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Tape me Helpless! So I can't resist when you do naughty things to me!
27 photos 17 minutes, 14 seconds of video
Added 10/17/2016
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Carissa has a handy man over to fix some minor problems in her house. But that is not the real reason she has him there. With her husband upstairs sleeping, Carissa comes on to the man telling him her husband does not pay much attention to her. She tells him that she has always had this kinky fantasy to be bound and gagged helpless so her captor can have his way with her. She tells the man where she has some tape and asks him to wrap her up tight with it. Once she finds her self all trussed up, Carissa tells the man she also wants to be gagged so she can scream and not have to worry about her husband hearing when her moans of pleasure start to get too loud. So the man stuffs her mouth with panties and then wraps tape very tightly around her face to gag her. Now bound and gagged with tape, Carissa squirms around on the floor.. After the man gives her a good hard spanking, he pulls her huge tits out of her bra. He then tells Carissa that he is going to pulls her panties down and pleasure her until she has a wild orgasm.

Categories: ask to be tied up, garters, Likes being tied up, stockings

She stole my uniform and left me tied up!
30 photos 18 minutes, 18 seconds of video
Added 10/06/2016
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Dixie was being pursued by the authorities and needed to get away very quickly. She knew they would be looking for her at train stations, bus depots and airports trying to buy a ticket out of town. So she decided the best way to get away was to sneak onto an airline flight posing as an airline flight attendant. The video begins with Airline Stewardess Carissa Montgomery getting ready to leave and catch her assigned flight. But all of a sudden Dixie shows up and grabs her. Dixie makes Carissa take off her uniform and get on the floor. She quickly ties Carissa up in her underwear. Then to shut Carissa up, Dixie stuffs and tapes her mouth shut to gag her. Carissa is then left alone to roll around on the floor bound and gagged. She watches helplessly as Dixie puts on her uniform and steals her boarding badge. When Dixie is ready to leave, she comes back to Carissa to make sure she is still well muffled and restrained. Then finally before making her get away, Dixie hogties Carissa and pulls her big tits out of her bra. It will be hours before someone will find Carissa still struggling tied up and gagged with her big boobs bouncing on the hotel room carpet.

Categories: Damsel In Distress, garters, girl tying girl, stockings

An older woman to show him the ropes.
20 photos 14 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 07/14/2016
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It was his first year in college, so he was new in town. But lucky for him, his mother had a friend named Carissa who came to check in on him. She offered to take him to dinner and show him around. So as she waited for him to dress, she decided to use his computer to check her email. This is when she found a bondage video on his computer. Being into bondage herself, Carissa started to flirt with him even though he was somewhat younger than her. "How would you like to tie up an older woman" she asked him. She assured him that she would never say anything to his mother about it. So short time later, Carissa found herself tied up with rope. As she sat there talking to him, she told him just how excited being tied up got her. But she also told him that is would be much more fun if she was completely helpless and in order for that to happen, she was going to have to be gagged. The next thing Carissa knows, she has a pair of panties stuffed and tied in her mouth to gag her and now she is very turned on. She squirms her way off of the chair and works her way over to the sofa. Trying to get the young man a little more involved, she bends over the couch and pulls her skirt up to give him a view of her panties under her pantyhose. When she isn't satisfied that he is as excited as she is, she gets on the floor and tries to get her blouse open to give him a better view of her great big boobs. This seems to work, because a short time later, he has her bra down and soon her pantyhose and hopefully after that, her panties too.

Categories: ask to be tied up, pantyhose

Everyone else has gone home for the night and someone has Carissa tied up and gagged in the workshop
38 photos 15 minutes, 25 seconds of video
Added 04/28/2016
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Carissa was working a little late trying to finish up some office work tonight. That is when a man came in and grabbed her. He took her into the work shop area and after pulling her skirt off, he tied her up on a chair. When she started to make too much noise, the man stuffed and tied a rag in her mouth to gag her. After leaving Carissa to struggle for a short while, the man returned. Before he left her to make his get away, he pulled her great big tits out of her sweater and then left her tied down to the chair. Carissa would stay like this until the next morning when someone comes in to find her bouncing those big boobs as she struggled bound and gagged.

Categories: girdle

Carissa Mongomery-After I gave him what he wanted, he tied me up in my girdle!
16 photos 15 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 09/03/2015
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He needed the secret code for her computer and Carissa refused to give it to him. So to make her see he meant business, he tied her up. Finally Carissa gave him what he and he untied her hands do she could write down the code. But instead of letting her go, he stripped her down to her bra and girdle and then tied her hands behind her back again. Then to shut her up, he stuffed her mouth and taped her up to gag her. Finally he pulled her bra down and put Carissa on the floor where he hogtied her. He left her this way, struggling bound and gagged with her great big tits out.

Categories: girdles, hogtied

He brought the busty blond in tied and gagged with a pillowcase over her head.
11 minutes, 18 seconds of video
Added 07/20/2015
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While Carissa was walking to her, she was grabbed by a man and taken against her will. The video begins with the man forcing Ms Montgomery into a room. He has her hands tied behind her back and there is a pillowcase over her head and face. From the sounds she is making, it is obvious that she is gagged. The man makes her sit on a chair where he ties her up very tightly. The pillowcase is then taken off of her head and sure enough, there is a red rag tied between her teeth holding a wad of panties in her mouth that has her gagged. The man removes the gag to give her a drink of water. But before she can start talking, he re-stuffs her mouth and then ties a white rag very tightly between her teeth to gag her again. More rope is added to put Carissa in a seated hogtie on the chair. When she is left alone in the room, she struggles very hard to get loose, but the rope has her well restrained and secured to the chair. Later the man returns and puts on her knees so he can put her in a kneeling hogtie. He will leave her like this bent over the chair until he decides to put her on the floor and lift her dress to expose her big tits.

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