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Tied up and gagged so helpless, I tried to beg him to fuck me!
42 photos 21 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added 09/13/2014
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Sahrye has invited a friend over to watch a movie with her. When it is finished, they talk about a scene where a woman was tied up by a bad guy. Sahrye tells the man that the thought of being tied up like that, excites her. But the man explains that the woman in the scene was poorly tied and could have easily escaped. Plus the piece of tape placed over her mouth would hardly stop her from making noise. "Oh! So you think you could do better!" she challenges the man.. He tells her "Yes" and if she would change into something more sexy and meet him in his basement, he will prove it. Sahrye takes the man up on his challenge and a short time later she meets him at his place. He brings out some rope and a short time later, he has her tied hand and foot. Then to prove a point, he stuffs a small rag in her mouth and seals her lips with 2 strips of duct tape. As expected, Sahrye is able to get the tape off without any trouble. "Now I am going to show how it really feels to be bound and gagged. he tells her as he brings out more rope and ties her up very tight and secure. Then to show her how to make a girl stay quiet, he stuffs a big sock in her mouth and tapes it in very tightly. When he is done, he leaves her alone in the basement to struggle tied up and gagged. At first Sahrye is not too happy. The rope is tied way too tight and she can hardly breath through the gag. But after a while, she realizes that she is very turned on and is now mad at the man for leaving her alone like this. When he returns, she tries to tell him that she is very turned on and wants him to play with her. But he cannot understand a word she is saying and this frustrates her. Then the man takes her off of the chair and takes her skirt off. He also pulls her blouse up over her boobs, that he leaves in her bra. After he ties a rope tightly between her legs, the man lifts Sahrye onto her knees and ties her so she is partially suspended with her arms pulls up to the ceiling. Again he leaves her and now Sahrye is even more frustrated. But as she struggles, the rope up her crotch gets her extremely turned on and she can hardly wait for the man to return. A short time later, he walks back in and asks her if she wants to be untied. She shakes her head "NO" and begs him to get behind her and pulls her panties aside. Eventually he figures out what she wants.

Categories: ask to be tied up, girdle

Whatever you do! Do not open that box!
53 photos 15 minutes, 25 seconds of video
Added 08/29/2014
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This is a scenario that is different than anything Sahrye and I have ever done before. It involves one using their imagination. The scenario is something along the lines of the fairy tale, Pandora's Box. Where the girl is told not to open it, but her curiosity gets the better of her. He is going away for the weekend and needs someone to house sit for hm. He hires a girl named Sahrye. After showing her around the house, the man tells Sahrye that there is one last important thing she needs to know. He points to a box and warns her to not open it. He explains that very bad things can happen. Sometime later, Sahrye is relaxing when she starts to wonder, "what is so bad about opening the box". She gets very curious and cannot stop thinking about it. So she gets near it and starts to investigate a little. "Maybe, I can just take a peek without opening it." she says to herself as she slowly lifts the lid. Then when she looks inside, she finds the box empty and opens it completely. "Oh my gosh, someone must have stole what was inside" she says out loud and decides to call the man to let him know. Sahrye reaches for her cell phone when all of a sudden, it feels like someone is pulling her left arm behind her and pinning it against her back. But who? There is no one else in the room. Then with her fighting it, her other arm is pulled behind her and all of sudden, she notices her hands are bound with rope. When she tries to stand, her ankles are pulled together and held in place. Then out of no where she finds her legs bound with rope. Sahrye is now very scared because there is no explanation as to what is going on. She works her way to her cell phone so she can call the man and let him know something bad is happening. But all she gets is his voice mail, so she starts to leave him a message. All of a sudden, she cannot talk and it feels like someone thing has been stuffed in her mouth. She tries to spit whatever it is out, but then if feel like it is being held in place by something and out of no where again, her mouth is stuffed with panties and taped. Now Sahrye decides that she really needs help and works her way back to her cell phone. But as she reaches for it, her arms are pulled behind her and the next thing she knows, her elbows are tied and pinned to her back. Now as Sahrye struggles bound and gagged, she has no choice but to believe that opening the box unleashed some kind of invisible demon or demons. But whoever or whatever they are, they are not through with her and as she lays on her back, she feels her skirt being pulled off until she is just her garter belt, panties and stockings. Sahrye doesn't have much time to worry about her embarrassing situation as she is flipped onto her stomach. Then her arms are pulled back and her ankles are pulled forward, and now she finds herself hogtied. As she struggles bound and gagged, Sahrye looks up to see the box close all by its self. She hopes that whatever came out to tie her up and gag her, is back in to stay. The only problem now is, she needs to figure out how to get herself loose..

Leave me bound and gagged! But only after I have my way with you!
32 photos 21 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added 08/19/2014
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As hot and sexy as she was, Sahrye was very lonely and had not been laid in a long time. Tonight she was prepared to go out with this guy she met and she was more than ready to put out on this, their third date. That was until some man broke into her house and grabbed her. More angry than scared, all Sahrye could do was sit there and let him tie her up. You would think she would be more concerned for her safety, but Sahrye was very horny and all she could think about, was missing out on her date. As the man tied her ankles, Sahrye could not help but notice that this feeling of being made helpless started to excite her. Then she got an idea. Just as the man was about to gag her, Sahrye asked him to let her say something first. She told him that her doctor gave her something to take everyday and if she didn't, bad things could happen to her. So she asked the man to let her take this stuff. But this stuff was not something a doctor gave her at all. It was something a girl friend gave her to make her desire more sex. After the man gave it to her, Sahrye's eyes began rolling up into the back of her head and she started to convulse violently. The man worried that bad things were happening to her and he really started to panic. Then all of a sudden, she calmed down and looked up at him with a big smile. "Hurry up! Tie me up! And make it tight!" she said. Then she started going after him the best she could for being tied like she was. She began telling him all the naughty things she wanted him to do to her. She told him that because of him, she was missing out on a date and one way or another, she was getting fucked by someone. She went on to tell him to hurry up and finish robbing her so he could come back and take care of her. The man could see that Sahrye had lost complete control as she continued to go after him. Her moans were very loud and as he finished tying her up, Sahrye went out of her way to rub up against him. Finally to quiet her down, the man stuffed her mouth and tied a rag between her teeth to gag her. This is when Sahrye really lost it and had an orgasm. The man began to feel like her was actually Sahrye prisoner rather than her being his. He had to tie her down really good and tight just to keep her off of him. Butbeing the good guy he was, sometime during the course of the his visit, he did come back to take care of Sahrye's needs before he made his get away. He left her crotch roped and hogtied. This suited Sahrye just fine as she used to rope tied between her legs to get herself off several more times before she was rescued.

Tying up his blackmailing step daughter and reporting her as a runaway.
34 photos 18 minutes, 7 seconds of video
Added 08/01/2014
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After finding out he had a secret he wanted to keep from her mother, Sahrye has been making her step father do things for her that he wouldn't otherwise do. Each time she tells him that if he gives her what she wants, she will forget all about this secret. But why should Sahrye give up such a good thing. Today, she demands that he loan her his car. When he tells her that he needs it, she starts to call her mother. Realizing that he is never going to get rid of this problem, the man decides it is time to get rid of his step daugther. Knowing she has run away in the past, he decides that today she is running away for good. He grabs her and ties her up with rope. Then to shut her up, he stuffs and ties a pair of her panties in her mouth to gag Sahrye. As Sahrye struggle bound and gagged, the man calls the authorities to report his step daughter as a runaway. Then the phone rings and it is Sahrye's mother calling to find out why she tried to call earlier. The husband tells his wife that Sahrye is not home and she may have went off with some of her friends. Finally Sahrye hears the man call someone. It is a business partner of his who buys girls like her. This is when she finds out that she is going to be taking a long ride to somewhere South of the border. Tied up so tight and gagged with her mouth packed with panties, all Sahrye can do is grunt and whimper as she tries to get loose.

Categories: pantyhose

Big busted mom tied up and gagged with the babysitter.
31 photos 15 minutes, 15 seconds of video
Added 07/25/2014
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While babysitting, Sahrye foolishly agrees to play a game with the boys from next door where they tie her up and gagged her. Later she finds out that she has been tricked and they have no plans to let her go. The video begins with Sahrye struggling bound and gagged, She works her way over to her cell phone. Somehow even though her hands are tied behind her back, she is able to reach up and pull the wad of panties they have stuffed in her mouth out. But she is not able to get the tight cleave gag off. She calls Goldie Blair, the lady of the house and asks her for help. A short time later, Goldie arrives and finds Sahrye still tied up and now re-gagged. As she removes the gag, Sahrye tries to warn her that the boys are sneaking up behind her. But it is too late, they over power Goldie and soon she is tied up right next to the baby sitter. When she figures out what is going on, Goldie demands that they untie both her and Sahrye. But the next thing she knows, they have her gagged too. Goldie and Sahrye are then left to struggle and try to get themselves loose. They try to communicate with each, but the gags make it so they cannot understand a word the other is saying. Later they are hogtied and Goldie's top and bra are pulled down so now her big tits are bouncing about as she tries to get herself and Sahrye untied.

Featuring: Goldie , Multi-Girls
Categories: babysitter

Just make sure you gag me good when you pull my panties down!
42 photos 20 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added 07/10/2014
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Sahrye has met a guy on the internet whom she has told about her fantasy to be tied up and gagged. After talking to him for a short while, they both agree that they should meet.But both the guy and Sahrye feel that it might be exciting if the guy comes over and they role play a home invasion where the guy ties up and gags Sahrye to have his way with her. Sahrye is very excited as she anticipates finally getting to live out her darkest fantasy. So as she talks on her cell phone to a friend, she doesn't know that someone is sneaking up on her. The only problem is, it isn't Sahrye's internet friend. Instead it is a bad guy here to rob her. The bad guy on the other hand is surprised to see rope conveniently waiting for him. Then when he grabs Sahrye, he is also surprised that she puts up very little resistance. First he gags her by stuffing and tying a pair of panties in her mouth. Sahrye then lets him tie her up. As the man goes off to ransack the place, Sahrye can hardly control herself as she waits for the man to come back and carry out the final part of this naughty game. A short time later, he does return. But his curiosity gets the best of him. he removes the gag and asks Sahrye why she is so cooperative. Sahrye pretty much ignores his question and tells him to gag her good and get busy having his way with her. So he gives her exactly what she wants by re-stuffing her mouth and this time taping the gag in her mouth. He then bends her over and with Sahrye moaning very loud with pleasure, he fulfills the final part of her fantasy. A short time later, Sahrye's cell phone rings. The guy answers it and finds out it is the guy Sahrye was expecting. When Sahrye realizes that the man is not her internet friend, she reacts with surprise and embarrassment. Then when he leaves her struggling bound and gagged, she seems somewhat upset. But then she realizes that not only has she lived her fantasy with some unwanted guest, but now she is going to get to live it over again when her internet friend arrives to rescue her. This is enough to get her very turned on again and somehow she works herself up to another bound orgasm.

Categories: ask to be tied up

We found ourselves bound and gagged.
33 photos 21 minutes, 14 seconds of video
Added 07/10/2014
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They met him at a club and thought they found a real sucker. He bought them drinks, dinner and just about anything they asked for. But things didn't work out as Pepper and Sahrye figured. The video begins with both girls out of it as the man ties them up on screen. Then before they figure out what is going on, he stuffs their mouths to gag them. Pepper is the first one to see what is going on. Then when Sahrye opens her eyes, she is shocked to see her friend Pepper tied up and gagged right in front of her. Even more shocking, Sahrye finds she is bound and gagged too. The man comes into the scene and uses more rope to tie the girls better. The he brings out two ball gags and straps them into each of the girl's mouth. After hogtying them, the man pulls Sahrye blouse open. Then he walks over to Pepper and does the same. But what Pepper has in her bra really catches his attention. So he pulls that down too and now Pepper finds herself bouncing her big tits about as she and Sahrye struggle to get loose.

Featuring: Multi-Girls , Pepper Sterling
Categories: pantyhose

Hold the big tit'd teachers head still so I can stuff her mouth!
24 photos 16 minutes, 2 seconds of video
Added 07/05/2014
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Sahrye is a troubled college girl who always finds herself in trouble. Today, Goldie Blair the dean of the school has her in her office for yet another infraction. But when Sahrye gets mouthy, Ms. Blair loses her temper. She grabs Sahrye by the hair, puts her over her knee and gives her a good spanking. When she is done, she tells Sahrye to go home and then return back with her father. A short time later, Sahrye returns, but instead of bringing her father, she brings her boyfriend. Sahrye advises Goldie that he is the only person allowed to spank her and that Goldie is now the person who needs to be punished. Together Sahrye and the man grab Goldie and quickly tie her up with rope. "Hold her head still!" Sahrye tells the man as she uses a pair of panties to stuff her teacher's mouth. Then she watches as the man tapes Goldie's mouth to finish gagging her. With Goldie now struggling bound and gagged, Sahrye starts to torment her. But she really wants to humiliate her. So she roughly pulls Goldieā€™s big tits out of her blouse so they can bounce about. Finally before they leave her, Sahrye makes a call for someone to come in and clean the office. She only wishes she could stay to see the embarrassment Goldie suffers when they arrive.

Featuring: Goldie
Categories: girdle, spanking, teacher

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Nice knee high socks hope she wears them a lot more often and gagged with a OTM
Juat a beautiful Woman - Hope there is more from her?
Very hot as a cheerleader
we definitely need more of her
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