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Full figured neighbor bouncing her big boobs on the floor as she struggled hogtied and gagged.
35 photos 16 minutes, 15 seconds of video
Added 10/12/2017
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She knew his wife was out of town and having the hots for him, Joy went next door to visit. She found him in his basement and invited him over for dinner. But when he told her that he had other plans, Joy found out it was with another lady and she immediately started to get jealous. Then she found a bunch of rope laying around and she figured that he was planning to play some kind of kinky game with her. So Joy decided to push her luck and told him that maybe she would tell his wife what was going on. Her plan worked as her neighbor grabbed her and tied her hands behiond her back. He then put her on a chair and tied her ankles so she could not run off. A short while later, Joy found herself all tied up with rope. It was very tight and at first, she wasn't so sure she liked this game. But there wasn't much she could say now with her mouth stuffed full of panties and tightly cleave gagged. It didn't take long until the feeling of being helpless had her very turned on. But things were only going to get better for her, when her neighbor pulled her great big tits out of her bra and then hogtied her. Now she knew that she wasn't going anywhere. As she struggled hogtied, gagged and bouncing her big boobs on the cold concrete floor, Joy was very happy she came to invite him over for dinner. Only now, dinner was going to be at his place and she was going to be the main course.

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Full Figured wife kept tit roped and gagged in her own basement.
33 photos 18 minutes, 18 seconds of video
Added 10/03/2017
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A man has grabbed Joy in her own home. He takes her down into her basement and zip ties her to a pole. Then to shut her up, he stuffs her mouth with a huge sock and wraps black electrical tape around her face to keep her gagged. He then leaves Joy struggling while he goes off to look for something better to tie her up with. Some time later he comes back with rope. The man un-zips Joys dress and pulls it down until she is only in her long line bra, pantyhose and panties. He then re-ties her with the rope on the floor. After removing the bra so her great big tits are now exposed, the man re-gags her by stuffing and taping a huge pair of panties in her mouth. Then using more rope, he ties her big tits up and pulls the rope back until her nipples are pointed straight forward. Finally after connecting Joy to the wood framing in the basement, he ties rope around her neck and fastens it to the framing move her head forward. Now, Joy can hardly move or struggle at all, She is tit tied, neck tied, gagged with panties and not going anywhere. She will stay this for hours until her husband comes home and hears her grunts and moans as she cries out for help.

Categories: bbw, Big Girls, pantyhose

Don't you want to tie up and gag your full figured neighbor!
22 photos 21 minutes, 24 seconds of video
Added 07/17/2017
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He was alone in his basement when in walked his full-figured neighbor Joy. She told him that she had been out at a local pub and started to get lonely. So, she came to visit him. During the conversation, he finds out that she wants to play. And knowing she liked to play rough, he agreed. So, a short time later, he has her tied up. He also gags her with a ring gag. But this doesn't keep her quiet enough. So, he shoves a pair of panties through the ring and seems to muffle her well. After giving her a little spanking, he leaves her to struggle bound and gagged. Then later he returns to her to re gag her by stuffing her mouth with a big pair of panties and taping her up with clear medical tape. Then after pull her big tits out of her bra, he makes her hop to a different part of the basement where he secures her to a rope leading to an overhead beam. There, he spanks her someone. But knowing what she really wants, he bends her over so he can pull her panties down.

Categories: bbw, Big Girls, Likes being tied up

Tied up tight with her mouth packed and wrapped so the full figured girl cannot escape again.
21 photos 17 minutes, 13 seconds of video
Added 05/09/2017
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Joy has escaped from man who grabbed her. She runs through the woods until she see's a house. Believing she can find help there, she goes inside. The only problem is, the man chasing her works for the man who lives at this house. The video begins with a man on the phone. He is angry at the person other end because he is the person he sent to grab Joy and is telling the man of her escape. Just then, someone starts pounding on the door. When the man answers, in walks Joy and she is very hysterical. Joy tells him that a man is chasing her and begs the man to help her. Instead, he brings out rope and ties her up. To keep her quiet, he stuffs a huge wad of panties in her mouth and tapes her up to gag Joy. Leaving Joy to struggle bound and gagged, the man calls his assistant to let him know he can quit searching for Joy because he has her. In the mean time, Joy struggles hard to get loose, but this time she is tied very tight and secure. Also with her mouth packed full and tight, there is no way anyone will hear her cries for help. later, to make sure Joy stays put, the man returns and hogties her. he also pulls her blouse open and her bra down so her big tits can bounce about freely.

Categories: bbw, Big Girls, Big Tits, Curvy, Damsel In Distress, pantyhose

If only my husband could see me! Bound gagged and tit tied in some stranger's basement!
27 photos 23 minutes, 18 seconds of video
Added 12/22/2016
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Joy and her husband got into a fight. Because of this, he has left her stranded many miles from home. After a long walk in high heels, she finds a house with man nice enough to let her come in to rest. At some point, Joy comes up with a plan to get back at her husband. She asks the man if he would help her by making it look like something bad happened to her as a result of her being left stranded. She tells him to make it look like someone grabbed her and is holding her for ransom. The man agrees to help her and a short while later, Joy finds herself tied up with rope in the man's basement. Joy tells the man to gag her and then shoot photos of her so he can send them to her husband with the fake ransom demand. After this is done, the man starts to untie Joy. But she tells him that being tied up has her very excited and asks him to tie her tighter with more rope and keep her this way for a while. She tells him to make it look like really bad things happened to her and to send her husband more photos of it. So the man stuffs her mouth again and tapes her up to re-gag her. Then to make it look like very naughty things are happening to her, the man pulls Joy's great big boobs out of her bra and ties them up. Finally the man crotch ropes and hogties Joy and this may prove to be a problem for him. Because now she is very turned on and her next request might be for him to actually do these naughty bad things to her.

Categories: ask to be tied up, bbw, Big Girls, Big Tits, Full Figured Woman, Likes being tied up, pantyhose

Don't you want to tie up your full figured neighbor! I'll make it worth your while!
38 photos 19 minutes, 18 seconds of video
Added 07/11/2016
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His neighbor Joy has called him over to fix a problem with her bathroom sink. When he gets there, he finds her in her robe and she leads him upstairs to the master bathroom. When he asks her why she doesn't have her husband fix it, she tells him that he is out of town and adds that she is very lonely. He checks the sink out and finds nothing wrong with it. While he is looking under it, Joy tells him to move a bag out of the way so maybe he can see better. When he still cannot find anything wrongs, she tells him to look in the bag. Confused he looks in the bag and only finds rope. When he looks up at Joy for an explanation, he sees that her robe it now open giving him a view of her curvy body in sexy black lingerie. She tells that there is really nothing wrong with the sink and that she only called him over because she is very lonely. "Don't you want to Tie Me up!" she asks him and adds that she will make it worth his while. This is an offer he cannot turn down and soon he has his buxom neighbor all tied up in rope. When she asks him to gag her, he shoves a large rubber ball in her mouth and stands back to watch and listen as Joy moans and squirms in the rope. It is obvious that she is very turned on and he knows exactly what she wants. But first he is going to get her more worked up. He removes the gag and tells her that he is going to stuff a pair of her panties in her mouth to re-gag her. Before he does this, Joy tells him that she wants him to pull her big tits out and do naughty things to her while is tied up and gagged. So after he watches he struggle bound and gagged for a short while, he follows her instruction by untying her legs so he can spread them and pull down her panties.

Categories: ask to be tied up, bbw, Full Figured Woman, garters

BBW Mom-Can't we make some kind of deal so you can tie me up?
25 photos 16 minutes of video
Added 06/06/2016
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Joy's son is in big trouble at school and she is called in by his teacher for a conference late one afternoon. When she gets there, the teacher brings out her son's back pack that he had expected to find books in. When Joy sees the bag, she immediately starts to panic. This is because she recognizes the bag as hers and she knows it contains some very embarrassing items. The teacher brings out rope, tape and a pair of women's panties. Joy tries to explain this to the teacher that the back pack is hers and these items belong to her. But the teacher thinks she is just trying to cover up for her son. That is until she shows him the rope marks all over her arms and legs. As Joys watches the teacher try to understand the situation, she gets both an urge and a idea of how to resolve this issue. She slowly starts to un-buttom her blouse so the teacher can see her bra struggling to hold her huge boobs in. She then suggests that he tie her up in the teacher's lounge. It is a deal he finds very hard to refuse. Using Joy's rope, the teacher starts to tie her up and he immediately realizes that she is not lying about her love for being tied up. Because she starts to moan with pleasure and tells him all the naughty things he can do to her once her has her all tied up. Once she is all trussed he, he brings out the panties and tape. Joy looks at them and tell him that the panties are hers and that she wants him to tape them in her mouth to gag her. She tells him that she likes to moan loud and that she doesn't want to risk having a janitor hear anything when he does naughty things to her. The fun begins right away when Joy is put on her knees. Her skirt is then pulled up all the way and her bra is pulled down to expose her great big tits. Then more ropes is used to bind her chest area so her big boobs will stand out as she bounces about. Finally the teacher tells her that before he gives her a good hard ride, she has to make herself cum in her pantyhose several times. He gives her something to help herself along. A good tight crotch rope. Joy now bound, gagged and very helpless gets busy right away as she works herself up to the first of several hard orgasms in her pantyhose.

Categories: ask to be tied up, bbw, pantyhose

BBW Housewife-Oh My Gosh! My husband cannot find me tied up and gagged like this!
33 photos 22 minutes, 5 seconds of video
Added 09/01/2015
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Joy wants to spice her sex life with her husband. So she invites a photographer over to shoot some sexy lingerie pictures for her to show her husband. Sometime during the the session, Joy lets the man know that her husband actually likes to see pictures of women tied up in various situations. She tells the man that she thinks her husband's desire to see this kind of stuff is very weird and she cannot see what he likes about it. When the man suggests that Joy give her husband's ideas a chance, she refuses. "There is no way I can let my husband come home and find me tied up and gagged!" she tells him. But the man decides to force the issue and he grabs her. With Joy trying to resist, he ties her up with rope. At first she protests. But then all of a sudden, the feeling of being helpless over comes her and she is now turned on. Then when the man stuffs and ties a gag tight in her mouth, Joy moans very loud. As she struggles bound and gagged, Joy can hardly control her self and decides that she cannot wait for her husband to get home. She wants to be played with now and begs the man through the gag to give her what she wants. Always wanting to satisfy his customers, the man is more than willing. Sometime later, Joy's husband comes home to find his wife bouncing her big tits as she struggles bound and gagged.

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Doesn't get any better than a really full figure BBW like Joy bound up --- heck I know what I would do to her !!
The best bondage model on this site!
Write a Comment...Joy would I love to spend just one weekend with you. You are my favorite model
Write a Comment...Man, she's beautiful!
Write a Comment...Fantastic model, beautiful woman. I've got all her clips so far. kee;p em coming.
Joy is by far the best model on this site...........mmmmm what I would do!
she's the best
LOVE the mouthfilling gags... :) ... mmppffff
Joy is soo sexy! I hope to see much more of her soon!
Very very very love this woman ! nice bust ! Big body nice gagged mouth . Joy !- make more video ! Fantastic .! Kiss May be i can know your e-mail .Joy ?
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