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When the lights went back on, they had their baby sitter all taped up.
13 minutes, 23 seconds of video
Added 01/29/2015
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Sahrye's boyfriend wants to come visit. But Sahrye is baby sitting and cannot have visitors. So she comes up with a plan to keep the guys she is baby sitting out of the way. She tells them that she wants to play a game with them and tells them to meet her in the basement. But things dont work out as Sahrye planned. Because when she gets in the basement, the lights go out. There is the sound of a struggle and when the lights come back on, there is the baby sitter wrapped up tight with tape. When she starts to complain, a pair of panties are stuffed and taped in her mouth to gag her. Unless Sahrye can find a way to get loose, she is going to spend the evening struggling bound and gagged in the cold basement. Then to make matters worse, her blouse buttons pop open and her skirt has risen all the way up her hips. Later her pantyhose are also pulled down so they can get a good look at her black lace panties as she squirms around on the floor. Sometime later, Sahrye is left all alone. After struggling for sometime, she is able to get up on her feet and hop her way out of the basement.

Categories: babysitter, tape

If you gag me, I am going to cum in my panties.
38 photos 17 minutes, 22 seconds of video
Added 01/15/2015
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A man has come into Sahrye's house and has grabbed her. But Sahrye has a secret and as the man ties her up, she warns him that he should not continue. When the man pays no attention, she warns him that is he continues, he might be in for more than he expected. Then after he has Sahrye all tied up, he wads up a pair of her panties. Seeing this, Sahrye knows he is going to gag her. This is when she tells him that being tied up really turns her on and if gags her, she is really going to lose control and she is going to want him to fuck her. Sure, enough as the man stuffs her mouth and ties a rag between her teeth, Sahrye immediately has an orgasm. Then after, he leaves her to struggle bound and gagged, she continues to get even more turned on. At one point as she rolls around on the floor, she reaches around into her skirt to touch herself. She does this until she again makes herself have an orgasm. But Sahrye still has not had enough and she continues to find ways to get herself off. When the man returns with more rope and starts to tie her up some more, she starts reaching down to pull her skirt off as she rubs herself against the man. The man lays Sahrye face down on the floor to hogtie her. But when he adds a crotch rope, things only get worse and as he watches Sahrye make herself have another orgasm using the rope between her legs, he knows that before he leaves her, he is probably going to have to give her what she wants.

Categories: pantyhose

Looking in the mirror, I saw he had me tied up and gagged!
32 photos 17 minutes, 18 seconds of video
Added 12/20/2014
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A man walks into the room carrying Sahrye over his shoulder. Her hands are tied in front of her, but she is in no condition to resist anyways. The man uses this opportunity to finish tying her up. He also stuffs her mouth and ties a rag between her teeth to gag her. Sometime later, Sahrye comes to her senses. But when she cannot move, she knows something is wrong. She manages to sit up and look in the mirror and this is when she sees herself tied up and gagged. She starts struggling and moaning through the gag. The man hears this and comes back in the room. He re-ties her. Now with her hands behind her back. He also removes her suit coat she she is now in her underwear. When Sahrye is left alone again, she tries to find a way to get away. She sees the telephone and works her way over to it. But when she tries to make a call, the man returns and catches her. To make sure she cannot cause him anymore problems, he hogties her on the bed. He also realizes that she is still making too much noise. To stop this, he wraps tape over her already gagged mouth and this seems to muffle her a bit more.

Bounty Hunter girls get themselves in a real fix.
42 photos 17 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 11/15/2014
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Sahrye and Amanda Foxx are partner bounty hunters. They are the trail of some bad guy and track him down to hotel out of state. They storm into his room and catch him by surprise. But when Amanda goes to handcuff him, she realizes that she forgot her handcuffs in the car. "keep and eye on him!" she tells Sahrye as she goes back to the car. Somehow while Amanda was away, Sahrye made a mistake and was over powered by the man. Quickly, he tied her up and stuffed her mouth. Then after wrapping her mouth with tape, he waited for Amanda to return. He didn't have to wait long. Amanda was shocked to find her partner bound and gagged. But as she tried to help her, the man grabbed her from behind. He made her sit next to Sahrye so he could tie her up too. Then to shut her up, he stuffed and taped her mouth too. The girls were then left to struggle tied up and gagged. They tried to help each other get loose, but the man had them tied very tight and secure. of course they could not communicate with their mouths packed full and wrapped tight. After a while, the man is ready to make his escape. But before he leaves the girls, h wants to make sure they stay tied and secure for some time. Using more rope, he ties them more secure. He also hogties them and strips them down to their pantyhose so their panties are visible. As an added treat, for himself, he pulls Amanda's bra down to expose her tits. He then leaves the girls, this time for good.

Featuring: Amanda Foxx , Multi-Girls
Categories: MILF, tape

Tied up and gagged Tourist Girls.
33 photos 17 minutes, 6 seconds of video
Added 11/01/2014
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Yvette and Sahrye are tourists who have been grabbed by this man. He has them tied up in a hotel room. Left alone, the girls try to come up with a plan to escape. But they have a big problem. They do not understand each other. Yvette speaks only German and Sahrye speaks Spanish. But that soon does not matter. Because the man stuffs their mouth and tapes them to gag the girls. Now the only sounds they make are muffled whimpers. The girls are left to struggle bound and gagged. They try to reach each other's knots. But then the man returns and ties them in tight positions where they cannot move at all. Then once they roll over on their sides, it becomes impossible to escape

Featuring: Multi-Girls , Yvette Cousteau
Categories: pantyhose

Curvy Latina gagging on a pair of panties tied so tight in her mouth.
19 photos 16 minutes, 25 seconds of video
Added 10/20/2014
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Where have you taken me?" Sahrye demands to know. But when the man grabs her and starts to tie her up, she knows that wherever she is, she will not be going anywhere soon. Once the man has her trussed up tight, Sahrye watches as he wads up a pair of panties, "What are you going to do with those?" she asks. But before she can say anything else, the panties are shoved in her mouth and a rag is tied very tightl between her teeth to gag her. Sahrye is left to struggle bound and gagged. But with every movement, Sahrye is in pain as the rope is tied very tight. She works her way to a window and somehow is able to get on her knees. But with the gag tied so tight, she cannot make enough noise for anyone outside to hear her. In fact the rag is knotted so tied behind her head, that the panties in her mouth have her gagging with every muffled sound she makes. Later the man returns and pulls her away from the window. He puts her on the floor and puts Sahrye in a strict hogtie. Then before leainv her again, he unbuttoned the top of her dress.

Categories: pantyhose

You are not going anywhere until you tie me up and make me cum in panties!
37 photos 20 minutes, 19 seconds of video
Added 10/10/2014
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

He is having an affair with a neighbor. He and she are both into bondage and today while both his wife and her husband are away, they are playing in his basement. But little does he know it, but his step daughter Sahrye is hiding and watching. The video begins with the man saying good bye to his neighbor. All of a sudden Sahrye comes out and confronts him. But it turns out, she is very turned on by the idea of being tied up and having naughty things done to her too. So she blackmails her step dad into tying her up just like he did with the neighbor. He has no choice but to do what Sahrye wants and soon her has her tied up. Then he does something extra that she does not expect. He stuffs and tapes a gag very tight in her mouth. Now Sahrye is angry and tries to demand to be set free so she can call her mother. But the man has other plans. After watching her struggling bound and gagged for sometime and overcome her anger, the man re-ties her to a pole. Only now she is in just her bra, panties and pantyhose. But he also has a vibrator set up and touch her in just the right spot. To let her know just who the boss is, step dad adds another twist for humiliation. He hoods Sahrye with a pair of used panties and then turns on the vibrator. Soon she finds herself moaning with pleasure as the vibrator makes her forget all about what she saw earlier. When she has the first of many orgasms, she no longer wants to tell her mother anything. Because after this, she is going make step daddy do this to her at least once a week.

Categories: panty gag, pantyhose

You have me tied up tight and so turned on! You better gag me so I can scream when pull down my gird
35 photos 15 minutes, 12 seconds of video
Added 09/29/2014
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

Every jumps when Sahrye the boss shows and starts shouting. She makes everyone leave except for the supervisor of the crew. They all think he is in big trouble. But the minute they are alone, Sahrye's attitude immediately changes to lust and intimate passion for the man. "Hurry up, get the rope and tie me up!" she tells him. A short time later, he has her all tied up and Sahrye is extremely turned on. After he fondles and bends her over so he can spanks, Sahrye's moans get very loud. "I think you better gag me before they hear us!" Sahrye tells the man. So he stuffs and ties a pair of panties in her mouth to gag Sahrye. When he resumes spanking her, Sahrye's moans get very loud and they are both glad she is gagged. But now Sahrye is very worked up and she is ready for a little more intimate attention. So the man strips her down to her bra and girdle and starts to fondle her. He then ties a crotch rope between Sahrye's legs and leaves to squirm on the floor. He watches as his boss works the crotch rope until soon her moans start to get louder and louder. At one point Sahrye is almost choking through the gag as she works herself up to an orgasm. "Hurry! Hurry!" she tries to beg him through the gag. She begs him to get her girdle down and bend her back over the chair. When he does, Sahrye's moans turn into screams as she loses control of herself. They are both glad gagged so tight. Even then they are stil not sure no one could hear.

Categories: girdle

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Nice knee high socks hope she wears them a lot more often and gagged with a OTM
Juat a beautiful Woman - Hope there is more from her?
Very hot as a cheerleader
we definitely need more of her
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