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He tied us up in our bathing suits.
23 photos 16 minutes, 10 seconds of video
Added 01/02/2018
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

NOTE: In preparation of closing down and transferring it to another system, I will also be posting GNDB updates on this site. Dixie and Carissa are lying around in Dixie's hotel room with nothing to do. Dixie tells Carissa that maybe they should go for a swim. So Carissa leaves to go to her room to change into her bathing suit. In the mean time, a man comes into Dixie's room and grabs her. Before she can do anything, he ties her up with rope. And just in case she thought she was going to scream for help, he stuffs and ties a pair of panties in her mouth to gag Dixie. A short time later, Carissa returns in her bathing suit, ready to go to the pool. But then she finds Dixie struggling bound and gagged. before Carissa can run off for help, the man grabs her too. He ties her up on the bed right next to her friend. Then with Dixie watching, the man stuffs and ties a pair of panties in Carissa's mouth to gag her. Both girls struggle hard to get loose. They also try to cry out for help. But they are ties tight and the gags make it impossible for anyone to hear them from outside the room. Then things get really bad when the man pulls their bathing suit tops down to expose their boobs. Then after hogtying them, he makes them lie on the bed face to face. The man then makes the girls start rubbing themselves against each other. First he makes them push their hips together and then rub their bare boobs against each others. Finally, he make them kiss each other with their gagged mouths.He then leave them to struggle hogtied and gagged for the rest of the day.

Featuring: Dixie Comet
Categories: 2 girls tied

Bound airline stewardess-He yanked my panties off and stuffed them in my mouth!
29 photos 13 minutes, 4 seconds of video
Added 10/05/2017
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Flight Attendant Carissa Montgomery has just arrived home after flying in from overseas. Little does she know it, but there is a man in her house who comes out of hiding to grab her. Carissa tries to resist as he ties her hands behind her back. Then when her protests get too loud, the man reaches under her uniform dress and pulls her panties off. He wads them up, stuffs them in her mouth and tapes her up to gag her. With Carissa restrained and muffled, the man marches her down into the basement. There he makes her sit on a chair so he can finish tying her up.Once he is done, he leaves her struggling bound and gagged. But Carissa refuses to give up. She somehow manages to get to her feet and starts to hop toward the stair. But the man returns to grab her and put her back on the chair. To punish her for trying to escape, the man pulls her dress top down and bra down so her big tits are now exposed. He then ties her down to the chair to make sure she stays puts.

Categories: pantyhose

Busty Blond Fugitive-Kept bound and gagged where no one will find her.
27 photos 15 minutes, 5 seconds of video
Added 06/22/2017
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Carissa is on the run from the law and needs a place to hide for the night. She knows a guy who is willing to put her up in a hotel room. But when she gets there, she finds out he expects something in return. Something Carissa isn't willing to give him. He grabs her and tells her that she has no choice. But as he is about to lift her skirt so he can pull her pantyhose down, his cell phone rings, He quickly covers Carissa's mouth with his hand and answers the phone. With Carissa squealing hand gagged, the man talks to the other person and finds out his services are needed elsewhere. He has no choice but to leave and wants to make sure Carissa is there when he returns. So he quickly ties her up with rope. Then so she cannot scream for help, he stuffs her mouth and ties a rag between her teeth to gag her. After he adds more rope, the man realizes that although she is tightly gagged, Carissa is still able to make way too much noise. So he ties another rag tightly over her gagged mouth and this seems to muffle her a bit more. Finally before he leaves her, the man cannot resist getting a better look at Carissa. So he lifts her blouse and pulls her bra down. He then hogties her and leaves to go handle the situation he was called away for. Alone now, Carissa struggles hard to get loose. But she know it is no use and sometime later the man will return to find her the way he left her. Hogtied and gagged with her big tits bouncing on the carpet.

Categories: pantyhose

Big busted flight attendant left hogtied and gagged in her garters and panties.
49 photos 15 minutes, 17 seconds of video
Added 06/08/2017
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Carissa Montgomery was a flight attendant getting ready to go catch her flight when in walk this lady named Sahrye. The lady over powered Carissa and made her strip down to her bra, panties, garters and nylons so she could tie her up. Once Sahrye had Carissa restrained, she stuffed her mouth and tied a rag between her teeth to gag the busty flight attendant. Then with Carissa looking on, Sahrye stripped to her bra and pantyhose, and dressed in Carissa's uniform. Sahrye told Carissa that she was an agent from a foreign country sent to deal with someone on the flight she was assigned. Carissa tried to plead with Sahrye to let her go. Instead Sahrye pulled her bra down and tied her into a strict hogtie. She then left Carissa struggling bound and gagged with her big tits out as she went off to catch Carissa's flight.

Categories: garters, girl tying girl, stockings

Carissa stalked and tied up by a lunatic fan.
38 photos 16 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added 04/27/2017
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Carissa is a big time star and today she is out of town signing autographs. But when she goes up to her room she finds a strange woman named Dixie waiting for her. "Who are you and how did you get in my room?" Carissa demands to know. Dixie tells her that she is her biggest fan and that she has been following her all around the country. When Carissa goes to the phone so she can call hotel security, Dixie grabs her and tells her that she wants her to act out her favorite scene from a movie where Carissa played the captive heroine. Dixie starts tying her up with rope just like she loved seeing her in the movie. Except in this scene there is not going to be any cheap loose Hollywood bondage, Dixie is going to tie her the it should always be done. Very tight. Then to shut her up, she gags her the right way too. Not with a cheap strip of nonstick tape. Instead she stuffs a big pair of panties in Carissa's mouth and then wraps tape around her face very tight. Now bound and gagged, Carissa struggles hard to get loose. Then much to her horror Dixie brings out her cell phone and tells Carissa that she wants to take a picture or two with her so she can always remember this moment. After she gets a couple of photos, she shows them to Carissa and tells her not to worry, she will load them on the internet so she can see them too. But her ordeal is far from over as Dixie torments her. "OMG, I have always wanted to see and touch these big tits of hers!" Dixie says to herself as she puts Carissa on her knees and pulls her top and bra down. Then after squeezing and fondling Carissa's great big boobs, she has a special prize for her Idol. She brings out another piece of rope and ties her in a very strict hogtie that includes a crotch rope. Dixie lays Carissa on the floor and tells her that she needs to get going. She tells her it was real pleasure and that she is honored that Carissa let her tie her up. Moments later, Carissa finds herself alone struggling on the floor hogtied and gagged with her big tits out.

Categories: Damsel In Distress, girl tying girl, pantyhose

Left taped up in her attic
32 photos 13 minutes, 7 seconds of video
Added 03/13/2017
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

They are out looking for him and he has no where to hide. Until he finds Carissa's unlocked door. The video begins in Carissa's attic. They can hear the helicopters outside searching for him. But unless Carissa calls someone or goes outside, no one will know he is inside her house. To keep her from doing this, the man uses tape to bind her. Then so she cannot scream, he stuffs her mouth and wraps more tape around her face and over her mouth to gag Carissa. He then leaves Carissa to struggle bound and gagged in her attic as he go off to make sure no one suspects what is going on inside her place. Then when he is sure things are safe, for him, he returns to Carissa. He realizes that he is probably going to spend quite a bit of time here. So he decides to entertain himself with his bound captive. First he pulls down her blouse and her bra. Then he watches as Carissa bounces her big tits around as she struggle to get herself loose.. It is only a matter of time before he get the idea to pull down her pantyhose.

Categories: Damsel In Distress, pantyhose, Tape Bondage

Busty trophy wife tied up and gagged with her Latina housekeeper.
50 photos 16 minutes, 15 seconds of video
Added 03/09/2017
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

Carissa has come home to find a strange man in her house and her Spanish speaking housekeeper Sahrye all tied up. The video begins with Carissa now tied up right next to Sahrye. She reprimands her housekeeper for letting the man in, but Sahrye does not speak a word of English. Not realizing there is a language barrier with the girls he does not want them communicating some sort of plan to escape. So first, he grabs Sahrye and stuffs her mouth with a big sock. Then after taping her up to gag her, he goes over to Carissa and gags her the same way. Now the girls start to panic and they frantically struggle to free each other. Then Sahrye notices a cell phone on the kitchen counter. She tries to get Carissa to notice too and she works her way over to it on her knees. Carissa watches Sahrye work her way over to the phone. But as she tries to bring it to mouth, the phone falls to the floor. So Sahrye goes down to the floor with it. After she retrieves it, she tries to make a call for help. But all of a sudden, the man returns and catches her. He takes the phone away from her and brings out some more rope. So she and Carissa cannot cause him anymore problems, he ties them both more securely. He then lays them face down on the floor to hogtie them. As he looks over the girls, he cannot help but notice that Carissa's great big boobs are just begging to be let out of her bra. So before he leaves them again, her top down. The girls are then left rolling around on the floor whimpering through their gags as they try to get free. But it will be hours before Carissa's husband comes home to find his wife struggling with her big tits out, bound and gagged right next to the housekeeper.

Featuring: Multi-Girls , Sahrye
Categories: 2 girls tied, babysitter, Latina

Tape me Helpless! So I can't resist when you do naughty things to me!
27 photos 17 minutes, 14 seconds of video
Added 10/17/2016
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

Carissa has a handy man over to fix some minor problems in her house. But that is not the real reason she has him there. With her husband upstairs sleeping, Carissa comes on to the man telling him her husband does not pay much attention to her. She tells him that she has always had this kinky fantasy to be bound and gagged helpless so her captor can have his way with her. She tells the man where she has some tape and asks him to wrap her up tight with it. Once she finds her self all trussed up, Carissa tells the man she also wants to be gagged so she can scream and not have to worry about her husband hearing when her moans of pleasure start to get too loud. So the man stuffs her mouth with panties and then wraps tape very tightly around her face to gag her. Now bound and gagged with tape, Carissa squirms around on the floor.. After the man gives her a good hard spanking, he pulls her huge tits out of her bra. He then tells Carissa that he is going to pulls her panties down and pleasure her until she has a wild orgasm.

Categories: ask to be tied up, garters, Likes being tied up, stockings

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