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They had the Baby Sitter roped up in her cowgirl boots.
36 photos 17 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added 06/27/2015
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Sahrye is baby sitting and it is getting late. Believing the boys she is watching are asleep. she gets on the phone with her boyfriend. Their conversation starts to get naughty and soon Sahrye has her hands down tight short as she rubs herself. All of a sudden, there is a noise and Sahrye realizes that she is being watched by the boys. She immediate gets off the phone to confront them. But then she learns that they have recorded everything they saw and they saw everything said and was doing. She has no choice but to give them what they want. They want to play a game where they tie Sahrye up and soon she finds herself roped up tight. After a while, she feels that she has done enough to get them to erase their recording and demands that they untie her. But the fun is only beginning and Sahrye then finds her mouth stuffed and taped to gag her. Some time later they hogtie her and leave her to struggle bound and gagged while they go off to watch their favorite late night TV shows.

Categories: babysitters

Enchantress Sahrye-Motel room invaded.
26 photos 10 minutes, 58 seconds of video
Added 05/05/2015
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Sahrye is in her motel room when there is a knock at her door. Believing it is someone she has been waiting for, she opens the door. But a man she doesn't know barges in and grabs her by the throat. Sahrye tries to put up a fight, but the next thing she knows, she is tied down to a chair. Then when she starts to make noise, her mouth is stuffed and rag is tied between her teeth to gag her. Little by little, the man adds more and more rope, until he has her fastened down pretty tight. There is even rope tied up her crotch. Her ankles are also pulled up so when she tries to kick, it pulls the crotch rope tighter up inside her. It becomes obvious to Sahrye that this man has plans for her and wants to make sure she goes nowhere. And, with her mouth packed so tight, there is no way anyone will hear her. Even through these thin motel room walls.

Categories: burglary, robbed

Spanish speaking housekepper zip tied and gagged.
24 photos 18 minutes, 15 seconds of video
Added 04/03/2015
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His wife worked nights and was sound asleep upstairs. So he was alone in his living room, looking at some naughty bondage magazines. All of a sudden, he heard a voice. It was his Spanish speaking housekeeper Sahrye. He quickly hid the books and seconds later, Sahrye walked in and sat down next to him. He unable to speak Spanish and her unable to speak English made it very difficult for them to communicate, but it because obvious that Sahrye wanted something. After a short while, Sahrye realized that the only way to get him to understand what she wanted, was to get right to the point. She reached over and grabbed one of the books from where he had hid them. She then went on to explain that she knew all about his desire to tie some girl up and also knew that his wife would never let him tie her up. Still the man didn't understand what Sahrye was saying. So she made it clear and simple, that she wanted him to tie her up and play with her. Worried that his wife would find out, he was very hesitant. But Sahrye insisted and somehow made him understand that his wife would be asleep for the next several hours. When Sahrye saw him bring out several plastic zip ties, she thought that he still didn't understand what she was after. But then when he grabbed her and started trussing her up with them, she knew she was going to get what she wanted. Just maybe not as she expected and that was OK too as she found herself getting very turned on by the feeling of being restrained. Since he couldn't understand what she was saying, the man decided that there was no sense in her being allowed to talk. So he stuffed a pair of his wife's panties in her mouth and taped her up to gag Sahrye. The man watched Sahrye struggle bound and gagged for sometime until he was ready to give her what he knew she wanted. First her pulled her tight pants down and her shirt open. Then he lifted her to her knees and pulled her bra down to expose her boobs. When he bent her over the sofa, Sahrye could hardly control herself as she waited anxiously for him to get into her panties.

Home Invaded-If only my husband would tie me this tight!
44 photos 17 minutes, 22 seconds of video
Added 03/26/2015
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A man has come into Sahrye's house while she was all alone. He pushes her down on her sofa and ties her hands and ankles. When the man leaves her, Sahye struggles to get loose. But then something strange happens. Sahrye says to herself that being ties like this actually turns her on. "If only my husband would tie me this tight!" she says out loud. She then tells herself not to let herself lose control. Because she worries that the man who tied her will figure it out and take advantage of the situation. But then something bad happens. The man returns and he has found a ball gag in Sahrye's room. He now knows her secret, that she is into bondage. Before Sahrye can say anything, the man shoves the ball in her mouth and straps it behind her head. Sahrye can no longer hide it as she starts to moan loud. Then when the man adds more rope to finish tying her up, Sahrye loses it and it is very obvious that she is very turned on. As she moans out loud, she starts drooling through the ball gag. When the man pulls her dress off, Sahrye tries to beg him through the gag to strip her naked and have his way with her. Instead, he re-gags her by stuffing her mouth with panties and tying a cleave gag very tightly between her teeth. Finally before the man leaves her, he puts Sahrye in a strict hogtie with a crotch rope. He then pulls her bra down and leave her struggling hogtied and gagged with her boobs out. It doesn't take very long and soon Sahrye uses the crotch rope to force herself into a wild orgasm.

Baby Sitter walks into a tight tying and gagging.
21 photos 8 minutes of video
Added 03/12/2015
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A man is on his phone when in walks Sahrye. He is happy to see her because he has to leave for work soon and she is his baby sitter for the night. He tells her that his boys are waiting for her in their room and that they have a special treat for her. As soon as she enters the room and closes the door, there is the sound of a loud commotion. It gets so loud that dad has to ask for the noise to go down because he is on the phone. Inside the room, on the other side of the closed door, you hear Sahrye's voice, "Whose panties are those!" and then her voice gets muffled out. A short time later, dad is off the phone and comes in the room to find the baby sitter tightly bound and gagged on the bed. But instead of getting too worried about what is going on, dad acts like this is a usual occurrence. He reminds Sahrye of the household chores he is paying her to do while he is at work and tells his sons not to keep her tied up for too long. He then leaves Sahrye and the boys to their little game. But Sahrye is not really having very much fun. In fact, she is tied painfully tight against her will and wants to be untied. Sahrye tries to protest through the gag as she struggles hard to get loose. But about all this does, is get her tight pants to come down and expose her pretty panties.

Categories: babysitter

Tie me all up! Right next to my big busted girl friend!
51 photos 17 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 02/20/2015
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Sahrye believe she will be home alone tonight and has invited Carissa, her secret lover over for an evening of kinky girl on girl sex. She talks Carissa into letting her tie her up and both girls find themselves extremely turned on. Knowing Carissa's moans will be getting very loud, Sahrye gags her by stuffing and tying a pair of panties in her mouth. But as the girls start to play, in walks Sahrye's step father. When he catches the girls, Sahrye is so turned on, she wants him to tie her up right next to Carissa. The girls let him know that he can do whatever he wants to them once he has them totally helpless. Carissa looks on as step dad ties Sahrye tight and gags her by stuffing and taping panties in her mouth . The girls can hardly control themselves as they try to caress and fondle each other's bound and gagged bodies. Somehow, they manage to get themselves semi undressed and fondle each other's boobs. Through the gag, they try to lick and kiss each other. But they know the only way they are going to get satisfied is when step dad pulls their panties down and has his way with them. Until then, they do whatever they can to work their selves up.

Featuring: Carissa Montgomery , Multi-Girls
Categories: ask to be tied up, pantyhose

A girl could get herself tied up and gagged in a place like this!
37 photos 18 minutes, 8 seconds of video
Added 02/09/2015
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Sahrye met him in secluded place to sign over some documents. But before she signed the papers she realized that maybe she should have met him a more public place. "After I sign these papers, whats to keep you from tying me up and gagging me so you can rip me off!" she asked him. He told her nothing was going to happen to her and to just sign the papers. But Sahrye's worries were justified. Because as soon as he got what he wanted, the man brought out rope and started to tie her up. Knowing that Sharye would start screraming for help, the man stuffed and tied a gag tight in her mouth. Then after he finished tying her up, he left her struggling bound and gagged. It didn't take long for the zipper of her tight skirt to burst open and start to rise up her hips. After a short while, the man returned and since Sahrye was still able to make too much noise, he re-stuffed her mouth and tied the gag even tighter. He then added more rope to tie her more secure. Finally before he left her, the man lifted her skirt to show that Sahrye was wearing a tight panty girdle with garters to hold up her stockings. He also pulled her bra down to expose her boobs

Categories: girdles

When the lights went back on, they had their baby sitter all taped up.
13 minutes, 23 seconds of video
Added 01/29/2015
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

Sahrye's boyfriend wants to come visit. But Sahrye is baby sitting and cannot have visitors. So she comes up with a plan to keep the guys she is baby sitting out of the way. She tells them that she wants to play a game with them and tells them to meet her in the basement. But things dont work out as Sahrye planned. Because when she gets in the basement, the lights go out. There is the sound of a struggle and when the lights come back on, there is the baby sitter wrapped up tight with tape. When she starts to complain, a pair of panties are stuffed and taped in her mouth to gag her. Unless Sahrye can find a way to get loose, she is going to spend the evening struggling bound and gagged in the cold basement. Then to make matters worse, her blouse buttons pop open and her skirt has risen all the way up her hips. Later her pantyhose are also pulled down so they can get a good look at her black lace panties as she squirms around on the floor. Sometime later, Sahrye is left all alone. After struggling for sometime, she is able to get up on her feet and hop her way out of the basement.

Categories: babysitter, tape

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Nice knee high socks hope she wears them a lot more often and gagged with a OTM
Juat a beautiful Woman - Hope there is more from her?
Very hot as a cheerleader
we definitely need more of her
Money Mike
Steve, how do you keep a straight face all the time with such hot lil pixies like Sahrye?
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