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Latina door to door saleslady let inside so he could tie her up and gag her.
17 photos 18 minutes, 12 seconds of video
Added 04/10/2014
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After delivering some girls to one of his clients, he is told that he needs one more. But not just any woman, his client wants a Latina woman. "Where am I going find a Latin Girl" he tells him. Just then, the door bell rings. When the man answers, it is a Curvy Latina Sales Girl named Sahrye. The man cannot believe his luck and invites her in. But once inside, Sahrye finds out that this man has no intention of buying anything. He grabs her and with Sahrye putting up a fuss, he quickly ties her up with rope.. Sahrye starts hollering for help. But this comes to an end when the man stuffs and ties a gag in her mouth. Once the man has her completely bound securely and well muffled, he leaves her so he can go make a call to his client to give him the good news. Sahrye has no idea what is going on, but she knows that she needs to get away. She struggles her way to the window and starts trying to make noise. But this only brings the man back and now things are going to get bad for her. The man pulls her skirt off and ties Sahrye in a very strict hogtie that includes a very tight crotch rope. Now all Sahrye can do is grunt and moan through the gag as she rolls around on the floor struggling bound and gagged.

Forced to watch each other get mouth stuffed and tape gagged.
38 photos 18 minutes, 5 seconds of video
Added 04/04/2014
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A man has Pepper and Sahrye in the basement. He has warned them that if they cause him any problems or make a sound that things could get very bad for them. This has both girls extremely frightened and they sit there quietly as he ties them up with rope. But the minute he leaves them alone, the girls talk to each other and try to come up with a plan to get away. At one point, Sahrye gets up and hops to the door to try to open it. But when they hear the man coming back downstairs, she quickly hops back to the chair she had been left in. The man walks back in and finds the girls sitting there as if nothing has happened. But he gets suspicious of their behavior and decides to use more rope to tie them tighter and more secure. This gets Sahrye to start complaining that the rope is too tight and she threatens to quit cooperating. When the man leaves them again, Pepper pleads with Sahrye to not anger the man. But Sahrye only gets louder and the man cannot allow this. He comes back into the room with tape, a pair of panties and sock. With Pepper watching in shock, the man stuffs the large sock in Sahrye's mouth and then tapes it in to gag her. Sahrye grunts and whimpers as she tries to not choke on the sock packed deep in her mouth. Now it is her turn to watch as the man stuffs the panties in Pepper's mouth and tapes her up to gag her too. Both girls now bound and gagged are afraid that if they do anything now to anger the man, he may do things even worse to them. So they stay quiet and sit still. But again, the moment he walks out the door, they try to get each other untied. But now that they are gagged, they find it impossible to communicate any kind of a plan. At one point, the girls work their way onto the floor. They roll around and struggle to find a way to loosen each others knots. Then the man returns and catches them. He puts them back on the chairs and ties them down. Then to punish them, he pulls their tops down to expose their boobs. All of a sudden, the man hears someone arrive from outside and he immediately leaves to make his escape. When the girls hear noise outside, they start screaming loud through their gags and soon they hear Sahrye's mother calling out for her as she walks downstairs..

Featuring: Multi-Girls , Pepper Sterling
Categories: girdle

Tie me up like a real robber would! And gag me so I can't make a sound!
37 photos 21 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added 03/25/2014
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Sahrye has got her hands on a whole lot of money. The only problem is, it isn't hers. But she comes up with a plan to make this money disappear with the help of a co-worker. "Tie me up and make it look like I was robbed!" she tells the man. The man agrees to help her and starts to tie her up with rope. "Make sure you make it look real. Like if a real robber tied me! she reminds the man. As the man ties her tighter and tighter, Sahrye cannot help but notice how turned on being tied like this has her. So just before he gags her, Sahrye tells the man she wants it to feel even more realistic. Meaning the robber takes advantage of his helpless victim. So after stuffing a foam ball in her mouth and taping Sahrye's mouth to gag her, he bends her over the chair, pulls her girdle down and with Sahrye moaning with pleasure, gives her what she wants. Finally before he leaves her, the man hogties and crotch ropes Sahrye. It will be sometime before someone comes to find her struggling bound and gagged. But with the help of the crotch rope, she will cum in her panty girdle several more times.

Categories: girdle

Listening to you moan through that gag makes me want to cum in my panties!
38 photos 19 minutes, 18 seconds of video
Added 03/22/2014
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It was Pepper's first day at her new job. When she arrived home, her husband asked her how she liked it. Pepper told her she loved the job. This was mainly because she really liked her new boss. Peppers then says that she is tired from her day at work and tells her husband that she is going to take a short nap. It doesn't take her long after she lays her head down that she dozes off. A short time later, she opens her eyes and finds herself in the employee lounge of her new job. She is laying down on a couch and somehow, she finds herself tied hand and foot with rope, wearing a full body girdle. All of a sudden, Sahrye her new boss walks in and Pepper realizes that she is the person who has her bound. Sahrye brings out more rope and starts to truss Pepper even tighter with more rope. As she does this, Pepper senses that Sahrye is very turned on this because she has very intimate feelings towards her. This also turns Pepper on, because she feels the same way about her new boss. This along with the fact that Pepper loves being tied up in vintage lingerie has Pepper desiring her boss more and more. Both girls get more and more excited as Sahrye finishes tying her knots. But bondage isn't complete without a gag, so Sahrye stuffs Pepper's mouth with a pair of her panties and then wraps tape around her face and between her lips. Once she is finished, Sahrye steps back and watches her captive struggle bound and gagged. It doesn't take long before Sahrye loses patience and starts climbing all over Pepper. She caresses her and kisses her all over. She then starts to rub her feet and kiss them too. Sahrye also cannot keep her hands off of Pepper's nice curvy read end. After a while, Sahrye starts to lose control pulls Pepper's big tits out of her bra and starts to kiss them too. Now watching Pepper squirm in the rope and listening to her moan through the gag gets Sahrey way beyond excited and she starts rubbing her self through her panties. With Pepper also very excited and looking on, Sahrye makes herself have the first of many orgasms. Then because she wants Pepper to experience the same, she ties a crotch rope on her. Both girls are very worked up now and want each other in a naughty way. But Sahrye wants to hear Pepper moan louder, so she starts tugging on her crotch rope. Soon Pepper's moans get very loud as she starts to have an orgasm. But sudden, Pepper hears her husbands voice trying to wake her up. When her eyes open, she realizes she was only having a dream. A dream she didn't want to wake up from. Then as she sits up, she starts to some strange things going on. Like rope marks on her wrists and lipstick marks on her boobs. "That was some dream!" she says to herself.

Featuring: Pepper Sterling
Categories: girdle

He had to tie up his little Latina fuck slut.
40 photos 19 minutes, 24 seconds of video
Added 03/20/2014
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He had been having an affair with the much younger girl from next door named Sahrye. But fearing his wife was going to catch on, he broke off the relationship. So he was very surprised to find Sahrye in his basement one night. Especially since his wife was home upstairs. He tried to remind Sahrye that the affair was over. But she told him the affair would not be over until "SHE" said it was over. She then demanded that even though his wife was upstairs, for him to play with her right then and there. Realizing, he had no choice, the man came up with a plan. He brought out some rope and told Sahrye they were going to play a game. He couldn't believe that she actually fell for it as she let him tie her up. He told her to close her eyes and open her mouth wide. Believing that he was going to shove himself in her mouth, Sahrye did exactly that. But all of a sudden, she felt cloth getting stuffed in her mouth and she started to protest. The man quickly tied a bandana between her teeth and Sahrye found herself tightly gagged. She struggled and tried desperately to spit out the wad of panties. But soon the feeling of being helpless, had her really turned on and she believed that this was still some kinky game. So when the man made her stand and hop until she was under a over head beam, she gladly complied. Sahrye now found herself bent over and suspended from the ceiling. She became even more excited when the man started to slap her ass through her girdle. She anticipated that sooner or later, he would pull the girdle down and give it to her from behind, but that never came. When he had her hop and bend over a step latter, she thought that this was where she was going to get it and again gladly did as she was told. But instead of untying and spreading her legs, the man put her in a suspended hogtie from the ceiling. Then after replacing the gag with a different pair of panties and wrapping tape around her mouth, the man told her that he was leaving for the evening. He told her , he would be back and then they were going to do things "his way". Sahrye was furious as she struggled hard to get away. She tried to scream through the gag, but that only caused her to choke on the panties and start to drool. Then she started to think about what he said about doing things "his way". She couldn't help but get turned on again as she started to hope that "His Way" involved him getting into her panties.

The older tease next door-OMG! I am going to cum!
37 photos 15 minutes, 15 seconds of video
Added 02/25/2014
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Sahrye is a married woman. But that doesn't stop her from making sure she gets her way from everyone around her. There is a college aged young man who lives next door. Sahrye actually has the hots for him, but being married she refuses to cross the line. But this doesn't stop her from teasing the guy. But something has happened in her marriage and today she may be willing to stretch the limits. Maybe even cross that line. Today with her husband out of town, she sees the boys mother leave for work. The video begins with the college boy in his room when there is a knock at his door. It is Sahrye and he thinks she is here again to tease and torment him. But he starts to notice that she is taking a different twist in the way she leads him on. She starts to pose for him in positions that are a bit more revealing. As she bends over and/or sits there and gives him a view of her panties, she asks him if he likes what he sees. When he says yes, she tells him that she bets he would just to have his way with her. When he lets her know that he would she tells him, "The only way you are getting in these panties, is if you tie me up!" A short time later Sahrye cannot believe that the boy has taken her up on the offer so aggressively. Because now he has her all tied up. Something tells her that maybe she should not have let herself be put in this position. But those thoughts are over ridden now with the excitement she feels in both her heart and between her legs. Then if she had any thoughts of changing her mind, she soon found it impossible to say anything about it when her mouth is stuffed with panties and cleave gagged. Sahrye can hardly contain herself. She is so turned on and now wants the college boy in a bad way. She has no desire to change her mind. But as she struggles in the tight rope she starts to get impatient and wants this guy now. But he isn't quite ready to give her what she wants just yet. First he wants to watch her squirm and hear her moan. So he adds more rope until he has Sahrye ball tied and crotch roped. At first she is not very receptive or at all happy. But as she struggles and moves around, the crotch rope starts to bring on a much desired sensation. Soon Sahrye is very worked up as she says to herself through the gag "Oh My GOSH, I am going to Cum!" Then she lets loose for the first of several bound orgasms.

Categories: girdle, neighbor

The little bastards left me taped up in the closet!
28 photos 15 minutes, 10 seconds of video
Added 01/25/2014
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Sahrye is baby sitting and somehow she has allowed these guys to get her to play a game with them. A game where they restrain her and if she can get loose, they will go to bed early and let her bring her boyfriend over. But instead of tying her with rope, they have her all taped up and Sahrye thinks that she will be out of this in no time. But after struggling for some time, she finds out that there is no escape and she tells them that the game is over and that they win. But they tell her that the game is not over and when she starts to complain, they stuff and tape a pair of mom's panties in her mouth to gag her. Sahrye is furious as she leave her alone to struggle bound and gagged. This goes on for the rest of the night and sometime later, Mom and dad arrive home. Then when dad walks into the room, and calls for Sahrye, he hears muffled cries coming from the closet. When he opens the door, there is the baby sitter still taped up tight and gagged.

Categories: otm gag, pantyhose, babysitter

Watching his older step sister be naughty while she is tied up and gagged.
43 photos 19 minutes, 14 seconds of video
Added 01/17/2014
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

He liked to spy on Sahrye, his older step sister. Sometimes he would sneak into her room and look through her things. One time he even read her diary and was now holding it over her head with the threat of telling her dad about the things in it. Today he came looking in her room. His mom and step dad were out of town for the night and Sahrye wasn't home. While he was in there, he found some unusual items on her bed, mainly rope and tape. All of a sudden, he heard Sahrye arrive home. It was too late to run back into his room, so he hid in her closet. The video begins with the younger brother going into the closet just before Sahrye walks into her room. But she isn't alone, She has the older married man from next door. he watches as Sahrye tells the man to tie her up with the rope and have his way with her. But also tells him that they are going to have top do it quietly because her younger brother is sleeping in the next room. He then watches as Sahrye strips down to her sexy underwear and has the man tie her up. "You have to gag me!" she tells the man reminding him that her brother is next door and she does not want him to hear her loud moans while the man has his way with her. So the man stuffs her mouth with panties and ties a rag between her teeth. When he sees the man bend Sahrye over and start to pull her panties down, the younger brother cannot believe his luck. Not only is he going to get to watch his step sister do something very naughty while she is bound and gagged, but now he will have something to hold over her. Something much better than just the things in her silly diary. With the neighbor now gone, the nrother grows impatient as he watches his step sister struggle bound and gagged. At one point, he is not paying attention to what he is doing and bumps something. Sahrye hears him and now she knows someone is hiding in the closet.. He has no choice but to come out and confront her. When he removes the gag, Sahrye pleads with him not to say anything. She offfers him just about every favor in the world that she could possibly do for him. But when he tells her that he will not say anything as long as he can go back in the closet and hide. This way he can watch all the action when the neighbor returns. Sahrye tells him, "Absolutely NOT!" But he gives her no choice as he re-stuffs and ties the gag back in her mouth and then returns to hide in the closet. A short time later, the neighbor returns. When he gets behind Sahrye, she desperately tries to stop him. She tries to tell him that her step brother is watching, but the gag makes it so all she can do is grunt and squeal. She gets so loud that the man decides to re-gag her. As he does this Sahrye tells him to stop. But she is stop in mid sentence as he is soon stuffing a larger pair of panties in her mouth and taping her up. He then bends her back over the bed and gives her step brother the show he was waiting for.

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Nice knee high socks hope she wears them a lot more often and gagged with a OTM
Juat a beautiful Woman - Hope there is more from her?
Very hot as a cheerleader
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