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Need to leave town! But he has me tied up and gagged!
31 photos 17 minutes, 10 seconds of video
Added 07/25/2017
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Sahrye has not paid rent in months and he believes she is planning to skip town without paying at all. So when he goes to her place, she surprises him with a check. But he also notices that many of her things are packed. It is obvious to him that the check will bound and when he gets back, she will be gone. "Don't worry, I will be right here when you get back from the bank" she lies to him. But the man is no fool and decides to make sure she is still here when he gets back. Sahrye protests as the man grabs her and ties her up with rope. Knowing her boyfriend will be the one coming to pick her up, he needs to make sure he cannot hear her when he knocks at the door. So the man stuffs and ties a pair of panties in her mouth to gag Sahrye. He then leaves her struggling bound and gagged as he heads off to the bank. About an hour later, the man returns and sure enough, he tells Sahrye that the check was no good. He tells her that she will be staying with him until she finds away to come up with some money. So the man hogties Sahrye so she cannot go anywhere and to humiliate her, he pulls her boobs out of her bra. A short time later, there is a knock at the door. It is her boyfriend coming to pick her up. But because she is well restrained and muffled, the boyfriend believes she is not home. She will stay this way, only allowed to eat, drink and use the little girls room, until the man is able to sell enough of her stuff to pay off her debt.

Categories: pantyhose

Liz and Sahrye held hostage. He kept us tied up and gagged us.
35 photos 16 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 06/27/2017
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He needed a place to hide out for the night. Lucky for him, he found 2 girls named Sahrye and Liz who he could share their room with. Unfortunately, the 2 girl had no choice in this matter as he had them bound and gagged. After leaving them to struggle for some time, where the girl thought they might be able to untie each other, the man returned to them with more rope. He tied them up very secure. Although the girls had their mouths stuffed and cleave gagged, the man wanted them a little more quiet so he could go off and take a nap. So he re-stuffed their mouth with a pair of socks and then tightly taped them up. Now they were well muffled. Finally he hogtied them and now he was sure that they could not cause him any problems while he got some much needed rest.

Featuring: Elizabeth Andrews , Multi-Girls
Categories: 2 girls tied, Damsel In Distress, Latina, pantyhose

Bimbo Daughter-A real robber would leave me tied up and gagged!
33 photos 22 minutes, 24 seconds of video
Added 06/12/2017
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Sahrye walks into her father's basement to find a bag of money, a ski mask and other things that lead her to believe the she may have found evidence to a robbery she heard about on television. Then a man walks in and she thinks he may be the robber. But Sahrye is very naive and the man explains since there is a "For Sale" sign in front of the house, that he is here to buy the house and the money is the down payment. He tells her he found the other items and was on his way to turn it in to the authorities. Sahrye believes him and wants run off to call he father and tell him the good news. She then goes on to tell the man that she is relieved. Because if he were really the robber, he would probably tie her up in the basement. She then adds that she used to like playing games where the neighborhood boys would tie her up. "Hey, I have a great idea!" the man tells her and goes on to ask her if she wants to play a game him. Sahrye gets very excited and tells the man "Yes! I love games!" The man tells her that maybe they can pretend he is a real robber and he could tie her up like the neighborhood boys did. Sahrye starts jumping up and down, very excited and tells the man "YES!". So a short time later, he has her all tied up with rope. But Sahrye tells him that he isn't doing it right because she could still scream for help. The man tells her not to worry because he is going to gag her. So she opens her mouth real wide and a few seconds later, her mouth is stuffed and gagged. Sahrye is very excited as she struggles around on the chair bound and gagged. To her, although the rope is tied very tight, this is a lot of fun. Then things get even more interesting when the man returns. After he opens her blouse, he adds more rope and crotch ropes her. When the man lies to her that he is going to pretend that he is leaving to make his escape, Sahrye again believes him. Sometime later, as she struggles on the floor, Sahrye comes up with what she believes is a great idea. She works her way over to her cell phone and somehow calls her father. When she only gets his voice male, she starts to tells him through the gag to hurry home because she has some great news about this nice man who wants to buy the house.

Categories: ask to be tied up, Latina, pantyhose

Caught making out with another girl. He tied us both up!
35 photos 20 minutes, 11 seconds of video
Added 05/30/2017
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Sahrye is cheating on her husband and today she has brought someone over. That someone is not another man, but a "Girl" named Star. The two climb onto a bed and start to caress and kiss each other. They start undress and cannot wait until they get to the part where they tie each other up and start making love. But all of a sudden, Sahrye's father in law walks in and catches them..Using rope the girls had planned to use on each other, he ties Sahrye up. You would think Star would help her friend and lover, but she wants to see her tied up and watching this starts to get her even more turned on. Sahrye does not find this situation fun at all and she protests. Once the man is done tying her up, it is Star's turns and although Sahrye is struggling hard to get loose, Star just sits there and lets the man tie her up. The thought of being bound with Sahrye is very exciting for her. Once the man has Star tightly trussed up, he turns his attention back to Sahrye. With Star looking on, he stuffs and tapes panties in Sahrye's mouth to gag her. Then he does the same to Star and soon both girls are struggling bound and gagged, Finally he hogties the girls face down on the bed with their boobs out. The girls try their best to help each other get loose. But because they can hardly move, it is impossible to reach each other's knots.

Featuring: Multi-Girls , Star Nine
Categories: 2 girls tied, ask to be tied up, pantyhose

We watched each other get tied up! Then he stuffed our mouths!
36 photos 18 minutes, 24 seconds of video
Added 05/29/2017
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Sahrye and Annabelle are being held captive by some man. And since Sahrye is the one who has the information he needs, he makes her help him tie Annabelle up. Then to keep Annabelle nice and quiet while they are away, the man makes Sahrye lie face down on the couch while he stuffs and ties a gag in Annabelle's mouth. They then leave Annabelle struggling hogtied and gagged. She does her best to get loose, but when Sahrye and the man return, they find her just the way they left her. Now the man needs to make his get away. With Annabelle helplessly looking on, he ties Sahrye up right next to her. Then he stuffs and tapes a gag in her mouth and now both girls are grunting and whimpering as they struggle to get loose. Finally the man ties Sahrye in a strict hogtie and since Annabelle is hogtied, it is just about impossible for them to free each other.

Featuring: Annabelle Genovisi , Multi-Girls
Categories: 2 girls tied, pantyhose

We had a Deal! You said you would let me go if I sucked your commmpph!
35 photos 17 minutes, 14 seconds of video
Added 05/11/2017
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

The scene starts off with a pair of high heeled feet protruding from under a desk. Slowly we see some legs, then some stocking tops and garters, then a skirt partially covering Sahrye's nice curvy butt. Over the top of the desk there is a man sitting on a chair with Sahrye's head bobbing up and down on his lap. All of a sudden, the man receives a call on his cell phone and finds out he has to leave. So he stops Sahrye and tells her that they can finish what she is doing to him later. When the man lifts her and starts to tie Sahrye up over the desk, she tells him, "Hey, I though we had a deal!" But the man pays no attention to her and continues to tie her up. "You said you would let me go if I sucked your coooommmmph!" She tries to say as she is cut off by the man stuffing a foam rubber ball in her mouth. Then he wraps tape around her face and over her stuffed mouth to finish gagging her. Sahrye is then left to struggle bound and gagged as the leaves to take care of his business. At one point, she works her way onto the desk to pick up the telephone. As she tries to call for help, the phone falls off of the desk and onto the floor. Sahrye then works her way back down to the floor and tries to call for help. But this doesn't work out and a short time later, the man returns. Very anxious to continue what they were doing, the man realizes that it is going to be difficult to remove the gag. He finds it much easier and maybe just bit more enjoyable to just lean her over the desk and pull her panties down

Categories: garters, Latina, stockings

When I said shove something big in my mouth, I didn't mean my mother's panties!
37 photos 17 minutes, 1 seconds of video
Added 04/25/2017
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

A man has come into Sahrye's house and has her tied up in the kitchen. Sharye refuses to cooperate and constantly berates the man. At one point he tells her to be quiet. This angers Sahrye and she tells him "You be quiet!" "What if I don't shut up! What are you going to do about !" she challenges him. He tells her that if she does not shut up, he is going to stuff something Big in her mouth. Sahrye laughs and looks in his crotch area and the slut inside her starts to come out. "You dont have anything big enough to shove in my mouth she tells him. But what the man is thinking and what Sahrye is thinking is something completely different. Because when he comes back with a great big pair of her mother's brief panties, Sahrye a little disappointed and starts to protest. "No way are you shoving those in my mouthmmmph!" she says, but is cut off as the man stuffs her mouth full of panties. Then so she cannot spit them out, he wraps tape tightly around her face and over her mouth to gag Sahrye. With his smart mouth captive now whimpering through the gag, he stands her up and bends her over the kitchen counter. He lifts her skirt and gives her a couple of hard slaps on her ass. He warns her that she gives him any more problem, he is going to pull her panties down and shove something other than panties up inside her. Then he uses more rope to tie her arms and elbows secure to her body. Sahrye is then left to struggle bound and gagged on a chair. But she refuses to sit still. Soon she is on the floor looking in drawers and cabinets for something to cut herself loose. The man return and stands her up again. "I warned you!" he tells her and Sahrye thinks he is going to pull her panties down and have his way with her. "Its about time!" she thinks to herself. But because he is now in a hurry to leave, he brings out a piece of rope and ties it tight up between her legs right over her panties. He then puts her on the floor and ties her into a very strict hogtie. He leave her so that when she tries to kick her legs, the crotch rope pushes her panties deeper up inside her. At first this is somewhat painful. But it will be hours before she is rescued. By that time, the piece of rope will prove to be a very pleasant surprise.

Categories: garters, Latina, stockings

My son's coach had me tied tight and moaning through a gag as I begged him for more!
33 photos 21 minutes, 22 seconds of video
Added 04/11/2017
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

Sahrye went to pay her son's football coach a visit hoping she could sweet talk him into letting her son back on the team. But Sahrye had a very bad attitude and the coach realized that she and not her son, was the one who needed to be dealt with. So, the coach grabbed Sahrye and bent her over to give her a hard spanking. When this didn't seem to straighten her out, he pulled her dress off and tied her up in her full-figured girdle. He tied her with her hands up to the ceiling and in a kneeling hogtie. This gave the coach better access to her curvy butt and he continued to give her a good hard spanking. Sahrye screamed with each slap and was making way to much nose. To put an end to the this, the coach stuffed and tied a rag in her mouth to gag the curvy Latina mom. After spanking her for a bit more and realizing that he was not getting through to her, the coach re-tied Sahrye to a chair with her legs spread apart. He also re-gagged her by stuffing a huge pair of panties in her mouth and then wrapping tape around her face and over her mouth. Taking a different approach of fondling Sahrye and getting her turned on seemed to work a little bit better than being rough with her. Then when the coach touched her in the right spot, Sahrye began to enjoy what was happening. At one point, she started losing control and began moaning very loud as she begged the coach for more. Finally, she somehow convinced the coach to untie her from the chair and take the gag off her mouth. Then after he bent her over the chair and started pulling her panties off, Sahrye told him that it might be a good idea to gag her again so she could scream loud as she enjoyed what was happening to her.

Categories: garters, girdles, Latina, stockings

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Nice knee high socks hope she wears them a lot more often and gagged with a OTM
Juat a beautiful Woman - Hope there is more from her?
Very hot as a cheerleader
we definitely need more of her
Money Mike
Steve, how do you keep a straight face all the time with such hot lil pixies like Sahrye?
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