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If you make it any tighter, I am going to choke on these panties!
45 photos 20 minutes, 55 seconds of video
Added 04/25/2016
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A man has snatched Sahrye. Tied her up and gagged her in the trunk of his car. But somehow she has got her ankles untied and out of the trunk.

The video begins with Sahrye finding a house and trying to get someone to help her. But no one is home. However, she finds an open door and she goes inside to hide. She is able to get the gag out of her mouth and she tries to use her cell phone to call for help. Unfortunately, the man has tracked her down and re-captures her. He re gags her and drags her to a basement room in the house. There is ties her in a very tight hogtie so he can check the place out. When he is sure it is safe(For him), He brings out more rope to finish tying Sahrye up. This time he is going to make sure, she doesn't get away. Once he has her completely trussed up and very helpless, he makes sure, she can not get the gag out again. This time he stuffs her mouth with huge pair of panties he found upstairs and then he wraps her face very tightly with medical tape. He wraps so tight between her teeth, that Sahrye is sure she will choke on the panties if he wraps it any tighter. After he puts Sahrye in a very strict hogtie with a crotch rope, he leaves to struggle bound and gagged with her tight jeans down to her thighs. But there really isn't any sense in struggling too hard. Because tied and gagged so painfully tight, there really is no hope of escape this time. Then take a turn for the bad for the bad guy as the home owners return. He has to make a hasty get away. He returns to Sahrye and lifts her, still hogtied, over his should and carries her off.

Categories: tape gag

In a short while I'll have you tied up, bent over and begging me to pull your panties down!
35 photos 18 minutes, 7 seconds of video
Added 04/14/2016
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Sahrye has come to visit her neighbor. She tells him that she and her boyfriend have broken up and that no longer wants anything to do with Men. He tells her that she will soon get over this and want a new boyfriend. When she tells him that she will never be with a man again, he tells her that he is sure that she will want a man soon. He is so sure Sahrye cannot live without a man, he tells her that he can have her begging for a man within the next hour. "Put your money where your mouth is!" she tells him as she offers make a bet that he cannot make her want a man. He accepts her bet and the hour begins. When the man brings out some rope and starts tying Sahrye up, she is sure that she is going to win this bet. "I am not into this bondage stuff"! she tells him and assures him that tying her up will not do anything for her. But once he has her all tied up, he ties a crotch rope between her legs. Then to shut her up, he stuffs panties in her mouth and uses a neck tie to cleave gag her. At first when he leaves Sahrye to struggle bound and gagged, she shows no sign of being turned on at all. But after a short while, the crotch rope starts to hit her in the right spot and now she has to fight the urge. But when the man returns, she is still not ready to give in. Seeing that he needs to use a different approach, Sahrye's neighbor re-ties her. This time with her dress off and bent over kneeling on the floor. He also re-gags her by stuffing her mouth and wrapping tape around her face and between her teeth. Sahrye's chances to win this bet then take a turn for the worse when the man brings out a Hitachi vibrator. After taking her bra off, the man turns the vibrator on and then puts it between her legs in just the right spot. At first Sahrye tries to resist. But it doesn't take very long until she is cumming in her panties. She moans loud through the gag as she completely loses control. Through the gag she begs her neighbor to pull her panties down and give it to her hard. She no longer cares about the bet. She wants a man and she wants him now.

Categories: pantyhose

Zip tied neighbor girl sticking her nose where it doesn't belong.
26 photos 19 minutes, 5 seconds of video
Added 04/04/2016
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While he was working in his basement, someone knocked at his door. In walked his neighbor's daughter Sahrye. She told him that her mother told her to stop by and ask him over to fix a problem she was having with the dishwasher. But Sahrye knew there wasn't anything wrong with the dishwasher and told the man that she knew he and her mother were having an affair. She told him that she was thinking of telling her step father about this unless the man did what she wanted. Sahrye wanted him to show her what it was that he and her mother did that would make her mom risk her marriage to Sahrye's Rich Step Father. The man realized it was time to teach Sahrye a lesson to keep her nose out of her mother's business. He grabbed her and quickly zip tied her hands behind her back. Then with Sahrye protesting, he brought out more zip ties and a few minutes later, she found herself completely bound very tight with plastic flex cuffs. Realizing that she was making too much noise, the only thing the man could find to gag her with, were panties. He stuffed one pair in her mouth and tied another between her teeth to cleave gag her. He gagged her so tight that Sahrye immediately started to drool all over herself. The man told Sahrye that he was going to show her exactly what he and her mom did after he returned from a visit next door to have some fun with her mother. But before he left her, he re-gagged her by stuffing a second pair of panties in her mouth and wrapping tape around her face and over her mouth to make sure she stayed well muffled and gagged. Sahrye struggled hard to get loose. But all she could mange to do was get her tight jeans loose and soon they were halfway down her hips. Sometime later, long after Sahrye tired herself out, the man returned. He thanked Sahrye for being ready for some real fun by getting her pants down for him.

Categories: zip tied

Lady robber gets the tables turned on her.
31 photos 19 minutes, 6 seconds of video
Added 03/08/2016
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Sahrye is here to rob the lace of some secret files. She holds the man at bay as she waits for these files to download. But Sahyre has a weakness for men and wants to have some fun with guy while she waits. So she starts to undress. But all of a sudden, she makes a mistake and the tables are turned on her. The next thing she knows, the man has her tied helpless. After he figures out who sent her, the man stuffs and tapes a gag in her mouth. First the man keeps Sahrye struggling tied to a chair. Then later, he takes her off of the chair and ropes her up on the floor. This is after he removes her skirt to show she is wearing sexy garters under to hold up her stockings. Finally, the man hogties Sahrye and left her to struggle bound and gagged with her boobs out.

Categories: garters

Tie me and gag me helpless!
32 photos 21 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added 02/23/2016
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Sahrye has come over to the house looking for his daughter because she is suppose to help Sahrye practice for a movie audition she is trying to get a role in. When he tells Sahrye that his daughter is not home, she starts to panic because the audition is the very next morning. When she realizes that the daughter will not be able to help, Sahrye becomes desperate and begs him to help her instead. She tells him in the role she is auditioning for for, she has to play the part of a girl who has been taken against her will and is kept tied up and gagged. She tells him that she needs him to tie her up. At first he is reluctant. But Sahrye begs him and finally he agrees to help her. Using clothes line rope that Sahrye brought with her, he soon has her trussed up tight. Then using a rag she also brought along, he gags her by tying it between her teeth. But when Sahrye can still talk without trouble, they both agree that the gag is not very effective. As the man goes off and leaves Sahrye while he looks for something else to gag her with, Sahrye struggles with the rope. Somewhere along the line, she starts to realize that being tied up like this is getting her very turned on. So much so that she starts to imagine how much she would love it if her friend's dad would would play with her. So when he returns and removes the gag, she tells him that she wants to be prepared in case they add a scene to the part when the bad guy does naughty things to her. She tells him that she wants him to pull her panties down and have his way with her. The man is totally against this idea since Sahrye is his daughter's best friend. He then stuffs her mouth with panties and ties the rag back in her mouth to gag her again. But as he adds more rope to tie her up better, Sahrye really starts to show just how turned on she is. Finally after watching her squirm around and moan very loud,the man gives in and gives her what she wants.

Categories: ask to be tied up, garters

Zip tying the neighbor's daughter-I didn't say you could stuff your wife's great big panties in my m
31 photos 17 minutes, 23 seconds of video
Added 02/08/2016
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He was down in his basement looking for something when the neighbor girl Sahrye came to visit.. She told him that she was bored and wanted to hang out with him. When Sahrye started to touch things, he told her that maybe she should go home. Then she found some plastic zip ties and started asking what they were for. When she didn't like his explanation, she told him that she wanted to be tied up with them. "No way, your mother wouldn't like that!" he told her. He also added that his wife would also be upset if she found out. But Sahrye was insistent and threatened to cause him problems if he didn't play along. So he grabbed her and zip tied her hands behind her back. But he didn't stop there. He brought more zip ties and soon had Sahrye tightly trussed up with plastic zip ties. At first she complained that they were too tight. But the feeling of being helpless soon over came the pain and now she was turned on. Then hoping to get herself gagged, Sahrye told her neighbor that she liked to scream when she was turned on. "What are you going to do about that?" she asked. But when he brought out an extra large pair of panties and wadded them up, Sahrye protested the idea of having his wife's great big panties stuffed in her mouth. She didn't have a choice. He stuffed her mouth full and then wrapped tape around her face and between her teeth to gag her. Sahrye was now in a panic. Not only was she in pain, but now she couldn't say anything about if. She tried, but with her mouth packed full and taped tight, she was close to choking on the very large wad of panties. After leaving Sahrye alone to struggle bound and gagged for a while, the man returned. Thinking she had had enough, he asked her if she wanted to be let go. Through the gag, she told him "NO!". So he figured that maybe he needed to make things a little more rough for her. She put another pair of panties over her mouth and wrapped more tape. He then lifted her skirt and gave her a couple of good hard slaps on her ass through her panties and pantyhose. This didn't seem to bother Sahrye. In fact, it turned her on even more.

Categories: ask to be tied up, pantyhose

Tying his bitch boss up and giving her what she really needs.
32 photos 18 minutes, 25 seconds of video
Added 02/01/2016
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

He had been working all day and was no where near finished when in walked hi boss Sahrye. Not happy with the progress of his work, Sahrye was not very happy and started to lay into him about it. When she told him that she was considering firing him, he told her that she didn't need to do that, because he decided to quit. He also told her that he never liked her attitude and before he left, he was going to do something to fix the problem. As he grabbed her, he told that he knew exactly what she needed and started to tie her up with rope. Sahrye protested and tried to resist. But she was soon over powered and found herself all tied up with rope. When she started to cry out for help, he stuffed her mouth and then wrapped tape around her face and mouth to gag her. .Then when she was left alone bound and gagged, Sahrye struggled hard to get loose. She had no idea what her former employee had planned for her. He tied her so he spread her legs apart and she feared that maybe he was going to pull her panties down and do naughty things to her. This idea kind of turned her on, but she refused to admit this to him. In fact, the real reason she liked to give him such a hard time was because she kind of had a crush on him, but was too shy to say anything about it. Things then got very interesting when the man returned with a vibrator. When he plugged it in, Sahrye tried to protest. But with her mouth stuffed and taped tight, there was no way he could understand a word she said. At first when he turned the vibrator on, pull her legs apart and put it between her legs in the right spot, Sahrye tried to pretend she didn't like what was going on. But when he increased the spped, it didn't take long until she lost complete control and had her first orgasm. When he continued to vibe her, she couldn't resist any more and now she wanted him. She begged him through the gag to roll her over and pull her panties down. It didn't take him long to figure out what she wanted, but before he did anything, he wanted her to let him keep his job with a large raise. Sahrye squealed through the gag, letting him know she would give him anything he wanted. So a short time later, he pulled her panties down and Sahrye was ready for him to give her exactly what she needed.

Categories: garters, girdles

Latina Real Estate girl tied so tight-Now shut me up and make me cum in my panties!
32 photos 19 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 01/19/2016
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

He and Sahrye work in the same Real Estate office and today she is showing him a house that she is going to sell. But the real reason she has him here is because the house is completely vacant. She explains to him that she has always had the fantasy to be tied up in a vacant house by him so he could have his way with her. At first he was reluctant to play. But when she assured him that it would be their secret, he agreed to play. Using rope she brought, he quickly tied her up very tight. Sahrye then reminds him how much noise she makes when she is turned on and suggests that he gag her. So using a pair of panties, he stuffs her mouth and buckles a leather strap between her teeth. He then leaves sahrye for a bit as he goes to explore the vacant house. Very turned on with anticipation,Sahrye moans as she squirms bound and gagged on the chair. After a while, she works herself to the floor and continues to get herself even more worked up. Sometime later, the man returns. he shows her that he found something very interesting in one of the upstairs rooms. A Hitachi vibrating wand. So after stripping her down to her underwear, the man re-ties Sahrye on her knees and connects her to a post in the basement. He then re-gags her by stuffing her mouth again, but this time wrapping tape around her face and over her mouth. Sahrye is now bound helpless, but that is the way she likes it. The man then turns the vibrator on and starts to apply it between her legs. This immediately get Sahrye going ans soon she has her first orgasm. But before the man agrees to take her down, he wants to watch her force herself to cum several more time. This time, he makes her hold the vibrator and force herself. It doesn't take long until Sahrye is moaning loud through the gag and she gets herself off over and over again.

Categories: ask to be tied up

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Nice knee high socks hope she wears them a lot more often and gagged with a OTM
Juat a beautiful Woman - Hope there is more from her?
Very hot as a cheerleader
we definitely need more of her
Money Mike
Steve, how do you keep a straight face all the time with such hot lil pixies like Sahrye?
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