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Caught trying to escape. Now he has me hogtied way too tight!
37 photos 18 minutes, 6 seconds of video
Added 09/19/2014
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

JJ is tied at the wrists and elbows and attached to the chair. A man is securing her ankles. He stuffs her mouth to gag her and leaves her there in the hot filthy basement. She struggles frantically to get up from the chair, almost toppling over with it as she stands up, sweat pouring down her chest and off her brow. Somehow she gets her ankles untied and is able to get up off the chair. She looks for a way out and see a door. There,she finds a stairwell and heads up it with her 6 inch pumps on. She sits down to unlatch the hinge at the bottom and then stands up to try to reach the lock. She can’t do it. She is exhausted and dehydrated. The man has come back and found her gone. He goes up to the top of the steps and drags her back down. Not pleased with the woman's escape attempt he sets her down on the floor and ties up her legs. He comes back a short time later with an enormous red Styrofoam ball. He unties her cleave gag and the stuffing comes tumbling out. He shoves the ball in the mouth and the tightly tapes it in her mouth, wrapping it over and over again. She can’t believe what is happening. He eventually puts her into a hogtie and pulls up her dress and pulls down her bra. She is exposed, exhausted, sweaty and filthy. He leaves her there again knowing she will not be able to escape. She tries to pick at knots and yells through her gag for help but nothing happens. She suffers there alone not knowing what is to come of her.

Categories: ESCAPE, hogtied, girdle

Room mates home invaded and left to struggle hogtied and gagged.
12 minutes, 15 seconds of video
Added 09/04/2014
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

JJ Plush and Caroline Pierce are sharing a hotel suite. A man comes in, grabs JJ and over powers here. A short time later, she finds herself tied up with rope. Then before she can alert Caroline, the man gags her. A short time later, Caroline walks in to find JJ. But as she tries to untie, her, she too is grabbed and over powered, tied up and gagged right next to JJ. Both girls are then hogtied and left to struggle bound and gagged with their boobs out.

Featuring: Caroline Pierce , Multi-Girls
Categories: pantyhose, girdle

You better gag me really good!
9 minutes, 24 seconds of video
Added 08/21/2014
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

As I mentioned on an earlier date, I am changing the theme of this site from Older Women Bondage to Old School Bondage. The site name change is coming soon. When he heard a noise in his basement, he went downstairs and found his girlfriend JJ Plush there in just her bra, girdle and a rubber bathing cap. Knowing his wife was do home any minute, he tried to get his full figured girlfriend to leave. But she wanted to play and demanded that he tie her up in the outfit she was wearing. She told him that if he didn't she would run upstairs and tell his wife all about their affair. With no other choice, he brought out some rope and started tying JJ up. When he heard his wife walk in up, he told her not to make any noise. But JJ told him that if he wanted to keep her quiet, he better gag her really good. Once he had JJ all tied up, it was time to gag her. But just as he started stuffing a huge wad of panties in her mouth, his wife called him from upstairs. Holding the panties in JJ's mouth, he yelled back at his wife that he would up after he finished tying up some loose ends. He then wrapped tape tightly around JJ's face and over her mouth to finish gagging her. JJ was then left alone bound and gagged in the basement. She moaned through the gag as she squirmed around on the floor. There was nothing she liked better than the feeling of being totally helpless. She knew that in a short while, things were only going to get better when her boyfriend returned and figured out how to peel her out of her bra and girdle.

Categories: girdle

Soaking in sweat she struggled hogtied with a sock packed mouth.
35 photos 18 minutes, 6 seconds of video
Added 08/08/2014
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

JJ Plush and a friend of hers have something of his and he wants it back. He finds JJ and takes her to this abandoned building on the wrong side of own. There he makes her call her friend to arrange for the man to get his stuff back. Being afraid to be left in the sweltering hot old building, JJ begs the man to take her with him. Knowing she cannot be trusted, he tells her that she is going to stay put. To make sure of this, he brings out some rope and ties her up very tightly. Although they are in the basement of the building, the man worries that someone will hear JJ when she cries out for help. So the man stuffs her mouth with a very large knee sock and tapes it in. No sooner than the man walks away, JJ is out of the chair and trying to hop out of the place. But the man returns and realizes that he needs to secure her better. Using more rope, he crotch ropes and hogties JJ as she tries to resist. With all her struggling and attempts to hop away, JJ finds herself now soaking wet with perspiration. Seeing this, the man offers to help her stay cool. JJ tries to protest as the man opens her top and pulls her big boobs out of her bra. "There! That ought to cool you down!" the man tells her. But it hardly helps at all and JJ continues to soak her pantyhose and skirt as she is left struggling bound and gagged.

Categories: pantyhose

Help! He has me tied up and gagged in the back of his car!
39 photos 20 minutes, 11 seconds of video
Added 01/31/2014
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

JJ Plush has broken down way out in the country. After a while, she gives up waiting for someone to come along and help her and she has sets off walking in her very uncomfortable high heels. All of a sudden JJ sees a car approaching. She waits for it to pull up along side of her and she asks the man if he can give her a ride to the nearest auto repair shop. But once she gets in, the man doesn't take her anywhere but to a secluded area where he gets her out of the car and ties her up. Then after packing and tying a gag in her mouth, he stuffs her in the back. He then drives her to an abandoned garage where he likes to keep girls like her until he can sell them off to his associates. Rolling about in the cargo area of the car, JJ struggles bound and gagged. All the bumps and sudden stops send her bouncing about, but there is nothing she can do. Several miles down the road, they arrive at the man's destination. There he takes JJ out of his car and makes her hope into a barn. After closing the door, the man brings out more rope and ties JJ tighter and more secure. This includes tying her elbows, crotch roping and hogtying her. He re-gags her by stuffing 3 Pair of panties in her mouth and leaves bouncing her big tits about after pulling them them out of her bra.

Categories: pantyhose

I'll be taking your Nurse Uniform!
11 minutes, 15 seconds of video
Added 12/09/2013
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

JJ Plush needs to get into an office in this Medical Building. But the head Nurse, Nikki Masters tells her that the only people allowed up there are doctors and nurses. Desperate, JJ needs to figure out how to become a nurse in the next few minutes. As she looks over Nikki, she comes up with a plan. She over powers the head nurse and takes her dress off. Then JJ ties Nikki up in her bra and girdle. So she can not cry out for help and thus, ruin the plan, JJ stuffs and tapes Nikki's mouth to gag her. Nikki is then left to struggle bound and gagged as JJ carries out her plan. It will be sometime before a doctor comes into the office finds her still struggling with her big tits out. But by then, JJ will have found what she came looking for and will be long gone.

Featuring: Nicki Masters
Categories: girdle

We can't make a sound with our mouths packed full and wrapped tight!
15 minutes, 11 seconds of video
Added 11/25/2013
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

JJ Plush is being held captive by a man in her hotel room. Someone knocks at the door and the man sees it is Danni Lyons, the hotel manager. "Get rid of her!" The man tells JJ> But Danni comes into the room and now the man has two girls to deal with. Using rope, he ties them both up. Then to shut them up, he stuffs their mouths with panties and tapes them up to gag the girls. JJ and Danni are then left to struggle bound and gagged. The girls spend the rest of the evening trying to get each other untied. They do try their best to communicate a plan. But the only sounds they can make are muffled whimpers.

Featuring: Danni Lyons , Multi-Girls
Categories: hogtied, panty gag

Office manager finds her full figured secretary bound and gagged.
12 minutes, 5 seconds of video
Added 09/09/2013
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

JJ is working alone in the office when a man sneaks up on her and grabs her. He then quickly ties her up with rope. When she starts to protest, he stuffs a gag in her mouth. Later as JJ struggles, Angela, her office manager returns and finds the secretary all trussed up. But then she is grabbed and also tied up right next to JJ. She too is gagged and both girls are left to struggle on the office floor.

Featuring: Angela , Multi-Girls

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My gosh--JJ Plush is magnificent.
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