do, it get her great big tits to burst out of her bra.

Categories: babysitter

We found a lady with very big tits tied up in a vacant house!
23 photos 17 minutes, 25 seconds of video
Added 10/12/2013
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The vacant house down the street was their favorite place to hang out. It was their headquarters, their fort, and their hide out. But today when they went in, they found out is was someone Else's hideout too. Because inside they found a woman named Goldie Blair struggling bound and gagged. The knots were too tight and they didn't have the strength to untie her. Plus, as Goldie's skirt moved up, they could see she was not wearing panties and this turned out to be a very big distraction since they had never seen Pussy before. They were however, able to pull the stuffing out of her mouth which turned out to be Goldie's panties. Able to talk somewhat, Goldie explain that she was the missing rich lady that they may have heard about on the news. She told them to run home and tell their parents what they found. So off they went. A short time later, the bad guy returned to find Goldie with her gag removed.. He untied her legs and lifted her onto a chair where he retied her with her legs apart. He then replaces the gag by re-stuffing her panties back in her mouth and then taping her. Once he had her completely tied down to the chair, the man opened her blouse and pulled her bra down. he then left her again to bounce around on the chair bound and gagged. A short time later, her earlier visitors returned with bad news. Their parents were not home. But now they were really distracted as they stared in awe of her huge tits as she bounced them around. Somehow, they would save the day and figure out how to get Goldie untied. But for now, things had never been better in their favorite hang out as it now had a real live Damsel in Distress for them to rescue.

Categories: MILF

Goldie Blair paying her rent tied up tight with her big tits outs.
26 photos 16 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added 08/10/2013
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Goldie has not paid rent in very long time. But she is not worried about getting evicted. This is because each and every month when the landlord comes to collect, Goldie talks him into letting her pay the rent by spending the weekend as his naughty little sex toy. So this time when he comes over and asks for his money, she starts to take her great big tits out of her blouse. But this time the landlord stops her. He tells her that playing naughty games with her is fun, but today he wants to try something new. Before Goldie can refuse, he quickly ties a rag in her mouth to gag her. Then when he brings out rope and starts to tie her up, Goldie starts to panic. But before she knows it, her landlord has her bound and gagged. When the gag doesn't keep her quiet enough as she continues to complain, he removes it and stuffs her mouth. He then re ties the rag in her mouth to gag her again. This time much more effective. As Goldie struggles bound and gagged, she realizes that rent has gone up and she is going to have to spend the weekend like this. Struggling tied up and gagged until he is ready to have some fun with her. Then left with her big tits out as she struggle some more until he works up the energy to go again.

Big busted English Tart tied up naked with her panties taped in her mouth.
19 photos 14 minutes, 23 seconds of video
Added 07/16/2013
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

When he walked in, he didn't expect to find his British girl friend Goldie waiting for him. Since his wife was due home in about an hour,, this was not good. Then to top it off, Goldie was feeling very naughty and was wearing "ONLY" a pair of panties. He tried to get her to leave, but she refused to go with first having some fun. he only had one choice. To tie her up and keep her tucked away until get his wife out of the way when she got home. At first Goldie thought this was some kind of foreplay and she was very cooperative. And, when he pulled her panties off, she thought he was going to give it to her good and hard. But the next thing she knew, her mouth was stuffed and taped with her panties to gag her and she could hardly breathe. Goldie bounce her huge tits about as she was left to struggle bound and gagged. She was not at all happy and wanted to be let loose. But if she wanted to get what she came for, she was going to have to stay this way until her boyfriend could figure out how do this without his wife finding his big busted English Tart of girl friend bound naked and gagged in her living room.

Categories: panty gag

Big busted hiker captured and tied up.
9 minutes, 22 seconds of video
Added 07/09/2013
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Goldie Blair has escaped from a man who grabbed her. The video begins with Goldie running through the forest. She knows the man is after her, but she hopes she can hide somewhere. Unfortunately for her, it doesn't work out that way as the man spots her gives chase. He manages to capture her and tie her up again. This time, a little extra tighter. Goldie puts up a good fight but this time, there is no getting away. She struggles so hard her big boobs start to pop out of her tight blouse. Worried someone might hear Goldies cries for help, the man stuffs her mouth with cloth and then ties a cleave gag between her teeth. The man then leaves Goldie to struggle as he goes off to bring his car closer so her can take Goldie away. Later he returns and tells Goldie that the authorities are in the area and he is going to have to wait until the coast is clear. To make sure Goldie stays still, he stands her up and ties her wrists to the branch of a tree. This puts Goldie in a strict strappado position. It also allows her big boob to work their way completely out og her top. Sometime later, her pants are also pulled down. The video ends with the man taking Goldie down from the tree. He lifts her over her shoulder and carries her off bound and gagged.

Categories: ESCAPE

I am so desperate for money! I'll do anything!
23 photos 17 minutes, 24 seconds of video
Added 06/28/2013
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

Goldie wants to go on a trip. But she doesn't have the money and she is desperate. So she calls the neighbor over and begs him for a loan. As she slowly starts to undress, she tells him that she will do anything. Even let him pull her panties down and spread her legs. The man likes the offer, but tells her that first he wants a little foreplay. When he brings out rope and starts tying her up, Goldie is somewhat scared and surprised, but again she is desperate and is willing to do anything. The next thing she knows, Goldie finds herself all tied up with rope. When she tries to protest, she gets her mouth stuffed and taped to gag her . Then after watching her struggle bound and gagged for sometime, the man ties a crotch rope between her legs and pulls her huge tits out of her bra. He tells her that he will be pulling her panties down, but first he wants to watch her get herself worked up. It doesn't take long for Goldie to get herself going as she tugs on the crotch rope. After a short while, she starts moaning very loud and it becomes obvious that she starts cumming in her pretty black panties.

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she is awesome!!! More videos with her in bra ans full back white panties would be great!!!
her name really fits her because all of her body is made up of gold
Bound lover
she is really sexy more videos plz .
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