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Mom went next door to get her ass tied up and her panties pulled down.
32 photos 18 minutes, 23 seconds of video
Added 07/12/2013
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Goldie has been trying to get the man next door to play with her for some time. Today she caught his sons playing a game where they tied her up. So after chasing them away,she gathered up their rope and went next door. pretending to be angry, Goldie told the man what she caught his sons doing. But it was all just a ply to get what she really wanted. She told the man that if he tied her up and played with her, she would forget all about the incident. The man was very eager to take her up on her deal and soon he had her struggling bound and gagged on his floor. Goldie now extremely turned on, tried to get the man to hurry up and get to the fun part. The part where he pulled down her panties. Her panties and bra were pulled down. But the man wasn't quite ready. Because first he wanted to enjoy watching his neighbor bound her big tits about as she struggled on the floor. After a while he was rewarded with very loud moans as Goldie forced herself to have a bound orgasm. Now Goldie was going to get what she over for in the first place as the man rolled her on her stomach and climbed on top of her.

Big busted hiker captured and tied up.
9 minutes, 22 seconds of video
Added 07/09/2013
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Goldie Blair has escaped from a man who grabbed her. The video begins with Goldie running through the forest. She knows the man is after her, but she hopes she can hide somewhere. Unfortunately for her, it doesn't work out that way as the man spots her gives chase. He manages to capture her and tie her up again. This time, a little extra tighter. Goldie puts up a good fight but this time, there is no getting away. She struggles so hard her big boobs start to pop out of her tight blouse. Worried someone might hear Goldies cries for help, the man stuffs her mouth with cloth and then ties a cleave gag between her teeth. The man then leaves Goldie to struggle as he goes off to bring his car closer so her can take Goldie away. Later he returns and tells Goldie that the authorities are in the area and he is going to have to wait until the coast is clear. To make sure Goldie stays still, he stands her up and ties her wrists to the branch of a tree. This puts Goldie in a strict strappado position. It also allows her big boob to work their way completely out og her top. Sometime later, her pants are also pulled down. The video ends with the man taking Goldie down from the tree. He lifts her over her shoulder and carries her off bound and gagged.

Categories: ESCAPE

I am so desperate for money! I'll do anything!
23 photos 17 minutes, 24 seconds of video
Added 06/28/2013
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Goldie wants to go on a trip. But she doesn't have the money and she is desperate. So she calls the neighbor over and begs him for a loan. As she slowly starts to undress, she tells him that she will do anything. Even let him pull her panties down and spread her legs. The man likes the offer, but tells her that first he wants a little foreplay. When he brings out rope and starts tying her up, Goldie is somewhat scared and surprised, but again she is desperate and is willing to do anything. The next thing she knows, Goldie finds herself all tied up with rope. When she tries to protest, she gets her mouth stuffed and taped to gag her . Then after watching her struggle bound and gagged for sometime, the man ties a crotch rope between her legs and pulls her huge tits out of her bra. He tells her that he will be pulling her panties down, but first he wants to watch her get herself worked up. It doesn't take long for Goldie to get herself going as she tugs on the crotch rope. After a short while, she starts moaning very loud and it becomes obvious that she starts cumming in her pretty black panties.

Bouncing her big tits as she struggled tied to a chair.
16 photos 14 minutes, 22 seconds of video
Added 06/13/2013
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His neighbor Goldie has been a big problem for him. Today he has grabbed her and decided it is time he taught her a lesson. When refuses to sit sit still, he pulls her skimpy night gown off and makes her sit down on a chair. He then brings out some rope and ties her down to the chair. Then when Goldie's protests get too loud, the man stuffs panties in her mouth and then wraps tape over her mouth to gag her. Wearing only a pair of sheer lace red panties, Goldie's is very humiliated when she is left bouncing her big tits as she struggles gagged and tied down.

The big busted baby sitter ran off naked and gagged.
22 photos 14 minutes, 25 seconds of video
Added 05/31/2013
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

He was home alone and talking on the phone when there was a knock at his back door. All of a sudden, the door opens and in walks Goldie, the woman from down the street. He sees that she is gagged with her hands tied behind her back. She is also completely naked, except for a pair of stockings. When he unties the gag, he sees that her panties are stuffed in her mouth. After he pulls them out, Goldie tells him that she was baby sitting next door and they jumped her and tied her up. As he starts to untie Goldie, he realizes just how sexy she looks tied up like this. He then remembers that she owes him money and since he knows she is never going to pay him, he decides it is time to collect some other way. With Goldie protesting, he starts tying her up again. he tells her that this time, she is going to get tied up the right way and she will not escape. Then to shut her up again, he stuffs her soggy panties back in her mouth and cleave gags her again. Finally to keep her in one place, he puts her in a very strict hogtie. After watching her struggle bound and gagged with her big tits bouncing about, he calls friend. he invites him over to watch the ball game with him. He also tells him that he has a special treat he would like to share with him and then lets him hear Goldie squealing through the gag over the phone.

Categories: ESCAPE, babysitter

Tying up the wrong girl. Hey you're not Colleen!
34 photos 17 minutes, 22 seconds of video
Added 05/11/2013
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He has been chatting with a girl named Colleen online for some time and today they have decided it time they meet and act out Colleen's fantasy. She gives him her address and tell him to sneak in while she is sleeping, tie her up and do naughty things to her The video begins with Goldie Blair arriving home from a hard days work. She is so tired that the minute she lays down for a nap, she is out like a lite. Sometime later, a man walks in and ties a knotted rag between Goldie's teeth. Goldie is so tired that she continues to nap right through it. "Wow Colleen, I didn't realize your tits were so big!" the man says as he starts to roll her over so he can tie her up. All of a sudden Goldie wakes up. But it is too later, she is already over powered and soon she finds herself all trussed up. When she hears the man calling her "Colleen", she tries to tell him that she is not who he thinks she is. But being gagged, he doesn't understand her and he continues to play out the real Colleen's fantasy. First because she is making too much noise, the man replaces her knotted rag gag with a mouth stuffing and tight tape wrapping. Then he pulls her great big tits out of her bra. Then as Colleen requested, he bends Goldie over and pulls her pantyhose down. A short time later, he gets a message on his cell phone from Colleen, asking him why he has not come to her house yet. This is when he realizes the mistake her has made. He then apologizes to Goldie and leave immediately. Leaving Goldie struggling bound and gagged with her pantyhose down and her big tits outs

Categories: pantyhose

Help! He is in my house! He has me hogtied with my big tits out!
22 photos 15 minutes, 15 seconds of video
Added 04/26/2013
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

He was being chased by the authorities when he found Goldie's back door unlocked. He went inside and grabbed her. The video begins with him looking out the window to see if there is any way to escape. When he see none, he decides that has to stay for a while. But he cannot give Goldie any opportunity to turn him in. So he uses rope to tie her up. Then in case Goldie has any plans to scream for help, he stuffs her mouth full of panties and ties a rag between her teeth to gag her. Goldie is then left to struggle on the floor bound and gagged as the man hides out in her place. She can hear the noise outside of a manhunt and she wishes that she could get someone's attention. But she is well muffled and there is not way anyone outside of the room will hear her as she grunts and whimpers through the gag. Sometime later, the man feels it is safe for him to leave. But before he leaves Goldie, he hogties her on the sofa and pulls her top down. Finally he leaves her to bounce her great big tits as she tries to get loose.

Categories: hogtied

Trophy Mom always gets her way-Even if I have to let you tie me up and pull my panties down!
18 photos 16 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 04/05/2013
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Goldie's son has been kicked off of the football team Being a tall sexy and well built woman, Goldie always get her way and she will do anything it takes to get him back. Her plan today is to go talk tot he coach and make him a deal he cannot refuse. Goldie's first plan is to take some pictures of her half dressed with the coach and blackmail him with them. But the coach isn't going to fall for this and he comes up with a better idea. He grabs Goldie and ties her up with rope. Then he takes some pictures of his own and tells her that if she gives him any problem, he will show them to the right people. When Goldie's complaints get too loud, he stuffs and ties a pair of panties in her mouth to gag her. as Goldie struggles bound and gagged, she starts to realize that things are not going according to her plan. But when the coach pulls her blouse open, she is a bit disappointed that he stops there. Because being the type of woman who always gets her way, she can only hope he gives her the chance to earn her son's way back on the team. But Goldie doesn't want to play easy to get and she protests loud through the gag. A short time later, things start to look up for Goldie when the coach returns and pulls her bra down and hogties her. And then finally Goldie hears what she wants to hear. The coach tells her that he will let her son back on the team. But this is going to require her panties coming down. Goldie is more than eager to take him up on this offer.

Categories: hogtied

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she is awesome!!! More videos with her in bra ans full back white panties would be great!!!
her name really fits her because all of her body is made up of gold
Bound lover
she is really sexy more videos plz .
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