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Full figured hostage brutally hogtied in her pantyhose.
18 photos 11 minutes, 22 seconds of video
Added 06/06/2017
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On Vicious Vamp's most recent visit, she asked me to tie her in a very strict back bending hogtie. She wanted it to be as tight as she could possibly handle and to also be gagged extremely tight. She wanted to feel completely helplessness and I was only happy to give her what she wanted.

In this scene, Vicious Vamp playing the role of Michelle has been taken hostage by a man. He takes her to his hideout and makes her strip down to her panties, pantyhose and high heels. Then to make it so she cannot escape, the man ties her in a very tight and cruel hogtie. To shut her up, her mouth is stuffed with panties and then a rag is tied very tight between her teeth to gag her. Michelle is then left bouncing her big tits about as she struggles hogtied and gagged. But she is bound together so tight, she can hardly move at all. It is with great difficulty that she can even role over onto her side. Then after that, it takes several attempts to get back on her stomach.

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What if he tied me up and does naughty things to me!
32 photos 16 minutes, 12 seconds of video
Added 03/21/2017
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Michelle is angry with her husband. This is because while he was away, he sent over a handy man to fix something. Michelle has a big fear of being alone with men because of something happened to her earlier in her life. When the man gets there, she reluctantly talks to him and points out where the problem is. As she sits and waits for him to fix the problem and leave, she starts to day dream and at one point her imagination gets the better of her. Because suddenly, the man sneaks up behind her and grabs her. After tying her hands behind her back, her worst fears are imagined as he bends her over and pulls her pantyhose down. When he is done with her, the man ties her up more secure with lots of rope. Most likely so he can return and have another round with her. So, she cannot scream for help, the man stuffs her mouth and tapes her mouth to gag her. Then as she feared, he again bends her over and pulls her pantyhose down. After leaving Michelle to struggle bound and gagged for a while, the man returns. This time before having his way with her, he pulls Michelle's great big tits out of her bra and then bends her over. Finally, Michelle finds herself hogtied and gagged with pantyhose down and her big tits bouncing about as she struggles on the floor. She knows that sooner or later the man will be back to continue her ordeal. But then she hears someone calling her. She opens her eyes to find she is not bound and gagged and still dressed. The person calling is the handy man and it is just to tell her that he is finished fixing the household problem and that he is leaving. She realizes now that her nightmare was just a day dream.

Categories: bbw, Big Girls, Big Tits, Curvy, Full Figured Woman, pantyhose

Hurry! Before my husband gets home! Tie me up, Gag me, make me your full figured slut!
28 photos 21 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added 03/06/2017
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Michele (Vicious Vamp) comes into her room and starts to get dressed. She has no idea that someone is hiding in her closet watching. Her husband will be home in about two hours, but she is waiting for a man whom she is having an affair with. However, the man is late and she calls him on her cell phone. All she gets is his voice mail and she leaves him an angry message to hurry up get here. Tired of waiting, Michele gets her vibrator and starts to play with herself. When she worries that she is moaning too loud, she stuffs panties in her mouth to muffle her cries of pleasure. After a short while, Michele works herself into a very violent orgasm. She moans so loud as she cums in her panties and she does not hear the masked man who has been watching as he sneaks up on her. When he grabs her, Michele thinks it is her boyfriend and she makes no attempt to resist as he ties her up. Then as the man turns her to face him, Michele realizes that the man is someone she doesn't know. At first, she protests, but because she is so turned on, she really does not care and tells the man to tie her up very tight. She tells him to pull her hair and choke her with his hand. When he bends her over and slaps her ass with his hand, this really get Michele excited. Now, she is ready to be gagged and she opens her mouth wide. The man stuffs and packs TWO (2) pair of panties in her mouth and wraps a silk rag tight around her face and mouth to cleave gag her. So, helpless now, Michele can hardly control herself. She wants the man to be rough with her and treat her like a slut. When he re stuffs and gags her mouth, Michele begs him to do naughty things to her. So, after the man pulls her great big boobs out of her bra, he straps her vibrator between her legs and leaves her. Again, Michele works herself up and at one point, she has another orgasm. She no longer cares if her boyfriend shows up or if her husband walks in and catches her.

Categories: ask to be tied up, bbw, Big Girls, Curvy, Full Figured Woman, garters, Likes being tied up, stockings

Full figured girl tied up and gagged in her Come Fuck Me Boots.
33 photos 17 minutes, 17 seconds of video
Added 01/26/2017
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Michelle(Vicious Vamp) is his son's girlfriend. But he does not approve of her, because she tends to keep him from doing the things he needs to do to prepare for his football scholarship. He comes home to find her there waiting for his son. But his son is suppose to be at football practice. A very important practice where college scouts will attend. When she tells him that she is going to ask him to skip practice, the man decides it is time to take some drastic measures to keep Michelle away for the day. (More Storyline coming). Before Michelle can do anything, the man grabs her,pulls her hands behind her back and starts to tie her up. It doesn't take him very long until he has her all trussed up tight with rope. Michelle is furious and demands to be untied. Tired of hearing her complaints,the man stuffs her mouth with panties and tapes her up to gag her. Still not satisfied he has restrained enough, the man brings out even more rope and continues to tie her tighter and tighter. All of a sudden,something happens. Michelle isn't complaining anymore, her temperature starts to rise, her breathing becomes heavier and her heart starts to beat hard. Then things starts to stir between her legs and now she starts to moan with pleasure because she is very turned on. So turned on that she doesn't care if this man is her boyfriend's father, she wants him to pull her panties down and give it to her hard. The man starts to notice this, but because she is his son's girlfriend, he knows he cannot go down that road. Instead he pulls her great big tits out of her bra and hogties her. This includes tying a crotch rope between her legs. He then watches as Michelle tugs on the crotch rope forces herself to cum in her panties and pantyhose. Meantime,miles away,the man's son is at football practice impressing some big time university football scouts. He has no clue that at this moments his girlfriend is bouncing her big tits about as she struggles bound and gagged in his living room with his dad looking on.

Categories: bbw, Curvy, Full Figured Woman, pantyhose

Silly Boy! Don't let my daddy catch you tying up my curvy ass!
37 photos 16 minutes, 5 seconds of video
Added 01/03/2017
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She used to baby sit him when he was a boy. But now he has grown up and Michelle(Vicious Vamp) has taken notice . Today he is home on leave from the military and Michelle has learned he is home alone. So she dresses up and goes over to see him. Remembering the day when he tied her up while she baby sat him, she tells him how much she likes being tied up. But when he is reluctant, Michelle threatens to make things rough on him by telling her father that he made advances toward her. Michelle likes getting her way and he already knows this. So he takes her up on the offer and soon has her tied up in bra, girdle and nylons. Then when she tells him she wants something in her mouth, he gags her. With a pair of panties tied in her mouth, she tries to tell him that she had something else in mind. But now she has no choice but to do things his way. However, after a while, she realizes she is going to get her way when he pulls her great big tits out of her bra and hogties her. She just has to be a little patient. To make her wait more enjoyable, the young man crotch ropes her. He then sits back to watch as she uses the tight rope between her legs to work herself into a bound orgasm. Then as the gag loosens, she spits out the panties. "Enough games! Pull down my panties and Fuck Me!" she demands.

Categories: ask to be tied up, bbw, Big Tits, Curvy, garters, girdles, Likes being tied up, stockings

Horny BBW-I'll even let you tie me up!
33 photos 18 minutes, 24 seconds of video
Added 12/19/2016
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Michelle(Vicious Vamp) is home waiting for her boyfriend to come over. She is so turned on and c can hardly wait for him to get here. But when he tells her that he will be late by two hours, Michelle is very disappointed. She says to herself that she is so horny that she will fuck the next man she sees. All of a sudden there is a knock at her door. When she answers, it is a man. But he is not here for fun and naughty games. He is here to rob her. The next thing she knows, Michelle is getting tied up by this man. Then to shut her up,he stuffs her mouth with a pair of her panties. So she cannot spit them out, he ties a rag in her mouth. With the lady of the house now bound and gagged, the man warns her that if she gives him any problems, he will pull her panties down and fuck her. At first Michelle is very frightened by this idea. But as she struggles with the tight rope, she starts to get very turned on and starts hoping that this man is a "Man of his word" . In fact the thought has her so excited, she struggles very hard to get to her cell phone. Some how she manages to get the gag out of her mouth. She then calls her boy friend and tells him that she is cancelling their date. When she hangs up,the bad guy returns and catches her. At first he is angry and tells her that he is going to tie her up tighter and carry out his earlier threat. But then Michelle tells him that that is exactly what she wants him to do. She also tells him that since she now has him, she has cancelled her date for the night. She adds that he better gag her better. Because she plans to get very loud when the real fun begins. Some time later, Michelle finds herself tied up much tighter and with more rope. Her mouth has been re-stuffed and now taped to gag her. Her big tits are out and she bounce them around as she tries to get the man to hurry up and give her what he promised. But then things take a turn for something she didn't count on. The man picks her cell phone and re-dials her boyfriend. He tells Michelle that he is going to let her boyfriend listen in on everything that happens to her. Michelle squeals real loud, trying to beg him not to do this. But once he is on top of her, she cannot stop herself from moaning very loud as she enjoys herself while her boyfriends listens in.

Categories: bbw, Curvy, Full Figured Woman, Likes being tied up, pantyhose

You had your way with me! Now let me go!
28 photos 17 minutes, 24 seconds of video
Added 11/03/2016
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

After being grabbed by the man, Michelle(Vicious Vamp) made a deal with him, that if she let him have his naughty way with her, he would let her go. So she willingly bent over a chair, pulled her pantyhose down to her ankles and let him get behind her. When they were finished, she got herself dressed again and started to walk away. But the man grabbed her and made her sit on a chair. Then he started to tie her up with rope. "Hey! We had a deal!" she protested. "I let you fuck me and now you are suppose to let me go!" But before she could say anything else, the man stuffed 2 pair of panties in her mouth and taped her up to gag her. Michelle continue to protest, but now all she could get out were muffled grunts and whimpers. Then after being left to struggle bound and gagged on the chair, the man put her on the floor, pulled her great big tits out of her top and let her struggle some more until she tired herself out. He let her know that yes he would keep his part of the deal and let her go. But only after he pulled her pantyhose down 2 or 3 more times.

Categories: bbw, Damsel In Distress, Full Figured Woman, pantyhose

Full figured hostage-Maybe you need to tie me up!
20 photos 16 minutes, 7 seconds of video
Added 09/26/2016
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He had no idea Michelle(Vicious Vamp) would be home. But now he had her and needed to figure out what to do with her. Michelle surprised him when she told that it might be best if he tied her up. She even told him where to find some rope. As he tied her, it became obvious that she was getting turned on. Then before he stuffed a gag in her mouth, Michelle let him know that she would be very willing and also very happy if he took the time to do something very naughty to her. So after she struggled bound and gagged for a while, she was very turned on. Then she got her wish when the man came back, bent over a chair and pulled her pantyhose down. After getting what she wanted, Michelle had no problem with the man leaving her tied up and gagged. Even after being found like this with her big tits out, she had no intention on giving the authorities any information about the man to help them capture him.

Categories: ask to be tied up, bbw, pantyhose

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