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When my husband finds me bound and gagged with my pantyhose down, he will think all kinds of naughty
27 photos 16 minutes, 22 seconds of video
Added 08/10/2017
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Goldie has crashed her husband's car and now she is in some big trouble. So she calls her friend over who happens to be a mechanic. When he tells her how much it will cost to fix it, she realizes that she is going to have to figure out another way out of this. She comes up with the idea to make it look like she was robbed of the car and tells her friend she wants his help. So she has him get some rope to tie her up with. Wanting to make it look very realistic, she has him tie her very tight. When he tells her that he should gag her, Goldie is reluctant. But he warns her that if she is not gagged, her husband might not believe her story. Goldie lets her friend stuff her mouth with panties and then cleave gag her very tightly. As Goldie struggles around in the rope, she notices that during the process of getting herself tied up, her great big tits have popped out of her top. "I guess this will make it look realistic!" she thinks to herself. But Goldie's friend is expecting to be compensated for his efforts and Goldie has only one option as her method to pay him back. A method that will make this fake car theft look very realistic. Sometime later when her husband comes home to find his big busted wife all tied up and gagged, he will find her with her pantyhose down. Finding her like this will make him believe that all kind of naughty things happened to his wife after his car was stolen.

Categories: Big Tits, pantyhose

Mom went next door to get her ass tied up and her panties pulled down.
32 photos 18 minutes, 24 seconds of video
Added 05/25/2017
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Goldie has been trying to get the man next door to play with her for some time. Today she caught his sons playing a game where they tied her up. So after chasing them away,she gathered up their rope and went next door. pretending to be angry, Goldie told the man what she caught his sons doing. But it was all just a ply to get what she really wanted. She told the man that if he tied her up and played with her, she would forget all about the incident. The man was very eager to take her up on her deal and soon he had her struggling bound and gagged on his floor. Goldie now extremely turned on, tried to get the man to hurry up and get to the fun part. The part where he pulled down her panties. Her panties and bra were pulled down. But the man wasn't quite ready. Because first he wanted to enjoy watching his neighbor bound her big tits about as she struggled on the floor. After a while he was rewarded with very loud moans as Goldie herself to have a bound orgasm. Now Goldie was going to get what she over for in the first place as the man rolled her on her stomach and climbed on top of her.

Categories: Big Tits, garters, stockings

Goldie Blair-Tying me up naked and gagging me with my panties was not part of the deal!
27 photos 15 minutes, 17 seconds of video
Added 05/16/2017
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Goldie owed him money and today she has called him over to pay him. But when he gets there, she tells him that she can not pay him in cash. Instead, she offers to let him play with her any way he wants. As the man thinks it over, Goldie starts to take her clothes off until she is only wearing a pair of skimpy white panties. At this point, the man decides to take her up on her offer. So Goldie bends over a chair and pulls her panties down to her knees so she can start paying off the debt. After they are finished, Goldie thinks the debt is completely paid off. But the man tells her that what they did was only worth half of what she owed him. He tells her that they need to do it one more time to finish paying off the debt. When Goldie agrees, he tells her that this time he wants to try something different. When he brings out rope and starts to tie Goldie up, she tries to protest. So once her has her hands tied behind her back, he pulls her panties which are now down to her knees, off. He wads them up and stuffs them in her mouth. Then so she cannot spit them out, he wraps tape tightly around her face and over her mouth. With Goldie now well muffled, the man uses more rope to finish tying her up. Goldie sequels through the tight gag, that tying her up was not part of the deal. But it no use, because no one can hear her and the man has no idea what she is trying to say. Finally Goldie is forced to lay on the floor so the man can put her in a very strict hogtie. Goldie has no choice but to lie on her side hogtied and gagged. Because her boobs are so huge, they keep her from rolling over on her stomach. She looks up at the man with anger. If the man could understand what she was saying, he would hear her tell him that the rope is too tight and painful, and for him to hurry up and do what he is going to do to her. But since he can't understand her, he will just enjoy watching her bounce her great big tits around as she struggle bound and gagged.

Categories: Big Tits, Naked

Escaped Baby Sitter-They had me tied up naked!
20 photos 14 minutes, 16 seconds of video
Added 03/28/2017
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He was sitting at home when there was a knock at his front door. "Come in!" he said and suddenly there in front of him, was a naked woman with a very large set of tits. The woman was his neighbor Goldie Blair. She told him that she was babysitting another neighbor’s boys and they somehow talked her into letting them tie her up. She told him that she didn't give them permission to take off all her close once they had her bound and gagged. She went on to explain that somehow, she was able to untie herself and run to his place which was right next door. As she asked him to help her get her clothes back, she told him that although being tied up by the neighbor’s boys wasn't at all fun, she did like being tied up. In fact, as she thought about it more, it was starting to get her turned on. "I bet it would be a lot more fun if you had me tied up and gagged!" Goldie told the man. As Goldie continued to talk about this, the man could not help but be interested. Especially with Goldie sitting in front of him completely naked and with her huge boobs there in front of his face. When her neighbor agreed to tie her up, Goldie told him where he could find some rope. So, a short time later, the man Goldie’s all tied up nice and tight. But Goldie wanted to be completely helpless. She also knew that at some point she was going to lose control and have one or more orgasms. Knowing her moans were going to get very loud, she told the man that he needed to do something to make sure her screams could not be heard. So, the man stuffed panties in her mouth and taped her up to gag her. This pushed Goldie to edge. But what really set her off was when the man tied a piece of rope tight between her legs. Goldie knew that at some point, her neighbor was going to have to remove that rope and do her good. But for now, the crotch rope all she needed to make her cum.

Categories: babysitter, Naked

How are you going to have your wicked ways with me, with my legs tied shut!
19 photos 14 minutes, 7 seconds of video
Added 03/02/2017
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  Avg Rating: 4.0

To get back on her cheating husband, Goldie has brought a man home with her. When he stripped her down to her bra and girdle, Goldie was ready for some real fun. She even made it a point not to wear panties. Then when the man tied her up with rope, Goldie thought he was into some kind of kind bizarre foreplay. But then he left her and went off to ransack her bedroom. Being tied up and helpless, Goldie was very turned on and could care less that the man taking all her husband's valuable things. She anticipated some real fun as she squirmed in the tight rope. When the man returned, told him all the naughty things she wanted him to do to her before he left. But the conversation was quickly put to an end as the man stuffed panties in her mouth and tied a rag between her teeth to gag Goldie. He then pulled her bra down and hogtied her on the floor. Much to Goldie's displeasure, he told her that he was leaving. "Wait, you forgot to fuck me!" she tried to tell him through the gag. But it was too late, the man left. With her big tits bouncing about, Goldie struggled bound and gagged for some time. Then suddenly, she heard someone walk in the door. She was pleased to see it was the man who told her that he decided to come back and take her up on her offer.

Categories: garters, girdle, stockings

When I get untied, I am going to kick your assmmmpph!
41 photos 19 minutes, 18 seconds of video
Added 02/07/2017
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  Avg Rating: 4.0

Sahrye has come to Goldie's place with a plan to rip her off. But she didn't count on Goldie being a professional female wrestler. So when she tries to over power her, Goldie get very physical with Sahrye and starts to beat her up. But just as Sahrye is ready to go out, her plan works and soon Goldie cannot do anything to resist. So using rope she brought along, Sahrye ties her up tight. Then Goldie regains her strength and starts to resist again. But it is too late, Sahrye has her well restrained and very helpless. When Goldie starts to threaten Sahrye, she shuts her up by stuffing and taping a larger pair of brief panties in her mouth. Now Goldie is even angrier as she struggles bound and gagged. She tries to muscle her way out of the knots, but they will not give. "When I get out of this, I am going to kick your ass" she tries to threaten Sahrye . But all Sahrye hears is a whole bunch of "mmmpphs" as Goldie grunts and whimpers through the very tight gag. Finally after she was found what she came for, Sahrye returns to Goldie and prepares her for whoever finds her.. A short time later, Sahrye is long gone when Goldie hears the male voice of her neighbor. When he finds her door wide open, he comes in to find Goldie struggling hogtied and gagged. And, to make it even more embarrassing, Sahrye has left her with her great big tits out, and with her pants and panties pulled down.

Categories: Big Tits, female female, girl tying girl, Latina

Big busted trophy wife caught in her bra and girdle.
18 photos 17 minutes, 22 seconds of video
Added 09/13/2016
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 4.0

Goldie is getting ready to go to work when all of a sudden, out of no where a man appears. He makes Goldie bend over her sofa where he ties her up with rope. Goldie dressing only in her bra and girdle, protests. But she is quickly shut up with a pair of panties stuffed and tied in her mouth to gag her. Goldie moans and whimpers through the gag as the man adds more and more rope until she is completely trussed up. Then to make matters even more embarrassing, her bra is pulled down so her big tits can burst out. Goldie is then left to struggle bound and gagged until someone comes home to free her.

Categories: Big Tits, garters, girdles

Big Busted neighbor tied up to keep her away from his son.
21 photos 17 minutes, 12 seconds of video
Added 06/09/2016
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 4.0

Big busted Goldie Blair calls her college aged boyfriend to come over and play with her. But instead, his dad comes over and he is not so happy his son is fooling around with an older woman. When Goldie refuses to stay away, the man grabs her and ties her up with rope. When her complaints get too loud, he stuffs her mouth and then ties a rag between her teeth to gag the busty cougar from next door.Finally before he leaves her, the man hogties Goldie with her great big tits out and he also ties a tight crotch ropes between her legs.

Categories: garters, MILF

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she is awesome!!! More videos with her in bra ans full back white panties would be great!!!
her name really fits her because all of her body is made up of gold
Bound lover
she is really sexy more videos plz .
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