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Treat me like a slut and then tie me up right next to Mom!
30 photos 17 minutes, 6 seconds of video
Added 04/19/2018
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Gigi has done this guy wrong and today he is going to make her sorry. He comes to her place and grabs her and her daughter Sahrye. He makes Sahrye help him tie her up and then tells her to grab a pair of her panties. He then tells Sahrye to stuff the panties in her mother's mouth and makes her watch as he tapes Gigi to gag her. "Get your panties down!" the man orders Sahrye. Because of the embarrassment of having her mother watch as she doe's naughty things with the man, at first Sahrye is hesitant. But she is very turned on and decides to do whatever the man wants. Soon with mom looking on, Sahrye is moaning loud with please. Then after they are finished, Sahrye begs the man to tie her up right next to her mom. Gigi is shocked at how turned on her daughter is and how easily she gave the man what he wanted. A short time later, Sahrye is tied up tight and gagged right next to her mom. Gigi tries to get her to help her get loose. But Sahrye has no desire to get away and pushes her mother away. She is so turned on and hopes that before the man leaves, he will do that to her one more time.

Featuring: GiGi
Categories: 2 girls tied, Latina, Likes being tied up, pantyhose

Carried away gagged with her dress pulled up over her head.
42 photos 21 minutes, 23 seconds of video
Added 04/10/2018
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Sahrye is big witness in an equally big court case. She thinks that she is safe as she talks to her boyfriend on her cell phone. But the second she hangs up; a man sneaks up on her and grabs her. The scene then shifts to a secluded room where the man carries Sahrye in over his shoulder. He has her hands tied behind her back and her dress is pulled up over her head so she cannot see. Her mouth is stuffed and there is a belt buckled between her teeth to gag her. The man puts Sahrye down on a chair and starts adding more rope to completely tie her up. Then when he is sure she cannot get up and run away, he unbuckles the belt used to gag her and pulls her dress back down. Sahrye spits out a wad of panties that had been stuffed in her mouth and starts demanding to be let go. The man tells her that she isn't going anywhere until after the court case is dismissed. He then re-stuffs her mouth and ties a rag between her teeth to gag her again. When the man leaves her alone, Sahrye tries to escape by working her way to the door. But the man returns to catch her. Now he is going to make sure she can't go anyway. He puts her back on the chair and ties her down very tight. He then re-tightens the gag until Sahrye is almost choking. As an added humiliation, he fastens her hips to the chair by tying a rope between her crotch and connecting it to the chair. When Sahrye is left alone again, all she can do is bounce around in the chair. At one point, she tips the chair over. But she remains fastened to it and cannot go anywhere.

Categories: Latina, pantyhose

Of course I take dictation! I can do it with my hands tied behind my back!
35 photos 16 minutes, 25 seconds of video
Added 03/15/2018
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Sahrye has come for a job interview. Her potential new boss has a few questions for her. First he tells her that there may be times where she will have to dress very sexy and possibly out of her comfort zone. As she thinks about how to answer, her mind wonders off and imagines herself undressing for her new boss to show him the sexy underwear she is wearing right now. She tells him that she would be very OK with this. As he moves on to the next question, Sahrye starts to get naughty thoughts about the man and cannot wait for the next question. The man then tells her that she may need to spend late night hours on the job and asks if her husband would be OK with this. Sahye tells him that this would not cause any problems at all. Now she is really turned on with her thoughts and she imagines herself now tied up with rope as she calls her husband to tell him not to wait up for her because she is going to be tied up all night at her job. The man then goes on about why he had to let the old girl go to create this new job Sahrye is seeking. He tell her that the girl spent the day talking on her cell phone. He tells her that he is looking for a girl who works more and talks less.. Sahrye smiles as she imagines herself getting her mouth stuffed and gagged and then tells the man that will have no problem staying quit all day long. She goes on to tell him that she will work hard and loves being tied to her job. Finally the boss asks her if she has any experience taking "Dictation". Sahrye's eyes light up as she answers that she is very experienced at taking dictation and then her naughty mind wonders off gain. This time she imagines herself all tied up on her knees. In her mind she pictures herself with her head bobbing up and down between her boss's legs giving him an example of her style of dictation. Satisfied with Sahrye's answers and her resume, the man offers her the job. She gladly accepts and tells the man just how hard she plans to work for him. She tells him that she will gladly bend over backwards for him and again her naughty mind wonders off again. This time she imagines herself bound, gagged and bent over the sofa. He face is buried in the cushions and she is moaning loud as her boss rewards her for a job well done.

Categories: garters, Latina, Likes being tied up, stockings

Watching his older step sister be naughty while she is tied up and gagged.
43 photos 19 minutes, 14 seconds of video
Added 02/27/2018
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He liked to spy on Sahrye, his older step sister. Sometimes he would sneak into her room and look through her things. One time he even read her diary and was now holding it over her head with the threat of telling her dad about the things in it. Today he came looking in her room. His mom and step dad were out of town for the night and Sahrye wasn't home. While he was in there, he found some unusual items on her bed, mainly rope and tape. All of a sudden, he heard Sahrye arrive home. It was too late to run back into his room, so he hid in her closet. The video begins with the younger brother going into the closet just before Sahrye walks into her room. But she isn't alone, She has the older married man from next door. he watches as Sahrye tells the man to tie her up with the rope and have his way with her. But also tells him that they are going to have top do it quietly because her younger brother is sleeping in the next room. He then watches as Sahrye strips down to her sexy underwear and has the man tie her up. "You have to gag me!" she tells the man reminding him that her brother is next door and she does not want him to hear her loud moans while the man has his way with her. So the man stuffs her mouth with panties and ties a rag between her teeth. When he sees the man bend Sahrye over and start to pull her panties down, the younger brother cannot believe his luck. Not only is he going to get to watch his step sister do something very naughty while she is bound and gagged, but now he will have something to hold over her. Something much better than just the things in her silly diary. With the neighbor now gone, the brother grows impatient as he watches his step sister struggle bound and gagged. At one point, he is not paying attention to what he is doing and bumps something. Sahrye hears him and now she knows someone is hiding in the closet.. He has no choice but to come out and confront her. When he removes the gag, Sahrye pleads with him not to say anything. She offers him just about every favor in the world that she could possibly do for him. But when he tells her that he will not say anything as long as he can go back in the closet and hide. This way he can watch all the action when the neighbor returns. Sahrye tells him, "Absolutely NOT!" But he gives her no choice as he re-stuffs and ties the gag back in her mouth and then returns to hide in the closet. A short time later, the neighbor returns. When he gets behind Sahrye, she desperately tries to stop him. Sahrye tries to tell him that her step brother is watching, but the gag makes it so all she can do is grunt and squeal. She gets so loud that the man decides to re-gag her. As he does this Sahrye tells him to stop. But she is stop in mid sentence as he is soon stuffing a larger pair of panties in her mouth and taping her up. He then bends her back over the bed and gives her step brother the show he was waiting for.

Categories: ask to be tied up, garters, Latina, Likes being tied up, stockings

Latina trophy wife trussed up and stuffed like a little piggy.
31 photos 16 minutes, 25 seconds of video
Added 02/13/2018
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Sahrye is married to a very rich man who likes to dress her up and show her off to his friends. Because of this, he makes her stick to a strict diet in order to maintain her girlish figure. But Sahye has a weakness for sweets. The video begins with Sahrye downstairs eating ice cream and marshmallows. Things she is not allowed to eat. Her husband catches her and becomes very angry. He takes her in the living, bends her over a chair and tells her, "So you want to look like a little piggy!" As he gives her a spanking, he tells her to "oink!" like a pig. When she refuses, he ties her up and brings out some items has saved for such an occasion. These items are costume pigs nose and ears. He puts them on Sahrye. Still she refuses to "oink!" as he demands. So he stuffs and ties a pair of panties in her mouth to gag her that now he wants to hear her grunt and squeal like a little pig. As she struggles bound and gagged, Sahrye has no choice but to grunt and moan through the gag. Now totally humiliated, Sahrye is very sorry that she veered off her diet and knows she will not be eating anything sweet in the near future. But this ordeal is nowhere near over as her husband hogties her and pulls her dress top down to expose her boobs. He then tells her that he doesn't have an apple. So instead he shoves a great big red ball gag in her mouth. Sahrye will then spend the rest of the day trussed up and stuffed like a little piggy.

Categories: Latina, pantyhose

She is not going to show up for her new job! Dixie has her all tied up!
27 photos 16 minutes, 10 seconds of video
Added 01/11/2018
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

When Dixie is beat out for a modelling job by Sahrye, she assumes that Sahrye has provided the producer with some type of special service to get the job. Having being beat out for jobs by Sahrye under the same circumstances, Dixie decides she has had enough. So when Sahrye goes into a dressing room to prepare for her new job, Dixie is hiding and waiting for her. Dixie jumps Sahrye and over powers her. She quickly ties her hands behind her back and the forces her onto the floor. After Dixie finishes trussing Sahrye up, she stuffs a pair of panties in her mouth to gag her. Then to make sure the panties stay packed in her mouth she wraps tape very tightly around Sahrye's face and over her mouth. With Sahrye now tightly bound and gagged, Dixie leaves her as she goes off to tell the producer that Sahrye has decided not to take the job. Knowing this, Sahrye tries her best to get loose. But a short time later, Dixie returns to find Sahrye exactly the way she left her. After hogtying Sahye, Dixie torments her for a while. She spanks her and pulls her boobs out of her bra. Then after hogtying her, Dixie gets dressed for her new job and again leaves Sahrye to struggle bound and gagged in the dressing room.

Categories: crotch rope, girl tying girl, Latina, pantyhose

Waiting for you blindfolded and gagged with my girdled ass in the air!
65 photos 21 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added 12/26/2017
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

Sahrye comes home to find a note on the bed that her husband has left for her. The note instructs her to put on a full figured girdle, blindfold herself, gag herself and then wait for him bent over on the bed with her ass in the air. Sahrye is very excited and at the prescribed time she does as she is instructed. Sure enough the door opens and a man walks in. He gets behind her and with Sahrye moaning with pleasure, he starts to pulling her panties down so he can carry out the what Sahrye expects to be the best part of the plan. When they are finished, Sahrye is somewhat surprised that he does not take the blindfold off or the gag out of her mouth. Instead, he lifts her to her knees and ties her up completely with rope. This get Sahrye really excited as she thinks he has plans for a Part 2 to this kinky game. She can hardly control herself as she anticipates what is going to happen next. Somewhere during this video, the scene switches to an office where a man lifts the phone to make a call. It turns out that this man is Sahrye's husband and he is calling to tell her that he cannot get home as planned and that they will have to play the game descibed on the note some other night. But since Sahrye is now bound and gagged, she cannot come to her phone and he has to leave a voice message. So the question now is, if Sahrye's husband is still at work, who is the man who has done these naughty things to her and now has her tied up tight and mouth stuffed gagged. Still believing her husband is the man in the room with her, Sahrye continues to be very turned on as she rolls around on the bed, now hogtied. Then, sometime later, the scene changes and Sahrye is no longer gagged, but still blindfolded as she now finds herself tied face down and spread eagle. At one point the man removes the blindfold and Sahrye see that he is not her husband. She panics and tries to protest. But the man man quickly re-stuffs her mouth and tapes her up to gag her again. Sahrye bucks and kicks as she tries to free herself. But after a short while, she cannot help but notice that she is still very turned on. And, when the man climbs on the bed with her, she says to herself "Oh what the heck! Its not like I can stop him from what I really want him to do to me again!"

Categories: ask to be tied up, garters, girdles, Latina, Likes being tied up, stockings

Teacher ties up and gags the misbehaving Latina Mom
38 photos 16 minutes, 22 seconds of video
Added 12/14/2017
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Sahrye is here for a parent teacher conference with her son's teacher, Dixie Comet. As Dixie tries to explain to Sahrye that her son has a behavior problem, Sahrye refuses to believe her. She even starts to get nasty with Dixie and accuses her of being a horrible teacher. When Dixie loses patience as she tries to explain things to Sahrye, she lures her into a vacant storage room and jumps her. Believing that Sahrye is the real reason that her son is doing poorly in school, Dixie decides that Sahrye is the one who needs a lesson in discipline. Using rope, Dixie ties her up tight. Then to stops Sahrye's complaints, she stuffs her mouth full of panties and then wraps tape around her face and over her mouth to gag her. With Sahrye now wells restrain and whimpering through a gag, Dixie starts to humiliate her by pulling her boobs out of her bra and bending her over to give her a spanking. Then after tormenting Sahrye for a while longer, Dixie leaves her struggling bound and gagged in her garters and with her tit out until Dixie has decided that Sahrye has learned how to conduct herself like a good parent should.

Categories: garters, girdles, girl tying girl, Latina, stockings

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Nice knee high socks hope she wears them a lot more often and gagged with a OTM
Juat a beautiful Woman - Hope there is more from her?
Very hot as a cheerleader
we definitely need more of her
Money Mike
Steve, how do you keep a straight face all the time with such hot lil pixies like Sahrye?
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