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Trying to get to the phone got me hogtied and gagged naked on the bed!
24 photos 15 minutes, 1 seconds of video
Added 12/22/2015
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A man is making a call on a hotel room telephone. Laying on the bed right next to him is Summer Cummings and it appears that she has no clue what is going on. She is also wearing only a bra and a pair of panties. When the man hangs up, he takes off her bra and starts to tie her up. Then Summer figures things out and she starts to protest. So to shut her up, he stuffs and tapes a pair of panties in her mouth to gag Summer. The man finishes tying her hands and arms. He then tells her to sit still while he uses the restroom. But Summer sees this as her only chance to get away and she works her way over to the telephone. But before she can get on it to call someone, the man returns and catches her. At this point the man realizes that Summer is not going to cooperate and he decides to make sure she will not give him anymore problems. First with Summer resisting, he pulls her panties off. Then he makes her lie down so he can tie her legs together. Finally he hogties her and now Summer knows that she isn't going anywhere. As Summer lays there, she listens as the man makes another telephone call. She remembers that he made her give him some codes and that he sent another woman to use these code and pick up sensitive files that Summer was responsible for. There is nothing Summer can do to stop him. When the man leaves her, Summer bounces her big tits around as she struggles to get loose. It will be hours before the housekeeping maid will come in and find her tied up, gagged and naked.

Busty Cat Burglar-Helpless situation.
26 photos 15 minutes, 15 seconds of video
Added 03/30/2015
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Summer Cummings made a living out of breaking into hotel rooms while the guest was away. And, tonight she thought it was going to be another easy caper. But she made a big mistake and went into a room just before the guest returned. He caught and was going to call the authorities. Summer begged him not to and used all the charm she had to seduce him so she could catch him off guard and make her escape But things backfired for her when she told him that he could do whatever he wanted with her. The next thing she knew, he had her tied up tight with rope. Then if she thought she was going to be able to talk her way out of this one, he stuffed her mouth and gagged her. Now as she struggled bound and gagged, Summer realized there was no way out of this one. She was completely helpless and was going to have to let this man do all the naughty things she promised him her could do. But before he got down to the real fun, he wanted to watch her squirm and moan. When he tied a tight crotch rope between her legs, Summer couldn't move without the rope putting pressure on the right spot and soon she found herself cumming in her panties.

Money Mike
Every day is Summer.
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