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He took the full figured bar girl as his hostage
14 minutes, 13 seconds of video
Added 02/22/2016
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As he was robbing the bar she worked in, Elane decides to hit the silent alarm. So when he heard the sirens, he had to make a quick getaway. Unfortunately for Elane, he took her hostage. The video begins with the man forcing Elane down some stairs. He decides it is a good place to hide out until the authorities give up the search. To make sure Elane doesn't cause him anymore problems, he ties her up with rope. So she cannot scream, he stuffs and ties a gag in her mouth. Elane struggles hard to get loose as the man goes off to stash his car. She tries to cry out hoping someone will hear. Later the robber returns and tells her that they cannot leave just yet. He decides to entertain himself a bit by pulling Elane's huge boobs out of her skimpy top. After fondling her for some time, he leaves her again.

Categories: bbw, Full Figured Woman, garters, girdle

Law Office MILF's tied up, gagged and stashed behind a desk.
20 photos 11 minutes, 5 seconds of video
Added 01/28/2016
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A masked man has Autumn Woods bent over the desk as he ties her hands behind her back. Autumn pleads with him to release her but once he is done with her hands, he binds her ankles. Autumn continues to protest. She mentions that her boss will be back soon and when that happens, she is going to scream. The bad guys leans over Autumn and says, "Oh No you wont!" He then makes sure she can't scream by stuffing her mouth with a scarf he found in her purse. To make sure she does not spit it out, he tapes her mouth shut with duct tape. Even though she is gagged, Autumn still manages to make lots of noise and the bad guy needs to keep her quiet. He puts her in a sleeper hold and Autumn soon . He stuffs her under her desk as he goes about looking for some files he came steal. Moments later, Autumn's Lawyer boss Elane comes into the office. When she doesn't find her secretary, she assumes she is out on a break. Just then Autumn wakes up and Elane hears her muffled cries. Elane goes to Autumn's rescue, but then the bad guy returns. Elane is then bound and gagged right next to her secretary. Both girls are stashed behind the desk and struggle to get loose. They roll on the floor trying to get in position to untie each other. They try communicating through the gags, but all you can hears are two girls doing a lot of "mmmpphing". They pay no attention to their appearance as their skirts rise to expose garters, girdles and panties. Someone knocks at their office door and the girls whimper & moan loud to alert the person knocking. But that does no good and they spend the rest of the afternoon, bound and gagged in their office.

Featuring: Autumn Woods , Multi-Girls
Categories: bbw, garters, girdles, MILF, robbery

Full figured wife kept trussed up in the basement.
11 minutes, 12 seconds of video
Added 12/21/2015
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

It was night time and Elane was home alone. When she heard a noise in the basement, she thought that maybe her husband was home early and was down there. But when she opened the door and called out his name, no one answered. Elane was sure she heard someone down there, so continued downstairs. All of a sudden, out of nowhere a man grabbed her from behind. He covered her mouth with his hand and overpowered her. The next thing Elane knew she was all tied up with rope and alone in the cold basement. She could hear the man upstairs ransacking her home. Hoping a neighbor might hear her, she started screaming for help. She continued to scream until she heard the basement door open and the man come running down the stairs. "I guess I am going to have to gag you!" He said as she grabbed her by the hair and stuffed a pair of panties in her mouth. He then tied a rag tightly between her teeth to gag Elane. With Elane now muffled, the man again left her. Although she was now totally helpless, Elane refused to give up. She struggled hard to get loose and she continued to try to cry out through the gag. She worked her way to the stairs, but just as she was about to try to work her way up, the door opened and the came back downstairs. He sat Elane up and ripped her top off to show she was wearing a white long line bra to hold her enormous boobs in. After letting Elane struggle a little longer, he forced her on her stomach and pulled her big tits out of the bra. With Elane still face down, he raised her skirt and started pulling her girdle down.

Categories: burglary, Full Figured Woman, girdle, MILF

Full Figured Secretary spends the night tied up at her desk.
11 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 09/08/2014
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Elane was working alone late one night when some robbers came into her office. They tied her up with rope so they could ransacked the place with her out of the way. Elane begged them to not leave her tied up. She told them that no one would find her until morning. Her pleas only got her a scarf stuffed and tied in her mouth to gag her. Elane was then stuffed under the desk to keep her out of view. But she managed to squirm her way out and kick the phone off of the desk so she could try to call someone for help. There are scenes with Elane bent over the desk trying to cry out through her gag. Then her top is pulled down to show her bra straining to hold her enormous boobs in. Later the bra is pulled down too.

Categories: bbw, Full Figured Woman
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