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Watching the baby sitter bounce her big tits as she struggled tied up and gagged.
60 photos 15 minutes, 22 seconds of video
Added 01/02/2015
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Carissa was baby sitting these guys and needed to make a deal with them so she could bring her boyfriend over. They told her that they would stay out of her way if she agreed to give them a view of her great big boobs. "No Way!" Carissa told them and asked them if there was some other way. They told her the only other way she would give her her way, was to play a game where they tied her up. At first Carissa was reluctant. But she really wanted to have her boyfriend visit. So she agreed to let them tie her up. A short time later, Carissa found herself tied up. At first, it was really simple because they had her only her ankles tied and her hands tied in front of her. But the way they had her hands tie behind her thighs made it impossible for her to move or untie herself. It was at this point that she realized that she was helpless and at their mercy. Carissa started to panic and told these guys that maybe this was not a good idea and asked them to untie her. Then she saw them walk in with a pair of their mother's panties. "What are those for!" she demanded to know. A very short time later, she found out when they stuffed the panties in her mouth and tied a rag between her teeth to gag her. Carissa was furious and tried to tell them to get the gag out of her mouth and untie her. She also tried to tell them how much trouble they were in. But with her mouth stuffed and gagged so tight, they could not understand her and they had no worry of anyone hearing the baby sitter screaming for help. After watching Carissa roll around on the floor tied up like this for some time, they decided to make her a bit more helpless so they could leave her and not have to worry about her getting loose and calling their mother. So they changed the way she was tied by tying her hands behind her back and hogtying her. Somehow during the struggle, Carissa's top came down and they now able to get a better view of her boobs through her bra. This reminded them of their first offer to Carissa and the next thing knew, her bra was down. Now, not only did these guys get their first wish to see Carissa's big boobs, they also got to see them bounce around as she struggled bound and gagged.

Categories: babysitter

What is Aunt Carissa doing tied up and gagged in the attic!
36 photos 14 minutes, 23 seconds of video
Added 12/18/2014
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He is going to work and needs to leave his sons home alone. They are old enough to take care of themselves. But he tells them, that if a problem arises to call Aunt Carissa from next door. Some time later, he calls home to see how things are going. He is told that everything is OK, but they have called Aunt Carissa over anyways. When he asks to talk to her, he is told she is busy up in the attic. The scene then shifts to the attic and there is Aunt Carissa and it becomes obvious why she could not come to the telephone. Apparently she had agreed to play a little game with them and they have her tied up and gagged. As Carissa struggles and squeals through the gag, it becomes apparent that she is no longer willing to continue this game. Then at one point, she is able to get the wad of panties that were stuffed in her mouth to gag her out. Even though the cleave gag rag is still tied between her teeth, Carissa is now able to talk. She demands to be untied and threatens to tell their father about this. But Carissa is only allowed to talk for a few minutes as the panties are re-packed in her mouth and this time, tape is wrapped around her face to make sure she stays well gagged. Carissa is furious as she grunts and whimpers through the tight gag. Then to add to her humiliation, her skirt is removed so they can hogtie and crotch rope her. Hours later, her brother in law will come home to find Carissa still struggling hogtied and gagged. But by then, her big tits will have somehow worked their way out of her bra.

Categories: babysitters

Big busted Airline Stewardess gets her panties pulled down and stuffed in her mouth.
39 photos 16 minutes, 15 seconds of video
Added 12/09/2014
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Carissa has a flight to catch. But someone also wants to catch this flight because there is some very important cargo that they want. Cargo that only a member of the flight crew has access to. So the only way to get it, is to put someone on the plane in Carissa's place. But first they need to make sure she does not make the flight. This video begins with Carissa talking to her boyfriend on her cell phone when a man walks in. After she hangs up, the man grabs Carissa and ties her hands behind her back. With Carissa protesting and trying to resist, the man realizes that he needs to be shut her up. So before tying her ankles, he pulls her panties off and stuffs them in her mouth to gag her. So she cannot spit them out, he wraps her face and mouth with tape. With the big busted stewardess now muffled, the man finishes tying her up. When he is finished, he calls his female partner and tells her that she can now show up at the airport dressed as a flight attendant to take Carissa's place on the flight. In the mean time Carissa struggles frantically to get loose. When she is left alone, she works her way to her cell phone so she can call for help. But when she is able to place a call, it is to a wrong number. Since all she can do is grunt and moan through the gag, the person on the other end has no idea who she is or why she is calling. Then the man re-appears and takes the phone away from her. He punishes her for her attempt to interfere with his plot by pulling her boobs out of her bra and then hogtying her so she cannot cause him anymore problems. Sometime later, Carissa's flight will take off without her. And then sometime long after the plot has been carried out, someone will come to find Carissa bouncing her big tits on the carpet as she struggles g bound and gagged.

Categories: panty gag

My boy friend doesn't have to know I let you tie me up!
10 photos 15 minutes, 10 seconds of video
Added 12/02/2014
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Carissa just recently got engaged. But her future husband cannot give her what she wants. That is because she has a very strong appetite to be tied up, gagged and played with. So tonight she has met a man in the hotel she is staying at and has talked him into taking back to her room. Once there, Carissa tells him that she wants to play a game where he kd'naps her. She tells him that she wants him to tie her up, hold her for ransom and then play with her while she is all tied up and gagged. So after Carissa tells him where he can find some rope, the man ties her up tight. Carissa is now all turned on and excited. But when the guy decides not to rip her clothes off as she had hoped and instead decides to gag her, she starts to protest and resist. But there is nothing she can do as her mouth is stuffed with a pair of her panties and held packed in her mouth with a rag tied tight between her teeth. Now bound and gagged < Carissa rolls around on the floor as she struggles with the tight rope and moans through the gag. Still not happy that instead of playing something naughty with her, Carissa tries to voice her displeasure at the man as he just watches her squirm bound and gagged. Then he decides to start giving his big busted captive a little more of what she wants when he ties a rope between her legs and pulls it so tight it pushes her pantyhose up inside her. He continues tying this rope until he has her crotch roped and hogtied. Carissa is now very happy and again very turned on. Especially since the crotch rope is tied so that the harder she struggles the tighter it gets and after a short while, Carissa is able to force herself to have several orgasms.

Categories: pantyhose

Carissa Montgomery-Zip tied against her will.
26 photos 14 minutes, 55 seconds of video
Added 10/07/2014
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Carissa is walked into a basement room and it does not look like she went willingly. The man makes her sit down on a chair and reaches for something on the floor. Carissa looks like she wants to get up and run off, but the man puts an end to those thoughts when he grabs her and uses a plastic zip tie to bind her hands. Carissa's slim chance of escape is taken away when the man zip ties her legs and arms until she is completely trussed up tight. Now Carissa's only hope is to scream for help and hope someone hears her. But that too becomes impossible when the man stuffs and tapes a huge pair of panties in her mouth to gag her. Carissa is then left bound and gagged. She tries to struggle, but the zip tied are very tight and cut into her skins. Any movement she makes is very painful. Sometime later, the man returns and things are going to get even worse for Carissa. He pulls up her sweater and makes her lay on the floor so he can hogtie her with another zip tie. Then before leaving her again, he pulls her bra down. The video then ends with Carissa zip tied, gagged and bouncing her big tits around as she struggles to get loose.

Categories: panty gag, zip tied

Tape me Helpless! So I can't resist when you do naughty things to me!
27 photos 17 minutes, 14 seconds of video
Added 08/28/2014
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Carissa has a handy man over to fix some minor problems in her house. But that is not the real reason she has him there. With her husband upstairs sleeping, Carissa comes on to the man telling him her husband does not pay much attention to her. She tells him that she has always had this kinky fantasy to be bound and gagged helpless so her captor can have his way with her. She tells the man where she has some tape and asks him to wrap her up tight with it. Once she finds her self all trussed up, Carissa tells the man she also wants to be gagged so she can scream and not have to worry about her husband hearing when her moans of pleasure start to get too loud. So the man stuffs her mouth with panties and then wraps tape very tightly around her face to gag her. Now bound and gagged with tape, Carissa squirms around on the floor.. After tha man gives her a good hard spanking, he pulls her huge tits out of her bra. He then tells Carissa that he is going to pulls her panties down and pleasure her until she has a wild orgasm.

Categories: girdle

I have you all tied up and Oh My! What big tits you have!
22 photos 19 minutes, 23 seconds of video
Added 04/26/2014
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

Dixie is Carissa's best friend and little does she know, but Carissa has a huge crush on her. Having heard that Dixie has no desire to be with a woman, Carissa has been very reluctant to tell her anything about these feelings. But today, she can no longer resist and she goes off to visit her friend in her hotel room. At first Dixie is happy to see Carissa. But when she starts to come on to her, Dixie immediately backs off. Carissa is persistent and starts to force herself on Dixie. Dixie tries to fight Carissa off, but she continues advance on her. In order to stop Carissa, Dixie tells her that she wants to play a game and Carissa agrees to play. When Dixie brings out some rope, Carissa is very excited and lets Dixie tie her up. Dixie ties the rope extra tight hoping to put Carissa off with this idea. But instead, she gets even more turned on and starts telling Dixie all the naughty things she wants done to her while she is tied up. Not wanting to hear anymore, Dixie stuffs and tapes a pair of panties in her mouth to gag Carissa. Much to Dixie's displeasure, this only makes matters worse and now Carissa cannot control herself. Thinking humiliating her friend will calm her down, Dixie pulls her top down to expose her boobs. All of a sudden, something happens to Dixie. The site of Carissa moaning bound and gagged with her great big tits out, starts to get Dixie turned and soon she is all over her best friend fondling her and licking her boobs. Wanting to see Carissa even more helpless and vulnerable, Dixie crotch ropes and hogties her. This causes Dixie to lose control of herself and now it is time to get naked and for some real fun.

Featuring: Dixie Comet

Housekeeping Girls kept bound and gagged in a hotel room.
26 photos 19 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 04/11/2014
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

Carissa and Dixie work for a local hotel chain as housekeepers. Today they are just about done and both girls have plans to go out for a night on the town after work. But as Dixie is cleaning up one of the rooms, a man comes in and grabs her. He is here looking for something the prior guests in the room have left. Something very illegal and he cannot have Dixie interfering. So he quickly ties her up with rope. Then to quiet her protests, the man stuffs and tapes a gag in her mouth. Meanwhile, Carissa is cleaning another room. When Dixie doesn't show up to help her, Carissa goes to look for her in the last room she saw her working on. She finds Dixie all tied up and gagged and quickly tries to untie her. But the man is waiting and her grabs Carissa too. Soon Carissa finds herself tied up and gagged (On Screen) right next to Dixie. Both girls try desperately to get loose. But they are tied very tight and going nowhere without help. And, with their mouths stuffed and gagged, there is no way they can communicate any kind of plan to get themselves out of this situation. Later after the man has found what he came for, he comes back to hogtie the girls so her can make his get away. He lays Carissa up on the sofa and Dixie on the floor below her. As he hogties Carissa, he cannot help but notice just how sexy she is dressed under her maid uniform. So he pulls her skirt up to get better look at her sexy panties. He also pulls her dress top open and her bra down to get a good look at her great big tits. Then after hogtying Dixie, he also pulls her her dress to see what she is wearing under. He is pleasantly surprised to find she is wearing sexy garters but No Panties. He then leaves the girls exposed in this embarrassing situation as they struggle bound and gagged.

Featuring: Dixie Comet , Multi-Girls
Categories: girdle
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