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Mouthy bitch finds herself hogtied gagged and humiliated.
37 photos 20 minutes, 23 seconds of video
Added 02/11/2017
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JJ’s father has bought her a fixer upper home. Except, it isn’t being fixed up as fast as she wants it to be. She comes in and starts to scream at the contractor. He has had enough of people like her. He ties her up, hands in front and cleave gags her. He puts her on the floor, she doesn’t seem helpless and humiliated enough so he re-ties her, binding her elbow and wrists behind her back. He then re-stuffs her mouth and wraps vet wrap around her face and mouth to gag her again. Still not satisfied she is humiliated enough, he hogties her and tapes her high heel over her nose and mouth. He then pulls her big boobs out from her satin blouse. He decides to remove the shoe to get a glimpse of her desperate pleading eyes before leaving her there totally humiliated.

Categories: Curvy, pantyhose

Hooker tied up, gagged and tormented by a couple of construction workers.
46 photos 22 minutes, 13 seconds of video
Added 01/21/2017
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Two men are working at remodeling a house. All of a sudden, a lady escort named JJ Plush walks in and tells them that she is there to entertain them. JJ doesn't know it yet, but she has come to the wrong location. Most likely because she may have had a little too much to drink. The men see that she is dressed in a very tight dress with nylons and high heels. They see that she is very friendly and appears to very eager for some fun. But they fear once she figures out she is at the wrong place, she will leave. So they grab her and tie her up with rope. At first JJ thinks they are into some kinky bondage games and she is OK with this. But only if they agree to pay her extra. But then she figures out that she is in the wrong place. But now she is tied tight and it is too late for her to get her things and leave. Then one of the men starts going through her purse and finds that she carries extra pairs of panties around. He uses all 3 pairs that he finds in her purse to stuff her mouth with. Then to finish gagging her, he wraps tape around her face and mouth very tightly. JJ is then left to struggle bound and gagged. As she rolls around on the dirty floor, the men pay very little attention to her. But then they decide to take a short break. They use more rope to crotch rope her and tied JJ into a very and I mean VERY strict hogtie. Now JJ can hardly move and she is sure that cannot last the entire evening tied up like this. But much her relief, the men finish for the day. They turn their attention back to her and make her a deal she cannot refuse. Maybe it was the crotch rope putting pressure on the right spot or maybe it was the new sensation of total helplessness. But she agrees to let both of them have their way with her at huge discount.

Categories: panty gag, pantyhose

Full figured girls in trouble-Tape em up!
31 photos 13 minutes, 3 seconds of video
Added 01/09/2017
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J Plush owns a bar on the wrong side of town and is behind on her protection payments to the local crime boss. So today at closing time, she and Sassy Kat, her bartender, are on their way out when two thugs walk in and grab them. When JJ refuses to give them what they came for, they grab both girls and tape them up to bind them. The girls struggle and protest before one of the men stuffs and tapes their mouths to gag the girls. They are then left to struggle bound and gagged on the floor while the men ransack the bar, looking for money to pay up their debt. After the men find what they came for, they leave the girls. But not before humiliating them by ripping their tops open and pulling down their bras.

Featuring: Multi-Girls , Sassy Kat
Categories: 2 girls tied, Tape Bondage

Curvy girl friend punished hogtied and gagged in her panty girdle.
31 photos 19 minutes, 19 seconds of video
Added 07/22/2016
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

JJ is smoking a clove cigarette in the bedroom when she hears her boyfriend come in. She quickly puts it out and puts the ashtray in the nightstand. He smells it immediately and he can tell she is lying about it. Then she says she is trying to lose a few lbs and shes heard that smoking helps. This doesn't make him any happier. He opens the drawer and sees the ashtray. He puts her over his knee and spanks her big behind. Then he grabs some rope to tie her up. He gets tired of listening to her excuses, so he stuffs and tapes her mouth full of panties to gag her. Her elbows and forearms are also tied but he is not done with her yet. He hogties her and leaves her there helplessly mmmphing through the gag on the floor. He has a different kind of diet in mind. She can stay there all tied up while he heads out to gets dinner without her.

Categories: girdle

So you're the bitch he hired to take my job!
31 photos 24 minutes, 8 seconds of video
Added 07/01/2016
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

JJ has come in for an audition for job working at a popular fetish site. But as she waits, a girl named Adara walks in. Adara tells her that she will be conducting the audition and starts to tie JJ up. This catches JJ by surprise, because she thought the audition was to test her rigging skills. But after Adara has JJ all trussed tight, she tells her that she is the girl whom JJ would be replacing. She also tells her that she is the girl friend of the boss. But this turns out to be a lie. Because in fact, Adara was fired. When JJ's protests get too loud, Adara removes the panties she is wearing. She wads them up and tapes them in JJ's mouth to gag her. All of a sudden, the boss walks in and finds out what is going on. There is a short argument with Adara and then he grabs her and ties her up too. After he stuffs and tapes Adara's mouth to gag her, the boss unties JJ and apologizes for the treatment she received. But JJ wants revenge. Using more rope, she ties Adara tighter and more secure. Then finally to humiliate her, JJ covers Adara head and face with the panties that had been stuffed in JJ's mouth. Seeing the job done on Adara by JJ, the boss is impressed and gives JJ the job. They both then leave Adara struggling bound and gagged as they go out to dinner.

Featuring: Adara Jordan
Categories: pantyhose

Bar Heist-Tied Up and Gagged at closing time.
37 photos 18 minutes, 5 seconds of video
Added 05/21/2016
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

JJ Plush was working alone and about to close up when a man walked into the place. He accosted her and made her come out from behind the bar. Using rope, he tied her up. To keep her quiet, he stuffed and taped a gag in her mouth. He he left her to check out the safe, JJ made an attempt to get away by getting up and starting to hop away. Before she could get too far, the man returned and grabbed her. This time he was going to make sure she stayed put. Using more rope, he tied her down to a chair. Then to punish her, he pulled her big tits out of her top and bra. Finally after taking what he came for, the man made his get away, leaving JJ struggling.chair tied and gagged.

Categories: robbery

Oh My Gosh JJ! Where is the person who tied you up like this!
25 photos 16 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 01/31/2015
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

JJ Plush is help Private Detective Dixie Malone with a case and has asked her to meet her at an abandoned warehouse down by the docks. She tells Dixie that she has uncovered some incriminating evidence. But when Ms Malone gets there, she finds JJ bound and gagged. As she tries to free her, she is grabbed from behind by the man who tied JJ up. A short time later, Dixie finds herself tied up too and with JJ looking on, the man stuffs and tapes a gag in her mouth. Bother girls are left to struggle as the man goes about destroying the evidence JJ was hoping to show Dixie. Then before he is ready to make his escape, he ties Dixie to a pole with rope around her neck and then hogties JJ. As an added humiliation to both girls, her leaves then with her blouse open and their bras pulled down.

Featuring: Dixie Comet , Multi-Girls
Categories: detective
My gosh--JJ Plush is magnificent.
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