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Goldie's son is going to college. Even if Mom has to let the teacher tie her up with her big tits ou
22 photos 17 minutes, 3 seconds of video
Added 04/07/2015
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Goldie's son needs straight A's to get into a fine University. But he is only getting a B in Drama. So Goldie dresses herself up for the occasion and goes to pay the teacher a visit, Hopefully to talk him into raising her son's grade. When she gets there, Goldie tells the teacher that she will do what ever it takes to raise the grade. When she sticks her large boobs forward and lifts her skirt, the man knows exactly what she is offering and comes up with an idea. He tells Goldie that he is working on a drama play and tells her that if she helps him practice a scene, he will give her son the extra credit he will need to get his grade up. Goldie immediately agrees to help. But then when the man brings out rope and starts to tie her up, Goldie starts to question what he is doing. He explains to her that in his play, the woman she is playing gets captured and tied up by a villain. Although Goldie was hoping that she could get the grade up by letting the teacher pull her panties down and having his way, this idea added a little bit of excitement to the idea and she continued to let him tie her up. But the rope was tied very tight and Goldie started to complain. This went on until the man stuffed and taped a huge pair of panties in her mouth to gag her. Although Goldie had never been tied up like this, it was was starting to get her very turned on. Seeing this, the teaching decided to add an extra scene or two to this rehearsal. First he bent Goldie over and pulled her skirt off. Then he put her on her knees and crotch roped her. Finally he pulled her great big boobs out of her bra and put her on the floor where he hogtied her. Goldie moaned through the gag as she rolled around bouncing her big tits on the floor. She was so turned on and could hardly wait for the teacher to come back and pull her panties down for the final act of this performance. She didn't have to wait long.

Leaving his teacher for the janitor to find bound and gagged with her big tits out.
38 photos 12 minutes, 23 seconds of video
Added 03/27/2015
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He was suppose to bring one of his mother or father to a Parent/Teacher conference. But when Goldie his teacher saw him arrive, he was alone. He made up some excuse why his parents could not come. But he had no intention of bringing them in the first place. To keep Goldie from calling them, he over powered and tied her up with rope. She demanded to be let go and threatened him with severe punishment. This only got her mouth stuffed and taped to gag her. Little by little he added more rope and altered Goldie's clothing until he had her grunting and squealing hogtied on the couch. Sometime later, the janitor would arrive to find Ms Blair bouncing her big tits about as she struggled bound and gagged.

Categories: pantyhose

Snooping news reporter gets her big titties in a bind
35 photos 12 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added 03/14/2015
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He caught Goldie snooping around his place and needed to figure out what she was looking for. To get to the bottom of things, he needed to tie her up and question her. But when she refused to talk, he stuffed her mouth and taped it shut to gag her. Then he found her cell phone and dialed her last call. This is when he found out Goldie was an investigative news reported who was on to his evil doings. There was no way he could let her go now. To secure until he could take her away in the dark hours of the night, he crotch roped and hogtied her. Now bound gagged and helpless the man left her to struggle. But before he left, he just had to get a look at those great big tits.

Categories: microfoam

Oh My God! I am tied up and gagged! You're not really the plumber, are you!
34 photos 16 minutes, 10 seconds of video
Added 02/27/2015
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Goldie has been hiding out of town, trying to get away from some bad people. Today some guy saying he is a plumber shows up to fix a water leak problem she reported. But as she is not paying any attention, he sneaks up behind her, grabs her and renders her helpless. While she cannot resist, the man strips her down to her underwear and quickly ties up and gags Goldie. Later she comes to and finds herself bound and gagged. The man returns and uses more rope to tie her more secure. He also re-gags her by stuffing her mouth and tying a rag tightly between her teeth. Before he leaves her again, the man pulls her bra down. Goldie hears the man call someone on the phone. It is at this time that she realizes she has been found and the man has come to take her back. Then a short time later, the man again returns. This time, it is time to go. he lifts Goldie up and puts her over his shoulder. Then with her bucking kicking and bouncing her big tits about, the man carries her away.

My back up is right outside and here I am all taped up!
34 photos 16 minutes, 5 seconds of video
Added 02/13/2015
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Goldie is working under cover, trying to catch this guy up to No Good. Today she has dressed as a hooker hoping to catch him i the act. But somehow he figures things out and even with Goldie's back up right outside in a car, he grabs her and tapes her up. Before she can cry out for help, he stuffs her mouth and wraps it tight with more tape. Now bound and gagged, Goldie is in big trouble as her back up will not come in without her signal. The man leave the helpless cop struggling bound and gagged as he figures out a way to make his escape. She rolls around on the floor trying to loosen the tape. But all she manages to do is run her shiny pantyhose. The man comes back and uses more tape to secure her tighter. Then looking her over, he decides he wants a better look at her. So he rips her top off to expose her boobs. He also rips her pantyhose and cuts her panties off. As he leaves her again, Goldie realizes just how embarrassing it is going to be when she s found like this. And, how she is going to explain how she got herself bound and gagged with her big tits out and her pussy exposed. Goldie's skirt provided by

Categories: detective, pantyhose

Lady Detective finds herself tied up and gagged with her great big tits out.
32 photos 14 minutes, 11 seconds of video
Added 01/24/2015
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Goldie is a detective working on a case. She goes to interview a man whom she believes may be involved. It turns out, he is very involve and is prepared for the busty lady detective. Goldie is taken by surprise and all of a sudden, things get dark. When the lights come back on for her, she finds her hands tied behind her back and her ankles tied. She starts to struggle and the man returns. Before she can cry out, he stuffs her mouth and then wraps tape tightly around her face and between her teeth gag Goldie. With the big busted detective now well muffled, he finishes tying her legs with more rope. After leaving her to struggle for some time, the man puts Goldie on her knees and after adding more rope to her arms, he pulls her top open to show her bra straining to hold her big tits in. Goldie is then put face down on the floor so the man can hogtie her. Seeing his captive totally helpless as she tries to roll around, the man decides to call his partner in crime. Goldie listens as the man makes plans to make his escape. But before he leaves her, the man pulls her bra down so she can bounce those huge boobs around as she struggles on the floor.

Categories: detective

Hello! This is Goldie and I am a bit tied up right now! At the tone! Please leave a message!
27 photos 15 minutes, 25 seconds of video
Added 11/24/2014
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He pushes Goldie down onto her sofa and threatens to tie her up if she doesn't sit still. "Well I am not going to sit still! So you might as well tie me up!" she tells him. Then just before he starts tying, she asks him to let her change her voice mail message so she can tell anyone who calls that she is a "Bit tied up right now!" and to leave a message so she can call them back when she gets loose. Goldie then sits there and lets the man tie her up. "The tighter the better!" she tells him. As the man leaves her struggling on the couch, Goldie in her thick English accent, starts talking to herself, saying just how turned on she is. Then after a while, Goldie starts getting bored and starts yelling for the man to come back and gag her so she can scream and not have to worry that her neighbors will hear. A short time later, the man returns and stuffs Goldie's wide open mouth with a pair of her panties. Goldie moans loud as the man then ties a rag between her teeth to finish gagging her. She then starts squirming around as her moans get louder. Goldie is so turned on now that she can hardly control herself. She shakes her chest hoping she can get her great big boobs to burst out of her blouse in hopes to get her captor more interested in playing with her. Finally the man comes back to her and Goldie couldn't be any happier as he pulls her big tits out of her blouse and bra. he then pulls her skirt off and hogties her on the floor. But things don't turn out exactly the way Goldie had hoped as the man pulls her panties down and then leaves her struggling bound and gagged without doing anything to her.

I'll do anything to keep my son on the team! Even let the coach tie me up!
27 photos 17 minutes, 4 seconds of video
Added 11/13/2014
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Big busted Goldie Blair's son has been kicked off of the football team. So Goldie got herself dressed up in a some very tight shorts and a top to show off her great big boobs. She then paid a visit to the team coach at his home. Once there, she told him that she would do whatever it took to get him to put her son back on the team. When he told her that he wanted to tie her up and play with her,Goldie was more than willing. She sat there as the coach tied her up very tight with rope. Knowing Goldie was getting very turned on and would soon be moaning loud, the coach stuffed and tied a pair of panties in her mouth to gag her. Goldie did not seem very happy anymore. She had hoped that maybe after the coach tied her up just a little, he might start to have some fun with her and she could give him what he wanted and then be on her way. But now as she struggled bound and gagged, it became obvious to her that he planned to keep her for some time. Then when he pulled her big tits out of her bra, Goldie thought he was finally going to get down to business. Instead, he tied a rope between her legs and connected it to first her wrists and then to her ankles so she was now hogtied and crotch roped. But as she squirmed on the floor and started tugging on the crotch rope, things started to get interesting for Goldie. Soon she was squealing loud through the gag as she tried to get the coach to come back and play with her.

Categories: panty gag

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she is awesome!!! More videos with her in bra ans full back white panties would be great!!!
her name really fits her because all of her body is made up of gold
Bound lover
she is really sexy more videos plz .
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